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Buddy... I'm pretty sure I've told you this on another page, stop posting a bunch of different comments related to the same thing.
Use the EDIT or REPLY button!!!!
I'm going to leave this comment and delete the previous one to keep it neat.
REPLY to this comment if you need to ask a question that Relates to this subject...
Do not post a completely separate comment if you're replying to this comment chain, it's really annoying!

Sorry if it sounds harsh, but seriously, it's really really annoying.

On to the issue, movement with this system relies on a very different motion to what anyone is used to.
You have to bounce like you would naturally when walking, doing it in place is a bit weird, but once you get used to it, it becomes really easy.

To jump on a Vive controller, first you have to make sure the Vive Mode in the In Game Settings Menu is switched ON.
If it isn't I don't know what the button will be, I can't test it because I don't have a Vive.

With Vive Mode on, you Touch the Down Direction on the Right Hand Touchpad,
Then you hop  nice and speedy, no need to go really high, no need to even lift off the ground if you can tip toe quickly.

I don't have a Vive so I can't test or guarantee anything.

The Vive-Mode changes jump to the *Direction* Down on the Right touchpad.

Make Sure you have the Height setting correct and reset when standing naturally straight, otherwise jumping will fail!

I lowered the limit but that naturally scales down the crouch distance,

If you still have trouble, set a height that's higher and then just press reset with the headset at his standing height.

The game doesn't calculate crouching from the height of the headset, the pivot point is always where you reset, that's why you have to stand straight, otherwise it just moves the floor relative to your reset.

You didn't really need the update for it, although it would still mean that he's sort of hovering above the ground that's all.

I updated it, you can switch the jump button to Touchpad down now instead.

Also added actual Snap Turning, same right hand touchpad/analogue, but it snaps 45degrees

I updated it, you can switch the jump button to Touchpad down now instead.

Also added Snap Turning.


See Devlog post just below Downloads

I'm updating now,

The limit was actually 0.5 meters, I've turned it all the way down to 10cm.

Personally I wouldn't let a 3 year old anywhere near a VR headset, especially not one of the literal most intense motion systems currently available... but Each to his own (notice the order in which we Brits say that phrase!)

Update also adds Vive fixes and snap turning.

I'll work on it and figure it out.

Try modifying SteamVR config to map A button for Oculus to something useful on Vive

Hmm... try the menu buttons?

You can check the config files in SteamVR and modify what the Oculus A button maps to on Vive.

I haven't got a Vive so I can't figure it out.

Also, this is what I've been saying about a complete LACK OF BUTTONS being a massive frickin problem :P

Check out Mario VR, also uploaded here (unfortunately that was before my Touch controllers so you'll have to use a normal gamepad)

Next up.. HALO VR

Sounds like he's shorter than 1 meter...

Didn't realise that would be an issue... I'll try to update it tomorrow and change the limit down much further

You probably have some other Game Controllers connected.

Disconnect any other controllers, should fix it.

I'll try and solve the problem later.

Try now?

I completely forgot to check the Windows checkbox!

Well I've just uploaded the SteamVR+Oculus version

But I don't have the rights to allow you to commercialise this, this is a Fan Game of Sonic The Hedgehog,
SEGA will not allow you to include this in a VR arcade.

I will be creating more experiences, with an intent to put my Walk-O-Motion system in a fully fledged VR shooter, which of course I would consider a deal with you guys when that happens.

Guess what...

SteamVR now working in the game... Possible Jump button issue, can't test myself!

It's gonna get better...

The next demo is Halo!

SteamVR + Oculus version uploaded,

Also got to add collision to the End Capsule, I completely forgot that!

That would require a complete rebuild to work well...

Which of course is what I intend to do anyway, this gameplay is not good enough in my opinion.

Also, if you're the real commentatron, how do you like my Drone Battle Skills in the Danger Zone?

I'm generally someone who doesn't like clickbate, but I should point out one thing at least he wrote the name of the game in the title!

I've seen some big tubers that don't give the full title of Indie games in their titles, that's something I really don't like because I understand how hard it is to get noticed for a lot of developers.

Not putting the game's actual name in video titles is like hiding views away from the actual content that's bringing views to your videos!

So for that reason, I'm really happy with the videos that people have been making of my games... It really helps! The clickbait is fine because the more views they get, the more publicity I get :)

As long as he's giving a somewhat accurate description of what the video is I don't see a problem...

If you wanna see real clickbait, go look at Pewdipie's channel... He is the king of clickbait! (not hating, I used to watch his videos, I would still but he's gotten a bit boring)

Dude seriously... There's an Edit button, and a Reply button.

Use one of those things please!


Just download and play.

It's a Windows game though, if you have Mac I don't know if you can emulate that.

It's just a one scene demo right now.

What you see on the videos is all there is, I have a lot of things to get done and no time at all so I can't update things as quickly as I want to be able to.

Yeah the ResetVR was a problem since I've been using a DK2 to develop this (that's why no hand tracking in the first place)

The Oculus driver does store your actual height so I can get it from the driver now instead. In my next demo you won't have to press the reset button since the game will already know your height (as long as you set up your Oculus correctly)

I'll still allow the extra button just in case the setup is wrong.

Remember to stand naturally straight so the game knows your natural height, not a tiptoe or slouch! I'm using this for crouch/stand animation blending now so it's important the height is accurate, you don't want to look like you're crouching all the time!

I replied to the comment on YouTube.

Try out my suggestion to try and get it working on Touch, I don't have Touch so I can't really try it myself right now.

Also, I mentioned in the comment that you can't use the Oculus Home reset. There's a button in the game's inputs that's called "ResetVR" or "VRReset" (one of them, my normal naming convention for it is either), you gotta press that button in-game.

Please let me know if you get Touch buttons working, I'll add the info to the page. :D


I have a few requests for a Discord, maybe I'll make one soon and let you know!

Sorry about that, a bit of a shame.

I'll try updating the game to the newest Unity, it has native support for SteamVR so it'll work in Vive.

Right now I'm working on a Sonic VR exactly like this, so as soon as I'm done with that I'll have a look at this again, hopefully you'll have 2 of these to play instead of just one!

Working in VR right now... Got a lot to do.

It's on my waiting list, I promise I'll come back to it soon.

If you have a Rift you should already know that anything running under SteamVR allows you to use an Oculus as the headset.

I don't have a Touch controllers so I wouldn't know whether they work properly, but they should, there's no reason that they shouldn't.

I've used Leap Motion and PSMove controllers as SteamVR controllers with no problems (except their own crap tracking issues), and I'm not even using a CV1 Rift, I have a DK2, and Oculus Home tells me it's unsupported every chance it gets!
If I can use that stuff as SteamVR controllers then using actual Oculus Touch controllers should be very easy.

I don't understand why anyone would not choose to use SteamVR even if they have a Rift, SteamVR is so much better than crappy Oculus Home in every way, that is the first thing you should want to try out when you get a Rift.

Seriously, get SteamVR and you'll be a much happier person :D

Spamming the comments with the same thing over and over is the best way to get your comments ignored and deleted.

I deleted all your duplicates of this comment, and if you start spamming the same thing over and over again, I will simply delete all of your comments including the original one, meaning I won't even answer your question either.

Now to answer your question, it's not available yet because it's not ready for others to play it yet, so there is no download for it.

This is a very very early demo of what the game will be.

I'm going to be adding more weapons, shields, different armour.
You will be able to pick up anything that falls to the ground when an enemy dies.

There will also be different types of weapons, Range weapons, Blunt weapons like warhammers, and the crowd is going to be interactive and actually affect the gameplay!

Currently working on another small project, I will be coming back to this pretty soon.

This is a very very early version... Almost a prototype!

It's supposed to be like that right now,
This version is really really early, I will be making it easier in the next update :D

OK, I just spent a whole minute staring at your comment with my brain trying to figure out what on Earth you were on about.

I won't be adding the ability to pick up body parts, that is beyond the scope of this game.

No, not like that...

What you just did was replying to my reply, then you use the Reply button so that it's under my reply!

I will.

Right now what you're trying to watch doesn't exist, the enemies only target you and stop attacking once you die.
There is no battle after you die.

Already planned. :D

More gore, yes there will be more :D (Including dismemberment)

Better way to hit specific areas, yes, there will be a Stab, Shield Bash and Kick move added.

More weapons, Yes
More Armour, Yes

Special effects from armour, Maybe, it depends on what GameModes look like in the end.

Why double post?

There's an Edit button, or at least just Reply to the last comment, especially when you're referencing it here.

Guys seriously, if you need to add more to your comment either use the Edit button on the comment or at the very least Reply to your own comment.

I don't understand why people comment again and again just to add one more line of text. Lets have some neatness and tidiness here people.

I will be adding Free For All too, my main aim right now is to add a lot more stuff to the current game mode though :)

(Edited 1 time)

There's a whole game store for you to showcase your work mate,

I'm deleting your comment.

Sorry if it seems harsh, I'd rather have a bunch of comments I can read and reply to than have a bunch of games that are not mine being advertised in every comment.