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Cute game! It was a short but fun management game. I loved how the motif of the game shined through the more you progressed through the game. Having that lesson be expressed through game mechanics is excellent! I made a video with my commentary and experiences. Keep up the great work! Stay safe and stay positive!

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This was pretty adorable and beautiful! I love the art style, the animations were pretty, and I love the music you created!. I like that the story is a bit up to interpretation. (If that’s what you were going for.) Left me with a feeling of wanting more! It was short and sweet and I loved it!

As you mentioned before, I think the collisions could be tweaked here and there, but it never bothered me too much.

I’m looking forward to whatever you work on next! Keep up the fantastic work!

No worries! Thanks for the insight! I hope you're safe from the typhoon! Take all the time you need. :)

I played the game! Although it was unfinished I still enjoyed playing it in a way. It seems like you needed a bit more time if anything. But the fact that the game mechanics do work (although a bit clunky) makes me feel this game has potential. I think if the goals were a bit more focused and the project scope was reduced, it could be a fun, small, complete game with a bit more development time.

If you do spend more time developing, I hope you can turn this into something special and add some variety/new ideas to the farming-simulator/RPG genre.

I made a video with my (rambling) commentary and experiences. Keep up the good work!

I played the game! I did record a video of it but, it was 2 hours long and I wasn't really feeling my own commentary X_X Feedback wise, I'll write my quick thoughts here:

I enjoyed the overall scenario, exploring the creepy hotels and casino was a fun time. I loved all the sub-quests as well, they were fun and felt like they built the world up well. 

Combat gameplay wise, my thoughts from the previous demo still stand. Although it did feel a bit smoother with the leveling up and health/mp recovery items, I still think controlling the character is a bit clunky. It's nice you can slow down and dodge but it's still very difficult to aim and actually hit the enemies. I got to the last boss and didn't feel like grinding it the whole way through. I still wish I could use the mouse to face, aim and fire.

I did enjoy what I played though, it felt like a much more complete game! The music was pretty poppin and the environments were pretty nice. (I even got spooked a little, one of the enemy designs was spooky.) Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the full game someday!

Interesting concept for a game! I like the idea of strategy when it comes to assessing the enemies and choosing what order would be best for dealing with each unit. The branching paths also add some nice decision making for the player.

However, I found that it became a bit too easy rather quickly. The first loop was balanced fine, but when it came to the 2nd, I felt like I was able to become overpowered with many new units very quickly. By the 3rd loop it wasn’t a challenge at all. One thing that could improve this is only being able to purchase one unit at a time. Another idea would be drastically reducing the amount of gold earned. If the game is tweaked a bit, it could be a challenging and fun experience. (I only played till the end of the 3rd loop, so my impressions are based on that.)

As a side note, when I tried to install and run the game through the app, I got an error. Not sure if this will happen to anyone else, but I just played the game in a browser window.

I still enjoyed what I played though! I made a video with my commentary and experiences. Keep up the great work!

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This was really cute and a ton of fun! The art style is colorful and adorable! All the characters were interesting. There was good writing and a very good sense of humor as well! I loved all the different endings you could get as well. Overall it was a great experience and I loved it!

I made a video with my commentary and experiences. I recommend playing the game yourself before watching the video! Keep up the great work! 

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I definitely recommend playing this game yourself before reading anything about it.

This is my favorite game you made so far npckc and one of my favorite games I played on It’s hard to talk about without spoiling it but man oh man I loved it start to finish. The horror aspect of this game was pretty unnerving and utilized extremely well! 

I made a video of my experiences with the game. Hopefully this can serve as a good walkthrough for those who might get stuck. Seriously, this was amazing! Looking forward to the next one!

This was a cute game! I like the design of the characters and the rabbits, they were incredibly cute! I was having a fun time reading this while making some silly jokes. I made a video with my experiences, I hope you have a good laugh at my dumb jokes. Good luck with your future projects! :) 

Thanks for the feedback! Glad I could contribute to the Harold lore haha! I definitely need to learn how to improve making maps, it was my first time using RPG Maker so... yeah the design was just me throwing tiles onto screen and seeing what would stick.

Thanks for hosting this jam btw! It's been a lot of fun! :)

This was really fun! I loved all your sprites and artwork!

Thanks so much for the feedback! I'll be sure to make those fixes as well!

This was a fun experience! I like the idea of being “under pressure” (hence the title) with the risk of running out of oxygen while solving puzzles, it adds a small layer of decision making when exploring around. Unlocking shortcuts to the bubble is pretty rewarding and encourages the player to keep at it! Glad to see some different ideas explored in normal and hard mode as well. I only wish there was more!

I made a video with my commentary and experiences. Keep up the great work!

Sahil here! Thanks for the shoutout! Almari is such an awesome game and I'm looking forward to seeing more! I loved the world you designed, the characters, the dialogue, the exploration, the battles and music. (So everything I guess!) My most memorable moments are when you're fighting a boss and the track Loop Travesty kicks in. It got me so hype and invested in the battle, made me want to kick the boss's ass!

My only complaint is that I wish there was more! But I wouldn't want you to rush the game or anything! Take your time and make what you want to make! That single demo level made me want to see the rest of Almari's journey. I really think you got something special here and I'm wishing you the best in whatever you create and pursue. Good luck! :)

I liked the unique UI and some elements of the battles. EX: Harold taunting enemies at the start of battles is a nice touch. The music was really poppin as well! Wish there was a bit more to the story/characters. Cool game! :)

This was pretty awesome! It took me a few tries to help everyone in the village but it was worth it! I loved the custom sprites and UI, it really popped and made the game into a unique experience! Great job!

Hot damn, this game was awesome! It really captured the spirit of the jam perfectly.  The puzzles were interesting and the ending got me feeling some emotions. Great job!

Thanks! I'll work on balancing the game out next time!

This was a fun boss rush game! The battles were challenging but felt fair! It had some charming humor to it as well. :)

The music was pretty poppin! Other than that though, I wasn't really enthralled by the game. X_X

It was pretty simple to complete the game, but there wasn't really any substance or challenge. I guess knowing where to go would be the challenge but it's pretty easy to just wander around until you happen to run into the right NPC. I think there could have been a bit more complex map design. That way it would probably get players a bit more involved in figuring out where to go and who to talk to.

It is pretty nice to see non-rpg maker games! I think the attempt at something different is worth something!

Thanks for the feedback! I wasn't sure what the "definitive" Harold character was like (or if there even was one) so I just improv'd him into an apple-loving adventurer. I tried to strike a good balance between difficult but fair fights, I probably have to improve on that front. I'll have to turn on the HP gauge for next time!

Honestly, I had no idea what I was thinking. Haha. I just thought it'd be funny if he was obessed with something to a fault.

Thanks for the kind words! I tried to make the fights difficult but fair, hopefully I struck a good balance!

That was pretty fun. I love those crunchy sound effects!

My high score was 3483!

Cute game! Really dig the music!

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Really enjoyable game! The characters were all interesting and the lore and some little details of the world pulled me in. I’d definitely like to see this world explored further!

My feedback would be the following:

-It’s great that you can go whenever you want right from the start, but I definitely feel that there needed to be some flags to check if you did certain things beforehand. Most notably, seeing the bridge destroyed. It seems a bit strange that Roy’s looking for bridge parts for a bridge he didn’t know was destroyed yet.

-It was a bit awkward to have other party members with you but have them not be apparent at all in scenes with other characters. EX: I found Margaret, then found Rodrick, but it was a bit strange that Margaret would stay quite the entire time or Rodrick not noticing that Roy was carrying a statue the entire time.

-I got to the final boss, but the fight was automatically won for me. I’m guessing this was a bug?

This was a pretty great game for your first RPG Maker Game! Again, I’d love to see this world explored. The mythos of Sinatra’s Lantern was really interesting! I hope to see more! I made a video with my experiences with the game. Keep up the great work!

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This was a short and sweet visual novel! It was pretty engaging start to finish. The music was really nice as well. I made a video with my commentary and experiences. (and bad voice acting) Keep up the great work! 

This is a really pleasant game! It’s very colorful and the character designs are adorable! I really like the ideas behind the battle system as well, I think it flows well with the visual novel aspects of the game. I do wish there was a way to skip/fast forward through dialogue you’ve read already during battles. Also, I did notice a few grammar and text overflow issues. Overall, it was a fun time! I didn’t complete the game as of writing this comment but I’m definitely going to go back to finish it up! I made a video with my commentary and experiences. Keep up the great work! 

Interesting concept! I like how transforming into different ages makes you gain/lose abilities. I was hoping to see this idea expanded more, but for what it is, it’s a fun experience! The music was tranquil and went well with the gameplay. There was some nice level design in some areas as well.

I did run into some issues when landing on moving platforms, I was unable to jump off them at times. It was a bit difficult to control the character in some parts because of this, so hopefully this gets fixed! Also minor thing outside the game: It’d be nice if you could download and launch the game through the app!

I made a video with my commentary and experiences. Keep up the good work!

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I think this game has some interesting ideas, but could use a lot of work in the execution of those ideas. There’s potential for a fun boss fighting game but the way the game is now is a bit frustrating to play. I wasn’t able to beat any of the bosses even at the easiest difficulty level. I don’t think I would mind grinding out beating a boss as long as the mechanics between the player and the boss were fair. For the player, the range with attacking with X feels a bit too short, firing magic is awkward to aim and fire with, and holding down to attack feels a bit pointless. However, I think the boss fights have some issues as well.

For example, the fight with Hannah Reynold is a pretty interesting concept. When you hit her, she retreats to the other side and fires projectiles and it’s up to the player to dodge and weave their way back and forth until she’s defeated. However, whenever she retreats to the otherside, an undodgeable laser (as far as I understand, is undodgeable) hits you each time. Also the projectiles can phase through walls and hit you. I think the idea of dodging the projectiles was fair enough and could have been expanded. Maybe she fires two or three projectiles or they fire at a faster rate as the fight goes on or if the difficulty is increased. Add collision between the projectiles and the walls (and even the laser that fires down at you) and suddenly the player has to strategize and plan their movements. If executed well it would be a fair and challenging fight, and all the more satisfying to beat.

Again, I think there’s some good concepts to be explored here. The fight with Lacey Cantwell and Eri Inagaki have some interesting ideas that are definitely worth expanding and refining. I can definitely sense the passion and I think with more development time this could be a fun experience! I hope my feedback wasn’t too harsh. I made a video with my commentary and experiences with the game. I wish you the best and keep at it!

Short and sweet! I loved it! I liked the simple art style, it’s very charming. The sense of humor was really great as well! I made a video with my commentary and experiences. Keep up the great work! 

This game is awesome! I had such a fun time playing this!

The concept of driving fast and dodging cars is elevated so much more with the constant threat of viruses blocking your vision and distracting you from the road. It’s a simple game executed incredibly well. The 80s aesthetic looks great. The music is catchy and keeps egging you on to do well. It gets pretty intense!

I made a video with my experiences, be sure to try it out yourself if you haven’t already! Awesome job on this! Keep up the great work!

Thanks for updating the game! I like what you guys have so far! I made a video with my experiences of the game. I hope you’ll be able to turn this game into something fun and unique! Good luck with the rest of development! 

Fun time! It felt good to hit the enemies, and there was a good amount of challenge to fighting them. The basic upgrades are a nice touch, would have loved to see more abilities.

My biggest feedback for the game would be the camera. Everytime you move and stop or change directions, the camera moves way too much and it can be incredibly jarring. It made me kinda dizzy at some points. I realize not everyone will have a problem with this issue. Personally, if the camera was at a fixed angle where you could see the entire arena, it would eliminate that problem completely. (Though I understand that off-screen enemies can keep the game challenging.)

I made a video with my commentary and experiences. Keep up the great work!

Hi there! I tried to play your game but unfortunately I'm running into issues. When I click "Login" on the title menu, the game gets stuck on a black screen. I tried waiting a bit but nothing happened. (I thought it might be loading something.) Any idea why this could be happening?

Cool game! Really like the concept for the game and it's executed pretty well! I only wish it was a little longer! I made a short video with my experiences. Keep up the great work!

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Cute game! I love the idea of a guy with a glock shooting ballons to get candy lol! Wish there was more levels, maybe with more ghost buddies flying around to increase the difficulty. I also found that the ballons go off screen behind the gun which makes them hard to hit. Regardless, it was a fun time!

Keep up the great work! :)

Sure! I'd be honored! :)

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This is a pretty fun game! I went into it reading the quick tutorial and was able to jump right in and enjoy myself. But when I came back and read the more detailed tutorial, it really impressed me how many details there are in each element of the game. (Pun intended) I didn't even know there were destructible enemy spawners! There’s a lot of depth to be found here which adds to the replayability and player mastery of the game.

If I had some feedback, I think the UI elements could be improved a bit. It would be nice to see the player and crystal health a bit more clearly and with a bit more feedback. (Random example: Maybe when you or the crystal are at low health, a sound effect plays) Also keeping track of score and time while playing would be nice as well.

Other than that though, it was a great time! Definitely give this game a play, it can be quite addicting! I made a video with my commentary and experiences. Great job and keep up the great work! 

Pretty cute concept! Felt like this was a step up from a twist in Tavern from Tea, which I love as well! The dialogue was very charming and funny, especially between the main character and her (bee?) companion.
I made a video with my commentary and experiences. (And silly voices.) Keep up the great work! :)