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Pretty cute demo! The art and designs are very well done! The writing looks to be entertaining as well. I'm pretty interested in the point and click mechanics as well. If I have any complaints, I wish the demo was a bit longer. I did a video and it took about 10 minutes, given that I was doing silly commentary. But, if I was casually playing,  the demo would probably be less than 5 minutes. Perhaps its just the urge that I wanted to see more, but hopefully you can extend the demo a bit to show off a little more of the game in the future. All the core elements of what the full game will be are represented though, so I won't complain too much.

I also had a problem launching the game from the "launch" option in itch.io. I had to go into my local files and extract a zip folder of the demo that was downloaded, then launch the game from there. Hopefully you can fix it so where we can just hit the launch button. Just a little nit pick. Haha.

Anyways, I'll leave a link to my video here. I hope you find it somewhat entertaining. (strong langauge warning) Keep up the great work, I'm looking forward to the full release!

This game was tough! I'm not very good at 2D Platformers, but I perservered and managed to beat it! It's really mind blowing that a group of young kids helped developed this game. It's got a cute theme and the gameplay is pretty fun! 

There are some places where I feel the game could be improved. The collision detection with walls or platforms you jump into kinda causes the player character to get stuck against that surface. This can be especially problematic during some platforming sections. Another problem has to do with the jumping. It seems the double jump is based on the frame you press the jump button. So if you want a higher jump then you have to press space on the first frame, and then immeditely after press jump on the second. For a game running at 60 fps, this is incredibly difficult. I think this could be easily tweaked to allow the player more time to maximize their jump with a little more room for error between jumps. (Allow more delay between frame input/add a buffer) I hope I'm on point with these problems, as I don't know what the source code looks like so I'm just giving my best guess based on what I played. Fixing these issues would make controlling the player way more tight so that players can precisely make jumps without errors.

Regardless, I had a great time! I hope you'll check out my video which has a few other tid bits thrown in there. I do rage a lot, but I watch my language for this particular video. Hopefully it's a fun experience to watch. Keep up the great work!

I really love the environment you created! I had a lot of fun wandering around on the rooftops in the sandbox you created. I would love to see this turned into a full project of some sort! I made a video of the game with some more thoughts on it. Keep up the great work!

This is probably my favorite visual novel game that I played. I made a video and kinda talk about why throughout it at different parts but I'll try to explain it in words here. This game reminds me a lot of anime like Shirobako or New Game! It's a visual novel game about making visual novel games. I absolutely love stories like that. Like films about films or tv shows about tv shows, etc. There's something really appealing to me about watching a literal game developer talk about developing games in a video game. The game takes a much more light-hearted tone towards the reality of developing for a game jam or even developing a game with someone else. But this game also has serious moments where you really feel like the developer is just straight up telling you a personal story that they might have actually gone through using the characters of their game to tell those stories. It's a self-aware script and I really apperciate that. I realize that may not be to everyone's taste but it's absolutely fascinating to me. If that sounds like it's up your alley, play this game! There's a lot to love. 

There are some places where the game can be  improved. For example, there's no music, which isn't the worst offense in the world, but it would have been nice to listen to something! (I added my own music to my video, that's not the actual soundtrack of the game) I also felt that compared to Magical Witch Bell, (another game by the same dev) I think the art of backgrounds and character designs could have used a little more time. Art is a subjective thing so, I'm probably just nit picking. There's also some grammar that could be improved, but it wasn't to the point where I was pulling my hair out. It was overall very well written.

Anyway, tldr: This game was awesome! Great job and keep up the great work!

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This is a neat little game! I enjoyed the artstyle and aestic, it's very simple and clean but detailed enough to make it interesting to look at. The combat and mechanics of the card based battles are pretty in depth and there's a good bit of decision making to be had! I'm really looking forward to seeing more! Keep up the great work!

The writing for this game was fantastic! I also liked the simple but appealing character designs. I also like the variety of colors used in the game, it's very easy on the eyes, while still remaining detailed. (If that makes any sense.) I did a playthrough with all the endings that I'll leave down below. I did run into a bug where one character model was over another one. (1:11:43 is when this happens in the video, mind my language in the video.) Other than that, I had a blast! Keep up the great work!

I would love to help with the english translation! Feel free to message me if you'd like the help!

I really enjoyed the game! I did a little playthrough of the game here! (Nanami's Route) I did run into a lot of grammar and spelling issues in the English text of the game. But otherwise, I had a really good time! I think I might do another playthrough and try and get with Rika, just to learn more about her. I'm also happy about the choice made with Sakura. I don't want to get too into her character to avoid spoilers but I apperciate the way the developer executed that part of the narrative. I also ran into a crash at the very end when trying to look through the bonus content. Hopefully that will be fixed in a future patch along with the english grammar! Keep up the great work dev!

I absolutely loved playing this game. I don't want to say too much because I really think the best way to experience this game is to set aside an hour of your time and play it yourself!

No worries! I found it more funny in retrospect than fustrating! Made for a fun stream moment too. :)

I enjoyed it a lot! I played through all 100 days on a livestream. I enjoyed the early and mid game but toward the last 30 days I felt like there wasn't much more for me to spend my money on or manage. Adding some new customer types that unlock throughout and also some new,  even more expensive stalls toward the end would help alleviate this. Perhaps more upgrades for the stalls could also help. I also think a button to restock all stalls at once to their max would be a nice addition. Regardless, I had a fun time! Looking forward to what's next! :)

I thought this was a cute little mystery! The characters are so lovable and I really like the way you drew them! I'm not much of an artist so I can't pinpoint it in detail but their designs really pop out to me and I find that really appealing! As for the character's traits, I really enjoyed seeing Bell interact with a handful of different characters and actually learning about what kind of person she is through the dialouge. It's nice to see that respect of intelligence for the player/reader. My favorite interactions were probably with Jan and the Student, but regardless, all the characters are well crafted and enjoyable! Another thing I really enjoyed was the music. There was something really simple and appealing with the tracks. Even if they were short, they felt very appropriate for where they were played. Specifically, the Cafe theme sticks with me the most as I feel it fits well with Jan's character/personality. Anyway, I'm going a little long with this mini-review. I really enjoyed it!  It was nice to play this game on Halloween day. I'm not a big fan of scary games so a cute game about a witch and a small mystery was very appealing to me! I'm looking forward to what you make next!

Hello! I played your game on a livestream on my channel to get some first impressions. After around an hour and a half of playing, I can say that I absolutely loved it! I really enjoy the fact that the combat isn't overwhelmingly easy and is actually challenging and fun! The characters seem really interesting from the ones that I've met and I'm looking forward to seeing how their stories play out! I'm definitely going to finish playing this game on my free time. If I had any complaints, I think the grammar and spelling could be a bit better in the dialouge. I understand that english isn't your first language (as mentioned in the opening) but I hope you'll have the time to go back and fix it! Also, I apologize, I didn't adjust my audio levels correctly in the video, so the game sounds a bit loud in the video. But I hope you find it enjoyable regardless! Thanks for making this game avaliable to play! :)

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I really enjoyed your game! I made a video expressing my thoughts. Disclaimer that I haven't finished the game as of yet. But from what I played so far the puzzles are absolutely fanstatic! I really admire the thought put into both the game mechanics and puzzle design, it's incredibly well done for the first game you ever made! I would love to see a fleshed out options menu to help players adjust necessisties they may need in order to play your game comfortably. (Key bindings, resolution options, volume sliders, etc.) Nevertheless, keep up the great work! 

I would love to play this! Do you happen to have a demo of the game coming out soon? Right now itch.io says that it's "Not available on Windows," and there is no download avaliable for me. Any information/help would be great! Good luck on the development for the game.

I played your game! It was a delightful time and I had a lot of fun recording a video of it. I'm looking forward to whatever else you develop in the futrue! :)

I played your game! Although I did not beat the game, I made a video of my experience with it so far. I really enjoy the main character, she's very "kawaii desu desu!" (For lack of a better a term.) I also enjoy that the game is focused on puzzle solving rather than RPG battles. I'm looking forward to playing the rest of the game on my free time! I hope you'll continue to make great games! Good luck!

I really enjoyed the demo! I recorded some gameplay of it so I thought I'd share it here, although admitedly, my video probably doesn't begin to scratch the surface of the game. (Best to play it for yourself.) The art style is absolutely fantastic, the characters and backgrounds are incredibly well done. I'm really looking forward to the full release so I can learn every little thing about these wonderful characters you created. Good luck with the rest of the development for the game!

I played your game! Although my computer didn't run the game well, I still enjoyed what I played! I share my thoughts in this video. I hope my thoughts are somewhat helpful. Good luck with the development of the rest of the game. I'm looking forward to it!

I played your game and it looks really good so far! I expressed my thoughts about it in a video. Good luck with the rest of the development, I can't wait to see more!

I really enjoyed playing your game! It has a surprising amount of depth to the gameplay and I found it to be a very compeling experience. I made a video talking about the game and so I thought I'd share it here! I hope you continue to develop this game and others!

Thanks for watching and you're welcome! I hope it helps with the future development on the game in some small way.

I played the demo for the game and I really liked it! I made a video showing my experience with it. The artwork for the backgrounds and characters is very well done. I also apperciate having the "phone" menu on the title screen to show off extras and profile information for the characters in the story. I wish you luck on the rest of the development for the game!

I liked your game a lot! I made a video of my experience with it. The artwork is incredibly cute and charming. I hope you will continue to develop and improve this game. Good luck! :D

I thought your game was pretty...sweet! Sorry. Easy pun. I made a video of me playing it so I thought I'd share it here! I hope you continue to update and improve the game, as it's a lot of fun and I'd like to see more!

Thanks for asking me to make another video on your game! I try to offer more constructive feedback and I hope it helps you in future development. I'm looking forward to the eventual final product and I wish you good luck!

Sure, I'll give it another play!

I made a whole video about my thoughts on this game. While I see that the game is very incomplete, I was really compelled by the concept you presented. An RPG/Management sim about managing a hotel where other RPG travelers stay is an interesting concept! I hope my thoughts expressed in the video help you in the development of this game. I truly feel you can make this game into something great with enough effort. I wish you the best!

I enjoyed your game very much! I uploaded a video of some of my experience with it. Although I haven't finished the game yet, I definitely will be going back to finish it! I did find a few grammatical errors throughout what I played so far, so I hope you'll go back and fix them. Thanks for the experience and I hope you'll continue to make more games!

Thank you! I'll be sure to play with keyboard and mouse the next time I play! :) (And give you feedback as well!)

Just wanted to share my experience with everyone. I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of this game's development. I'm a big fan of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon and I feel this game has a lot of potential to be just as great as those games, if not better! I mention this at the beginning of the video but I thought I'd address it here for the developers and/or anyone who may have found a solution. I haven't found a way to use the keyboard during gameplay (save for a few exceptions (WASD for movement, M for map, and some other small keybinds) and/or a way to bind my keys in an options menu. The only way to play seems to be gamepad, specifically, an xbox controller. If you could offer some clarity to this issue that would be helpful! I think this game would greatly benefit from keyboard and mouse control!

Thank you! That sounds fine, thanks for putting my video in your playlist! :)

Hello there! I haven't completed the game as of this moment but I wanted to share my experiences so far playing it. I made a Youtube video recording my time with it and it was a blast! I really enjoyed the two main characters so far as their chemistrytogether is quite interesting to watch unfold. I'll definitely be finishing the game on my own time but I hope you enjoy watching my experience with it. Thanks for the wonderful game and I hope you continue to develop games!

I decided to play your game as the adorable pixel art caught my eye. I am not very good at 2D-Sidescrollers, yet I still enjoyed the game you created! I shared my thoughts and experiences in a video I made as I played through the game. I had a lot of feedback to give so I hope it helps you in the future development of this game. Overall, I enjoyed the experience I had with it and had a good amount of fun for what it had to offer! I hope you'll continue to create great games!

I had a lot of fun playing your game! I did a little playthrough on my Youtube channel and thought I'd share the experience. I hope my commentary and "voice acting" is somewhat entertaining for you to watch. The story that was told was incredibly memorable and I apperciate that the story didn't always just spell everything out. I hope you continue to develop more games and will be on the lookout for any future games you make!

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I enjoyed your game! Although I felt the game mechanics could be more refined, I really enjoyed the art and sound design, as well as, the overall feeling of comfort and peace you were attempting to convey. I shared my thoughts a little more in depth in this video. (When I can actually assemble them together... x_x) I can tell you put in a lot of love into making this game and I look forward to playing any future games you make!

You're welcome! I enjoyed the experience a lot! :)

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You're welcome and thank you! I enjoyed the experience! :3