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estou rico é isso é bom de maaaais

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This is really good! Solid level design and pacing. The narrative and humor is on point for me. Really looking forward for the full version! :D

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This is impressive! The aesthetic you achieved is cool and well made, and the size of the road got me surprised. But, the feeling of speed and precision was missing, in my opinion. Maybe if you make the controls snappier and, instead of colliding, going of the map + a respawn system, you could achieve that.

Anyway, great entry, it made me also want to make a racing game sometime in the future.

I had a lot of fun! The mechanics aren't new at all, but the way you presented and delivered it was great! The graphics, music and sound all nicely communicates with each other.
You also seemed to manage the project scope really well, as the experience is complete and also with a second game mode. Congratulations on that! :D

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That sure was trippy, and I loved it! :D
In my opinion you captured the essence of a dream/nightmare with all the visuals. I even got anxious in the third part, and when I reached the end, I was tired. This made the credits a very relaxing relief.

Also, I think that changing the cutscene time after you die would make the third part more enjoyable, as I died quite a few times while learning.

Whoa, cool effects! I liked how you created a mirror maze in two dimensions. This is one of those games that I, as a programmer, think: "well, it isn't obvious how to achieve this result.... I want to learn this!!" So, if you got the time, could you make a tutorial or something explaining your magic? hahaha :D

Oh, and I thought it was cool that you used SDL, as I also used it years ago in college!

Maybe it is, or maybe it just really isn't that fun hahaha
Thanks for your feedback! :)

I liked that you added some context to the game, even if just a little. But, the font choice with all those effects isn't good to read.  The gameplay is cool, but as others pointed out, could be really fined tuned, like the move and the feedback on hitting enemies. Also, I felt that the game could use other objectives, like collecting stuff or defending certain parts of the map.

Yeah, I made the decision of not revising the text to gain velocity, but in retrospective, I should've, as it is an essential part of the experience. Next time I'll give it more attention and time.

And thanks for your feedback! :)

Thank you for your feedbacks! :D

I tried to reproduce this bug, but I couldn't. Maybe it was just unclear where the progress with each one was, or the text that seemed out of context. I will look into that!

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I just finished playing and that was awesome. I don't know if it is because it hits too close to home, but I sure got immersed. The writing, specially describing how the character feels, was really good.

(spoilers here)
The system introduced in the replay and the context you show them are really cool. I wish you could just be improving and improving your techniques on mental health, and every time you would get new stuff.

I'll definitely play again when you upload the fixes!

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Thank you for playing! :D

I'm glad you liked the characters, I really tried to make them fun to talk to. And my favorite one, I mean, The Creator favorite one is... nobody! Bwahahaha! (just kidding hahaha I like all of them...)

And tykenn explained really well the concept, including my inspiration in Undertale hahaha

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Yeah, it was rushed, specially for the final 6 interactions of each character, and the cheat I did was to not add more dialog choices hahaha
But, it also had a positive effect on not making the game too long, and thus with less chances of getting boring.

Oh, and I briefly checked your "Walk and Talk" game and loved the concept. I'll play some more and maybe leave a comment there as well!

Thank you! I'll upload the new one as soon as possible :)

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I wasn't familiar with the term meta-fiction! I think it suits far better on what I intended, so I'm going to change the description.
And yes, there was several grammar mistakes :(
Next time I'll try to use a grammar checker before implementing into the game.
Thank you very much for your comment! :D

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Hahahaha! You got me with "#ikilledyoubecauseisuckattrivia".
Thank you for your comment, and I'm glad you ended up liking it :)

Thank you! Strange emotions is something that got me curious hahaha
And sorry for not being clear that this version was incomplete! :(

Really, really fun game! I liked the challenge and must have died a hundred times trying to get past 35 apples hahahaha
I'll keep trying until 50 tho, never give up! >_>

The cycles spinning are really cool and fitting. The apples you collect being arranged in a spiral is a really nice touch.

My only suggestion would be to add  stuff to happen when the player resists through a year or season. Maybe add a bonus apple or speed boost? or maybe a teleportation device :O

Anyway, great game :)

Oh, I almost forgot: I sent the game as a challenge for my coworkers, and we are trying to see if someone will get to 50! (nobody until now hahaha)

Oh, thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked! :D
I just finished the version 1.0, adding the stuff I couldn't do in time for the submission. When able, I'll upload an update.

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Well, I liked what you were aiming for, with vibrant colors and the concept of keep shooting to receive less damage. But, I couldn't understand where I was supposed to shoot, as nothing seems to change when I do. I thought, given the "be always shooting, but be careful where to shoot" concept, that there would be places to try to hit. I think that this concept definitely has potential. Also, the music is really nice and fitting!

Oh, and I would suggest to use only keyboard input, as you can't aim with the mouse anyway.

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So first thing: I loved the core mechanic. Reminded me a lot from that one segment in Braid. After figuring out and completing each level I felt smart! To me, this is the objective of any puzzle game, and yours achieve that. 

However, by the retrying nature of the mechanic, plus the solving problems difficulty, I would suggest you to remove any friction with movement and objects placement. Unless you wanted to explore this in later levels.

Also, I really liked the eerie aesthetics of the game, with all those noise effects. My only suggestion would be to lower the volume and add some variations to the jump / landing sounds.

Oh, reading my comment now I got worried that the "clarify" sounded rough and like a demand. Sorry if that was the case :P
I was aiming for something more "it should be clear in the game [...]"

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I really liked the aesthetics and vibe you achieved. It is simple in mechanic, and a little confusing, but I think it communicates the message you were aiming for.  Not having a retry button made the experience a tad bit frustrating.

Also, I would suggest you clarify if the game has an ending / goal, because I tried several times but stopped cause I didn't know if it was just forever scaling the difficulty.

Oh yeah, and this music is dope :)

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I loved this story and your writing!

I played through two paths and I really liked the outcome of both.

Spoilers: I took the "sleep"and "sword" path, and the former was so graceful! The sword one was so cool and I felt powerful.
But, I wanted to see more of the consequences of my choices. Maybe after a couple of paths, a new branch could appear, and it is in the future. Of course it would complicate things, but it would be so cool! hahaha

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Really cool game! Took me a while to get the rhythm going, but after I got it things went smoothly. My record on reaching home is 5 minutes, I guess it is an ok time? hahaha
What is your's?
Also, I loved the vectors feature, really nice touch!