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This one has some of my favorite visual effects and shaders that I've seen in the jam so far. The sound design is great, too. Besides the length, this feels like a finalized game. Top notch stuff! :D

Ooh another 3D one. I'm a fan of the art style in this one -- it reads well in 3D, so nicely done with that. I also found it pretty funny that everyone was just chucking scythes at each other (and it also helps to give a distinct identity and vibe to the game rather than using generic projectiles). The scythes felt really good to use too, with the sound design and visual effects.

I agree with other folks that this one was a bit hard, but with a bit of balancing and extension, I could definitely see this be developed into a full game. Nice job! :)

Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for playing! I really enjoyed your submission as well :)

Very nice art! Great use of value and contrast :)

Great use of the theme! I spent a ton of time playing this one, but only ever got to wave 3 :P

I thought it would get too easy once I had a bunch of shroomies, but that didn't happen, I just had to focus more on defense to keep my shroomies alive. I felt like the bullet hell boss once I had a bunch of minions lined up shooting different bullet types :P

Very smooth gameplay! I like the feeling of leveling up with new abilities as the game progresses.

I think you might want to enable continuous collision detection, I was able to phase through the walls sometimes which was confusing. Overall the game was polished and fun, very nice submission :) 

The movement in this is so smooth! A little bit more polish around movement in some of the tighter spaces and maybe a wall jump, and the character controller could legit be shipped :)

Superb art and music as well. Lots of polish throughout, and a fun use of the theme.  

Superb vibe, and a really cool concept (definitely one of the most original I've seen). Those spider-y things freaked me out. Reminded me of Devil Daggers in a lot of ways. 

A lot of the enemy telegraphing and design was great, but I think a sound effect that plays when an enemy dies would be helpful - I couldn't always tell when I took a baddie out.

Awesome job, this one really stood out to me in the jam.

P.S. You got me with the Activate god-mode binding ;)

hahaha, that did not go where I was expecting, but did tie in the theme there at the end =]

The art was solid, and I especially liked some of the effects like the bob in the characters walk and the palette shift at the end. Well done :)

Nice use of the theme and congrats on your first game jam submission! I definitely struggled with some of the precise jumps in the gen2 level, but when I discovered the portals that was a fun way of speeding through some of the trickier parts. Good work! :)

Wow, really great game! A fun concept and the plethora of abilities kept things interesting.

The gameplay was super challenging (I never managed to get through the 3rd boss phase), but was quite a fun bullet hell. I think telegraphing the bullet positions a bit more might (maybe just by making the arena a bit bigger), could have made it easier to figure out what was going to happen next. I was mostly relying on memorization on my later runs. Then again, my reflexes suck, so I totally respect keeping the difficulty curve.

I absolutely love interactive soundtracks, so the fact that the music was tied to the attacks really made it for me. I also liked the chiptune rendition of The Bidding by Tally Hall for the menu music :)

A nice Binding of Isaac style top down shooter. I liked the character designs a lot and enjoyed weaving in the bullet-hell style gameplay. Definitely had an easier time playing with a mouse rather than the touchpad :P

The song that plays in the background is a banger -- too bad it doesn't play until the first restart, I really liked it :)

I liked the more methodical approach to gameplay in this one. I could see this being a really interesting strategy game if movement were incorporated and more units were involved. I liked how there were two guns for each mech to use that were independently controlled. The ability to scroll forward and backward in time to see where the turret position would be at that point was nifty too.

The UI was a bit cluttered and hard to read though -- I'd suggest using arrows rather than yaw/pitch to aim the turret/mech body. Also, it was hard to see where a bullet was going to impact. Clarifying that a bit more would really help make it easier to pick up.

Definitely a cool concept though, and the background music was a great choice. Felt like I was making tough strategic decisions in the middle of a battle. Good luck with future development. I'll be interested to see where it goes :)

Fun concept -- I like isometric strategy games a lot, so I can see the potential this brings. The variation in weapons and enemy mech types was cool. I would have liked for the enemy to have a bit more planning besides just random moves (even a simple greedy AI that just tries to get close to the player to melee them). Maybe having two opponents could be interesting too. Oh, and fun intro art -- I liked the comic book style.

Really enjoyed the environment art -- I'm super impressed that you made all those assets in the jam period. The cutscenes were interesting and well-framed. The lighting and texturing was great too.

For the audio, I'm not sure if this was purposeful, but I like how the mech played different tones during movement and sort of made a randomized song out of it. It definitely helped give it character.

The level design was fun -- I was always excited to explore the new rooms I discovered. The pillar levels reminded me of an old Crash Bandicoot level where you hop between pillars that are falling.

The only thing I felt was a bit lacking was the shooting particles and sounds. Given how polished the rest of the game was, this stood out to me. Including some thumpy gunshot sounds and more realistic particle effects would help make the fighting more visually interesting. But since the game was more focused on exploration than combat, I don't think this took much away from the visuals overall.

Awesome job! This definitely felt like a cohesive experience which is impressive for 2 weeks of dev time :)

I'm really digging the art style -- the mix between a kind of notebook/sketchbook style and pixel art is really unique.

I liked when two enemies spawned and you had to maneuver to get out of the way of the two streams of bullets. Using the slowmo skill to reposition was a cool idea. I think the movement could have been faster for a bullet-hell type game and spacing the bullets a bit more so you can weave between them would help give options for dodging (since right now there's no chance to get through the stream of bullets without getting hit).

Could see this becoming an interesting bullet-hell type of game. It doesn't seem like any of the mechs besides the bruser worked for me... I'm not sure if the shots just weren't connecting or what. After I destroyed all the enemies in round two it didn't seem to load another round, so I guess I won? Would be cool to see some more enemy variation, but it was fun to dodge around the bullets.

Fun control scheme -- reminds me of robot legs in the "The Wrong Trousers" episode of Wallace and Gromit. The first thing I tried to do was walk on the wall, which kinda worked until I fell over :P

Very entertaining dialog -- I was engaged the whole time. Excited to see where in goes in the continuation :)

Some fun platformer ideas in this. I like how there are platforming intensive boss fights. Was a bit confused by the damage dealt by the boss, because some attacks dealt only 1 heart damage, but others would insta-kill. Also found an issue where if you run of the right edge during the boss fight, the game gets stuck and crashes.

Ahh someone else who writes games in Lisp -- respect that :)

Fun little game -- the Tic-80 aesthetic is always great. I got a high score of 1347, so I don't think I'm very good at it :P

Lots of fun! I liked seeing how the enemy would change designs as the game progressed -- only ever made it to level five, but had a lot of fun playing through it a couple of times. The particle effects and sounds were fitting for the 1-bit aesthetic. Nice work!

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Wow, what a cool concept. The sound of the pilot breathing in the background and textual descriptions of what's going on makes it surprisingly immersive -- the whole thing really sells the hopelessness of the situation. Very clever application of the theme.

Fun concept! I liked the whole concept of keeping the player moving the whole time and bouncing them off walls like breakout. I thought the decision paralysis bar was a bit too long for how difficult it was to navigate certain areas, but I thought the overall feeling of trying to control a panicked dude running through the street was great.

Nice character designs! I liked the hero mech and the enemies a lot. The controls were a bit sluggish, so maybe increasing the turn speed of the upper and lower half of the mech would help. Got a high score of 3500 :)

Hah! Love the homage to Papers Please. A fun change of pace from all the other action games that were submitted for the jam. I was impressed with how much resource juggling I had to do, despite the game being a jam game -- I only made it to year 3 before running out of time, but if there were some story elements in this (similar to how Papers Please includes a story that's impacted by gameplay), I could see this being a really engaging experience. Definitely a fun game loop though -- good job!

Great concept! I like the idea of swinging around the city spiderman or mirror's edge style while blasting mechs. Definitely had my favorite enemy designs of any of the games I've played so far. Really fun navigation mechanics too -- I wasn't good enough at it to really get up speed, but being able to whip around corners and on top of buildings could be super fun.

There were definitely a few bugs that impeded the gameplay: I kept losing my hook, after taking damage, I would sometimes get kickback even after the damage was over (and it seemed to just keep applying a physics impulse to me every few seconds). When climbing buildings, it was difficult to get over the lip of the roof. Maybe adding a kick off ability that allows you to jump away and up on the wall would make the navigation easier? I also had problems finding the heart in the medium size mechs (second wave). Maybe making the top back of them transparent so you can see the heart inside that container section would make it clearer?

The level design was great though -- I liked having a sandbox city to hop around in, and watching it slowly get destroyed by the big mechs kept the intensity up. Also, making each mech variation a bigger design was a great way of having progression. Great job, guys!

I really liked the visual aesthetic and the droning background noise. Definitely helped to sell the vibe. I made the same decision of having the bottom half of the mech control separately from the top half, and it also created a challenging control scheme in mine. It was hard to tell which direction forward was going to take the mech, so maybe an indicator, or slow rotation toward the the aim reticulum would help. Or maybe a minimap so you can retreat without bumping into as much stuff?

The red lighting + fog was great, and I like how the health HUD was the screen on the physical mech dashboard.

Hope to see more of this -- it was definitely a cool aesthetic that's uncommon in mech games so that helps it to stand out. Nice job!

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Very fun to play! I made it to wave 5 before getting totally annihilated.

Visually, it's awesome. I really dig the mech designs and the ability to choose which weapons you have in the loadout. The water effects are sick. It was good to have some enemy variation to fight. Having to choose the right weapon for the job (i.e. swarmers for airborne enemies and bazookas for water enemies) was great.

I thought the enemies were a bit small and really challenging to hit. I feel like I mostly hit them due to luck a lot of the time (or because the swarmers did all the work :P). Maybe changing the weapon to more AoE type attacks so you can focus on positioning in a way that clusters a bunch of enemies together before blasting them all? Or make them a bit bigger and a little slower moving so you can hit them with precision attacks more easily?

Obviously, some sound design would be great too, but overall, I got the feeling of speed and power due to the really high level of visual polish. Would love to see more of this. Awesome submission!

Definitely one of the most fun mechs to control out of any in the jam. The feeling of speed when you get all the shards and are blasting between islands is superb. After beating the main levels, I spent a couple minutes just screwing around with flying between different islands and shooting the respawned enemies.

It also had some of the most readable/compelling level design of the jam. I especially liked the more stealth oriented section where you scope out the castle looking area before jumping in with the mech. I accidentally fell down pretty far when I jumped in through the roof and felt like I'd kicked the hornets nest when all the guys on patrol started attacking :) -- I also liked seeing how all the islands fit together.

Visually, the polished greyboxing level components read clearly, and the solid lighting and particle effects help to make the whole thing appealing.

I felt like it was a bit hard to hit the flying guys since the aiming had to be precise, and I was struggling to get the camera to line up a lot of the time. I found it easier to hop out of the mech and hit them while on foot.

Sound-wise, I enjoyed the ambient background noise of the ocean, and the subtle sounds the enemies and mech made. The flying sounds were definitely the coolest.

I hope you end up using this flying/remote controlling the mech mechanic in a full-fledged game in the future because it was a lot of fun to play around with in the levels that you built. Awesome job!

BTW, I think I read on one of your other devblogs that you built the engine for the game from scratch? Did you use that engine for this jam?

Audio and graphics were really polished! Wish there was some more gameplay -- I blew up all the other mechs I came across at least, so I guess I won??

Heh -- my poor laptop was not ready for these levels of destruction -- barely squeaked by at 10-20 fps for the most part :P

Got a final destruction score of 740 though, so I think I did a reasonable job of utilizing the cat mech :)

The explosion effects were really satisfying too.

Wowww!! Super impressed with aspects of this game that often get neglected in game jams. It had interesting environment art and level design, great art direction, fun dialog, and a meta-narrative that caught me by surprise (not gonna spoil anything ;))

Visually, it was very polished. I could see this style being used in an actual game release. Building a few levels was a great way of keeping the exploration interesting. I like that each level had it's own visual motif that you could see from the overworld. Definitely gave me some Mario Galaxy vibes.

The character choice was a fun addition, though I would have liked to see it impact the gameplay a bit more but kudos for including it -- yet another feature I haven't seen in most jams.

For audio, it was definitely consistent with the chill synthwave aesthetic that the rest of the game leaned on. I liked how the different characters had different "voices" too.

The enemies didn't pose much of a threat, so I viewed them more as "collectables" or something to encourage the player to move around and explore the world. I lost track of the flying guys a couple of times so maybe some kind of enemy radar or sound effect when they're nearby would help.

One suggestion I have is to add more mechanics so the player has something to do in addition to flying around and finding enemies. Maybe some kind of resource scavenging (e.g. for power to enable increased movement that allows for more level navigation, or weapon ammunition)? Or puzzles?

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the polish of this game. You guys did a great job with this one!

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I didn't know I needed an L.A. Noire + QWOP experience featuring a shark mech in my life. But now I want to see more :P

Definitely loved the humor, stompy controls, and citywide destruction. While the movement was a bit slow, I can see the potential in this movement style. I wasn't able to get up a lot of speed but I kept wanting to drift around corners.

Visually, the art direction is spot on. The combination of the ps1 filter + particle effects + distinctive character design really helps it to stand out.

I would have liked to see some audio effects (particularly when stomping around and blowing stuff up), but I realize there are time constraints in a jam.

I hope Detective S. Harkins lives on and has more stories to tell. Really fun application of the theme :)

Awesome game! Took me 444 seconds to beat it the first time, but I got it down to 214 the second :)

I really like the sense of scale the mech gives, and scaling it Shadow of the Colossus style was super fun. I especially like how the indirect attack (placing bombs) rather than something more direct like using a gun forces the player into the open and keeps up the tension throughout the game.

Visually, the art direction is solid, and also reminded me of ps2-era games (someone else mentioned Jak and Daxter, which was what I instantly thought of as well). I especially liked the particle effects.

On the audio side, the music was a solid choice, and I really like the "bwahhhhhh" sound the mech made when it took damage. I was a bit confused by what was causing it the first few times, but eventually figured out it was the damage sound. I also liked the metallic creaking and metal footstep impacts when jumping on the mech.

The mech was a little janky to navigate, but I was impressed with how intuitive it was for a game jam release. Also, if you decide to work on it more, I think it would be cool to see the environment fleshed out a bit more.

Overall, a really solid game that took a fun perspective on the mech theme :)

Nice job! This is really good :)