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I like your art too!! ;0;

Followed you back ;^)

I gotchu fam

Day 3

I came home from work and slept close to 12 hours and it felt great.

Day 4

I was going to learn how to put in a score system, but a few things happened:

1) I got sidetracked watching AGDQ streams and 2) I decided I really, really wanted to make the fish spin when you hit them and I spent all my coding time figuring that out.

I gave up after my first few attempts and made the dog cat spin instead, but if I've learned anything from MFGJ, it's NEVER GIVE UP!!!

SUCCESS!! It's not as satisfying as I was hoping tbh but you know what, I'll play with it later.

Stuff that's next:

- Actually learn how to code in a score system so the game has a win/lose condition and not just make.. things... spin.... OOPS haha
- Try to downgrade my OSX, again, so that I can punch OSX Sierra in the mouth for making my tablet drivers suck so bad. Kind of important I guess since my art assets progress is basically halted until I get this fixed.
- Make a main menu (I don't even know how to make one tbh I need to look this up)

Thanks! I'm glad the art holds up well, even though it's a placeholder :P

Thanks! I don't think I'll go with pixel art for the final look, but it is pretty fun :D

Maybe! That'd be cool to learn :-0 Definitely a possibility if I have time at the end.

I'm gonna scream these are my favourite gifs in the world. I can't believe these cats know martial arts moves omg. Dunno what you mean by your first attempt not ending well in the first gif, that is a superb total defence.

This game hits on my interests: sassy baked goods. Luv it.

excuse me that's the best cat in the world

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Day 1 + Day 2

Stuff I did on the first few days:

- did some basic animations and linked animations to key input
- had fish spawn off screen and move towards the dog cat
- learned how to use prefabs instead of just throwing sprites around
- created trigger colliders that apply random force to the fish on key input
- adjusted speed of the fish

Stuff that's next:
- smack some sense into my dang tablet
- start figuring out how to keep track of the score, and start balancing the speed of the game and how hard/easy it should be... maybe try a difficulty setting?
- learn how to do a start menu and also look into a short story intro cutscene
- collisions are a little wonky and I fixed it a little... but it's still a bit spotty sometimes, idk colliders are hard

Aaaand that's it. This is my first ever Unity game and I think I'm making pretty good progress, though of course that'll change during the weekday :P

To end it off here's a gif of dog cat smacking the shit out of some fish.


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Characters and sprites

  • Player - 3 sprites (animated idle state, 1-frame hit, 1-frame repel)
  • Fish projectile - 1 sprite
  • Hand that feeds - 1 sprite (optional)

UI images

  • Play screen background (probably an alleyway)
  • Main menu background
  • Menu buttons
  • Fish meter
  • Paw print reticle - 2 images, one for idle and one for active
  • Slash effect on a successful repel

Story images (optional)

Soundtracks needed:

  • Main Menu track
  • Game track
  • Ending track

SFX needed:

  • Button SFX
  • Slash SFX
  • Munch SFX
  • Meow SFX

Full design doc I made before the jam - x

Created a new topic [devlog] You Are A Stray Cat

You Are A Stray Cat

Pretend this is a cat.


You are a stray cat and someone is trying to feed you. However, you don't want to be fed. Press the arrow keys in the direction of the incoming food to smack the shit out of it. That's it. Game may have two different endings depending on how much fish you let through your defenders.


Pretty much everything will be done by me... except for music and SFX. Currently my tablet drivers aren't cooperating so I can't draw... which is why I have placeholder assets from a previous game that are of a dog, not a cat WHOOPS. I hope to fix my tablet driver issues so I can make the art assets I want to make.


A cat and that one person who really, really wants to feed the cat.


The game will start off easy... but as time goes on you'll have to fend off food from multiple directions. Will you be able to keep your pride as a stray cat? Or will you succumb to the F I S H O N S L A U G H T ?

"NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH" - final game audio

In My First Game Jam Winter 2016 I made a VN in Ren'Py called Cloud Mage that's largely finished. In MFGJ Summer 2016 I made another VN in Ren'Py, this time it was a dating sim called Hug Hug Kiss Kiss, which I didn't finish :( As part of that jam, I also did Cat 22. One of the unused sprites is this shiba dog we called "cat??" so it seems quite apt to use it as a placeholder for my current Unity game about a cat.

*starts chanting* HO LYFE, HO LYFE, HO LYFE

Thank you, I'm just getting more and more disgustingly casual in my intro posts with each passing jam LMAO

I'm all about that VN ho life B) Right now I'm a Unity baby, but soon... I'll be a Unity ho.

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Hey my name is Queenie, I'm an illustrator who has done some freelance for different studios. This work includes some freelance stuff for games and some freelance stuff for comics. I don't work as an illustrator full-time but I'd like to do so someday.

contact: Twitter | Tumblr | Portfolio site | discord ID: NNChan#4069

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

I participated in the last jam by trying to finish a dating simulator and also being a part of the truly wonderful game '22 Cat' and it was amazing. What I've learned from the last jam and the jam before that is that I need to SCALE BACK!! A LOT!! I tried to do an entire game on my own AND also work on another game as part of a team and you know what? It was a freaking mistake. You live and learn, babes.

3. What games are your favourites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

I love a big bunch of different games, probably too many tbh but I'll keep this brief. Currently playing the heck out of Stardew Valley. Games that will forever be in my heart include the Ace Attorney series, Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, the Zero Escape series, and other stuff. I love picking up engaging games with interesting stories and/or themes. Quite frankly, I am a VN ho and it's the many memorable VNs and text-heavy story-rich adventure games I've played that first inspired me to try making a game, including my "baby's first game" Cloud Mage from the first MFGJ that ran in January of 2016.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

Aside from previous game jam games that were done in Ren'py, I've done freelance illustration work for Battle Chef Brigade as an ingredient and item artist. I've had the pleasure of playing a recent demo that showed my assets in action and I've fallen in love with seeing things I've made come alive in the video game medium. Which is why I'm here WINK ;)

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

I'm passionate about cute shit and screaming incoherently into pillows.

6. Any advice to new jammers (if you're a veteran)?


Anyway my advice is, make your project small. Decide on a scope that's manageable and then don't make it any bigger. Resist the urge. Shelve all your fancy new ideas that would add work to it. Trust me. Don't fucking do it, just keep it manageable. See the finish line? Sprint across it and hold your reasonably-scoped and finished project/demo over your head, you beautiful creature, you.

Posted in [devlog] 22 Cat



Day 14:

For the second jam in a row I've completely overestimated my work capacity and underestimated the amount of work required to finish.... bleehhh.

Good news is, the game's totally playable. I have drafts for all the art, it's just lacking in finished art assets... And that's what I'll be work on over the weekend!!

For now, have this gif of the item screen.

THANK YOU J, I'M ALSO DYING!! But I'm also excited to put it all together \o/

Day 11:

This is just gonna be a big ol' post of character designs.

I guess the secret's out. This is a game about dating cuties who might not be human?? GASP!!

Day 10:

FINISHED WRITING THE GAME!! Been busy the past few days polishing up the code + writing, as well as working on the other game I'm doing for this game jam. I don't have any new pics to offer of my incredibly self-indulgent dating game (this one), but I have been uploading pics and sprites from 22 Cat to the discord chat, maybe you've seen 'em around.

Stuff to get done:

- item pictures (20)
- character designs + portraits (6 characters, 5ish expressions for each)
- background images (like, 5?? i think)
- date specific vignettes (somewhere from 10-20)

That's all the stuff I need to get done for the game. I had a few optional things:

- unlockable outfits
- achievements and achievement pics
- quick ending doodles

Well, let's see how much I get done by the end of the jam! Let's be honest, getting everything done (including the optional stuff) is gonna take a miracle hahaha HOOO BOY

Posted in [devlog] 22 Cat
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be kind to fire cat

Created a new topic [devlog] 22 Cat
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Play here!


A game where you play with as many or more than 22 cats. Made in GameMaker.


The characters are cats. Yeah. They're cats.


Cats will be dropped off in your shop. You need to take care of them using various tools including, and not limited to, water bottles, eyedroppers, paintbrushes, tasers, blowdryers, and sandpaper. Different kinds of cats have different needs: remember to use the right tool for the job. And hurry! Take care of these cats before time runs out!

THE TEAM!! - All very cool people, I will personally vouch for everyone >:3c

Shout (Programming, Art) - itch.io - tumblr - twitter

NNChan (Art) - itch.io - tumblr - twitter

Jyzavi (Writing) - tumblr - twitter

link (Music) - tumblr - soundcloud

SaucyFaucet (Music) - tumblr - soundcloud

Lysander (Music) - itch.io - twitter - soundcloud

Day 6:

Almost halfway through the jam!!! I still have so much to do, send help.... BUT!!! The good news is, pretty much all the coding is in place!! Even for stuff that I was going to add only if I had time at the end of the jam... I got a little caught up in superfluous stuff pfffffft

- coding is sweet sweet suffering
- finished the first date route!!! phew
- i'm committing to the scrolling shapes in the bg aesthetic, right now we've got:

solid dots for the intro, and a dot overlay for the quick scene after that

stars for the item selection screen

and hearts for the date segments!

Don't worry about the placeholder backgrounds, I am pretty much just throwing up whatever I've got lying around. And uh, don't worry about the default names either. I've got it all under control!! Probably.

- also draw those dates >:3c
- draw items.... all 20....
- no major coding to do? I think i've got the UI and framework for some features (hint hint alternate outfits???) all in place, from here on it's art and writing and the soft coding (renpy show/play/hide/whatever statements)

I'm pretty proud of what I've managed to get done and how much I've learned, buuut I really do need to get a move on, haha..... VROOM VROOM PEDAL TO THE METAL

Thanks! I haven't got a lot of content done yet, but I'm excited to make this all come together >:D




SOON!!! They're pretty goofy, I'd be lying if I said they're not just blurbs I come up with off the top of my head :P

Ooooo, I hadn't thought about that but you're right! The background isn't necessarily final, i just picked this pattern for a test, but maybe i'll keep it :0

It's really exciting to see it coming together!! Aaaaa I can't wait to see this finished

Day 3:

- Lots of rooting through code and making sure things work. There's still a few kinks to work out but for the most part, everything's set up!
- Also I learned a little bit of Python for some of the trickier things to do, and now part of my coding looks like an elaborate rube goldberg machine where if one single piece is knocked even a little bit out of place, the whole thing collapses. Fun!
- Started working on the UI, created lots of placeholders to figure out how everything will look and feel. Also, I made an animated background!!
- Item selection is all worked out, descriptions and the points system are all written out and coded

This gif quality isn't great, but it looks smooth and beautiful in-game and I love it. Hot pink textbox might not be final.

Ohhhhhhh boy

All the writing and coding is done up until the actual dates start, as well. Soon, I can put everything in place!!

Plans for tomorrow:

- Focus on writing the actual dates
- Draft backgrounds
- Work on character designs (I wanna start drawing the dates!! aaaaa)

Thanks!! I hope it lives up to expectations ;0

I'm rooting for her...

I really, REALLY love the idea of a cooking rhythm game, and the cutting board looks sick. Definitely looking forward to this one!

I love the art style! Gives me a lot of cute, bright storybook vibes. Good luck!

eyes emojis all over this >:3c I love your sketches and your plant themes and plant friends!!

THANK YOU!!!! I, too, am in need of comfy hoodies umu

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Day 1:

- Wrote and coded the intro and shopping section, code's in place for drag and drop item selection and I made it work through super sloppy coding that shouldn't have worked, but it did and I don't know why
- Drafted all 5 expressions for the protag (everyone else will have 4 expressions)
- I had SO much trouble deciding on the design of the default hoodie for the protag, but you know what, that's sucking up too much time so I'm just gonna go with whatever
- Drafted mock UIs for everything I need

^^^ very important question

Shop screen with placeholder graphics and placeholder text.

Neutral, Happy, Sad, Surprised, and Pumped (āļ‡ â€ĒĖ€_â€ĒĖ )āļ‡

I have the mockups for my planned UI as well, but they're pretty much all just big blobs of saturated colours so let's not worry about those.

Plans for tomorrow:

- Write a few of the characters' routes.
- Start working on the UI
- Draft some character designs
- Write out item descriptions and things
- Implement the points system for items and dates

Oh man this is beautiful! I love the cute little pixel sprite and how happy and cheerful the game looks.

I love the colours you use for your art, and how lovely it is! Ace Attorney and Zero Escape are two of my favourite game series, so I'm really looking forward to this >:3c

Ooooh I like the text adventure concept :0 I know nothing about discworld, but I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!!!! <3

I love this pastel easter egg aesthetic, A++