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nailed it bruv

You nailed it bruv.

Of course, but once you've uploaded your game to the jam, you cannot make any further modifications to your submission.

I have so many problems with this game it's almost impossible to list them all. It's frustrating because I can see the potential a game like this would have. But the execution is WAY off.

Wowow this is great. I would love to see this become a full game. Literally the only problem I have with it is the liberal use of screenshake lol. Besides that, its wonderful and fun.  Great job!

No offense, but if you didn't see a threat present itself then you werent paying any attention. The station constantly alludes to the fact that it will have no more use for you after it's complete.

Just a little curious about the mechanics of it - are there upgrades besides health upgrades to be found?

Got this game for free a while back, loved it so much I came back and donated $10. I love the abstractness and the fluidity of the controls/movement. Thank you for making a solid indie title

Gotcha, yeah I was confused. Thanks for the help.

I making it in a subfolder, does it need to be in the same folder?

It'll export a GIF render just fine, but when I choose the PNG option, nothing happens. There is no export, no loading, nothing.

Holy shit, how long do you think it would take to make a game of this caliber? Maybe 1/32 of the time it would take to make a AAA game, and about 1/128 of the manpower. 50k is OUTRAGEOUS. And i'm a Game Dev, so I'm all about game dev's getting theirs, but this is ridiculous.