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I was going for something different the first time but i saw someone who was already making that. So i created this one but creating levels for it will take time. So i just created some levels and dusted my hands off of this game.

I envy this game so much.

Controls need improvement but good game overall.

Simple game with good graphics selection.

Overall fun game considering the time taken to make it.

Lovely entry. I remember the start when there was WALLS written instead of actual walls. Game turned out good. Nice idea and really good execution.

A good starting place for a really nice idea. Good music, Good feel, Fun game.

Good concept, Nicely executed. Lovely level design.

Consider checkpoints and maybe a more comfortable to the eye viewing angles. Or add an option for a set view. Other than that solid game, hope to see this somewhere soon.

Once you get accustomed to the trajectories. It was good and hard. Liked it.

Good concept. You should try to setup pivots for expanding. The scaling up and down from center was annoying sometimes.(Unless it was a design choice). Would be good with good art and more levels. 

Fun game. Can use a few more levels and other elements. Overall a good game. 

You did what everyone thought was impossible, So props for that. I got the tracks from  The links are in the description of this game(

I am working on a post-jam version. It will have good levels and simple art to correctly cement the positions where the platforms and enemies are moving. 

Fun, and i knew someone would make this kind of game given the theme. This is a clever idea and making it a multiplayer with 2 people roasting each other and others rating the damage would be even more fun.

Fun game, Could have been better. Controls felt weird sometimes. Overall good game given the time limit. 

The game is good looking and the concept is really meta. As Dreadbot mentioned, it could have been a little more user friendly perhaps. A game that feels daunting can push away players very quickly. I know that from experience. I applaud you on working on Java. Did you use just libraries or the java monkey engine?

Not good at reviewing, but here goes:

It was fun, had good designed levels. The sound was coherent and went along. The control could have been slightly less "inertia-tic" but that could have been intentional. I always like snake games.

I had a story in mind but could not implement it. It was about how a thing that we live with makes us what we are, regardless of it being bad or good. 

SnowBall Arena

Check it out.