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Wow that was really cool

haha yes

install the app. it will install updates automatically

amazing game pls more

this is fucking amazing

Can you do a Linux build?

HARDCODE community · Created a new topic Linux build?

I'm sure many people, including myself, would like to see a linux build. The game looks awesome, i cannot play it.

Can you make it for Linux?

The game in itself is bad (which is good) but the main menu needs to be shittier. 

The Linux build has an android icon. 

Nice little game! Post a topic about it here, so that more people see your game.

Right click, go to proprieties, permissions and check "allow to run as a program". It should work

He said in one video that the finished game will cost 5-10$.

Amazing! The only thing i would add is a restart button, it's a little bit annoying having to close and open the application for every cat fact.

The rest is perfect!

You cannot even play the game. There is just a .ink file that does nothing. It's not even a game. It's just a compressed piece of shit. 0/10