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bro its really amazing specially the ending.

прошу прощения, что вы не нашли пароль. вы просто забываете одно число, которое равно 1, и я также дам вам подсказку о его разблокировке :(

I'm really sorry that you find the paper bug we will try our best to fix it as soon as possible.


I'll fix it thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you :)

that was a really enjoyable experiance! and also the storyline is so amazing 10/10, but the spotlight-Man is gonna kill me he his so creepy.

One of the best horrible game I ever played. :)

that's an really amazing game dude.

that really amazing

Preety cool game tho

appreciate :)

Thanks Man 

Great game

Why it's always change to red :( 

The mechanic is so cool but the presentation is ?? Btw really enjoyed it

it's a pretty short game I don't think that check point need to add.

uch fun playing it :)

This is so unique cuz there are so many things you can do really like it :)

preety fun game i'm play it for so long to hit the hight score mine is 167 XD but tbh i can't go upto this overall 10/10 .

Pretty fun and atmospheric game I r really like the concept of the game keep it up :D

Pretty nice idea and yeah that's really cool game but why alien did follow us btw keep it up :)

Pretty fun game if you add more level this will be very grateful btw 9/10 hade a great time playing it :D

Pretty fun game 9/10

The art is really amazing it's a little bit hard but i just wanna say 10/10

I really hade a great time playing it cuz the art is so simple and amazing keep it up :D

Pretty fun game to play too many things left to unlock also the background music is so relaxing :D

great game to many levels and hade too much fun 10/10

the short story game i ever done really fun and i was like play it 10 times to finish it Great job :D

i add that for optamization to close the door and disable the object in the room that you leave ;

this is a feature took me 10 hours to add that ;)

the game is really fun and the art is pretty simple but hade a great time  playing it :D

Waiting for you 1M+ subscribe :)

that is amazing game the sesitivity is a little but high but overall 10/10 :)

This game is garbage XD

Hi. i like to say that the game is really really enjoyable i really like the concept art but there are one tiny problem you didn't add the  " BACK " button at the credit menu.   :)

enjoyable game i really enjoy it :D

i'm already wearing a glasses and my eye like hayyyy wtf are you doing with me XD