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As mentioned in the #metagamejam text channel on discord, I'll list all the bugs and workarounds that I put in:

  • The boss is not on a fixed floor, He randomly appears when you kill enough monsters (likely the reason some of you couldn't find him :P)
  • The terminal (on my machines) would occasionally not print all the lines it could. No clue why.
  • The entire codebase is <1000 lines of java, with libraries downloaded as .jars from maven central (It's using maven libraries without using maven scripts)
  • I only really spent a week on it (but 3 weeks planning).  I planned story a week before the jam, planned gameplay in the first week of the jam (while coding it all up) and made a decently playable roguelike. By the end of week 1, the code was completely scrapped (and the story), and I started working on what the game is now.

Thank you all for playing X:\>

Great game, very meta. A few problems: The answers were not given for colouring the numbers, I had to look that up, and the program failed to exit (maybe that was just my meddling). Still, absolutely fantastic game!

Not quite sure what this is... But it's interesting, I guess. 

If (as you say) some people have problems running this on their computers (especially laptops) You might want to look into some optimization, like instanced rendering or back face culling. (no idea how you do this on your engine, just an idea)

Graphics/sound could be improved (even paint has a straight line tool, come on), but otherwise short and fun.

physics are... interesting, but it's difficult to figure out how to do anything (except walk through walls and fly, those are easy). Will be interesting to see where this goes, as graphics and audio are quite good.

"this game is a critique about how so many games are released unfinished and broken"

This statement makes it better, but it's still a bit weird. Very unique metaness, but that's about the only good thing I can say about it as a game... 

The unityplayer.dll was a nice touch, but a bit on the annoying side.