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Hey. Attention. Have you played the old game " Devil May Cry 3" ?

 If I remember correct, there's a devil creature called "enigma".

And then, on dorm  boards, there is a similar name "enigami". We will kill him.

Ha ha ha. Sir, feel free to write more about how more broken you are, if it makes you happier. 

Look at you, sir. Vomiting hearts and blood everywhere. Everything hurts.

Celebration! One and a half million words ! :)

Added new advanced crosshair and a few new plugins from our friendly Counter Strike 1.6 communities for the 2016 mode by Wang.

Ugly Betty No Internet Gunfight by njiayang (

Thank you ,sir! (raising right fist to head with two pointed fingers)

:D + : J  =>  : [$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$] + :P


Attention!Sherlock Holmes is here for some help. 

Recently, someone has betrayed the city of Komumi which is created by DJNOSTYLE . That one will be shot to death at one's own house  as a result of interfering with the monthly normal upgrade of the video game.  As far as I know, the criminal is a certain employee of Patron. Anyone who volunteer to help bring the case together? 

                                                                                                    January the 1st, Yours Sherlock

Hello and I have a question. 

Your friend DJNOSTYLE's HP is historically low. Can you maybe go check if DJ is fine? 

Friend , I heard you did a "legend of the huggy boy" recently. 

Why the sudden change? 

Are you the same person ? 

I would be very unhappy if you had been consumed by "something buried under your feet".