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:) :) :)  can't wait to try that :) :) !!

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and yeah its a good idea to look on doom or quake for inspiration but maybe its just me but i found their gun quite ugly ! i rather like more flashy weapon like the type you've actually done ! :) it make me go : Ohohoho ! lets try this one ! 

Oh that's music to my ears :) , for larger design maybe something like this would be cool :) !

OMG !! i  really like this One  ! , i will think about some specific blocks but its just actualy very good what you've done , this one tho :O !, hey maybe do a big gun very original  ?

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Damn !! can't wait for release !! this  is just a great job !!

wow thats already awesome !!

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ooooh Shit Awesome great work !! can we get a link to download it Thank You !

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oh men you are the GOAT ! Big Thanks !!! , ( and if you need some coins for models in asset forge feel free to contact me ! )

hi, you click on 3D or 2D model at the right  and you choose export with texture (fbx format is the best for game engine like unity etc).