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This is the backend VR Rig and Locomotion system behind my physics game ProjectTX

It's also research in terms of directionality and accessibility.

but I only have a Rift...

The only thing I can 100% guarantee it works perfectly on is Rift.

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This is my game, why do people ask if I'm going to give them the source code when it's pretty clear I'm making a game.

Please do not ask for the backend of what is clearly intended as a game, it's highly inappropriate.

Yes, it's nice but a very different type of game to this.

Skatebird seems to be based on the gameplay style of Tony Hawks as a skateboarding game.

360Chicken is a game where I just wanted to put a physics ragdoll chicken on a vehicle and give it similar mechanics to Happy Wheels and Guts'n'Glory. It actually wasn't even going to be a chicken, it was supposed to be a humanoid character, but when programming the base movement I used a Sphere attached to a flat Box with wheels, it became quite fun so I added a Head Sphere and it looked like a chicken.

360Chicken is not really supposed to replicate any other game's mechanics directly, rather it works very differently to  a regular skateboard game, where the skateboard works more like a car than a skateboard, you can see how the board is big enough that the chicken basically sits mostly within it's bounds.

It's just a zipped game, there is no installer!

What actually happens when you run the game?

Sorry for extremely delayed response.

Backspace seems to do the trick for me, I didn't actually remember the controls until I just played it just now.

I really wish I'd put the controls list in-game rather than on

I've noticed that every comment on here beyond a certain date has at least 1 downvote.

It seems we have a lousy human on our hands.

The main controls are only Look, Move, Jump and Grab.

You can press H to see the spawning and extra debug controls, just a bunch of small things.

Spawning just spawns random sized and random coloured objects, except the bombs that are always the same.

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Hi guys, hope you like the little scene I made for this sample.

I'm looking for some Feedback regarding primarily the Locomotion itself;
Does it feel natural enough to you, does it feel like it requires much effort?

Additionally Do you feel like having the ability to very quickly change and control your speed in this way is beneficial especially when compared with direct Joystick based "SmoothLoco"?

For Vive users and other non-Oculus users, I'd also really like to know if there were any issues getting this to run in SteamVR, the build should automatically run in SteamVR if Oculus isn't present and should have the controls work properly this time.

If the controls worked correctly for SteamVR users please let me know, as I'm using an experimental method for controls that is very easy for me to work with and should also handle all the little issues that I previously had with SteamVR versions of my games/demos.

Thank You.

Sorry for not making that clear on the first sample.

The page is for multiple Sample Demos regarding the "Presence System", I uploaded Sample 2 today, it's a VR demo for the Locomotion, but does still rely on the underlying physics for player movement that's in the rMod Sample.

There will be more and hopefully the whole Presence system for VR as a sample demo soon.

Thanks for deleting it.

Videos of the game make sense here, but links to actual YouTube channels will become spam very very quickly. When you look at the spam comments on YouTube and your video does ok, you'll see it's just 90% links to apps.

I gotta make sure they don't start, because they will never stop appearing otherwise.

I'll have a look thanks.

Looks like Ban then Clear is probably my only alternative now then for now.

Sorry I was updating the game.

It's now fixed. Thank You

OK so for some reason there isn't a Delete button next to any comment that isn't mine. That's quite silly already since Internet = Spam.

More importantly though a half solution exists, I can Edit the comment.... Except I can't, I get a Server Error

I can't Delete the comment, I can't Edit the comment, Reporting the comment doesn't remove it. Are you telling me that I have to BAN someone just to remove their single spam comment?

What's going on here guys... Don't start becoming YouTube and making changes that actively destroy the platform :)

I'm marking this under Bug, for the Edit issue.

Thanks Guys.

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Please delete the Link to your YouTube channel.

I would have done this myself but itchio screwed up the Delete and Edit buttons and the only way for me to remove this comment would be to Ban you.

So I may as well leave the choice to you.

Yeah, this is really irritating.

Now I can't Delete Comments, I can Edit them except no wait... Server error.

The only way to remove spam is to Report them? WHY!

OK I've uploaded the fixed version.

Please redownload. You maight still need to change the controls for your Gamepad but you can now use the Analogue properly for Camera. Thanks

I just fixed the Analogue and Default Controls and I'm uploading now. I forgot to check them and have been using the Keyboard for a while.

Controls on other gamepads are going to be wrong, I can't really fix that since my Gamepad is not xInput, or at least I'm not using it in xInput. The controls are correct on my Gamepad but I guarantee if I switched to my old Gamepad they would be bad.

The default controls on Keyboard are the Movement on Cursor Keys. This absolutely is Standard, if you grab an Emulator for a N64 you'll see this is the standard for Platformers, I really don't like Mouse move Camera controls in Platformers, they should be designed to handle the camera appropriately as you move without having to be modified. The camera movement in this is a little weaker than it should have been but you can move and not touch the camera control for the most part.

Either way I've fixed the Analogue Camera issue and Defaults for Gamepad and am uploading now.

All Collision issues are not going to be a problem from here forward, the entire Character Control Code is being replaced, the whole collision logic in this is much worse than in my fan game project and the reason I created that was to practice better character control, so no problems there :)

Thanks for Playing.

Thanks, but the entire underlying code for this is nowhere near the quality of the SM64 Reimagined fan game I made. The reason I made that was to learn to improve my platforming code massively.

Here the example you gave running on extreme slopes, I can't fix that easily with this code, it's much more difficult than that one is.

Just checking, are you pressing Menu on your Touch Controllers?

In SteamVR it could be any of your buttons, it's the same button on either side, so it's either A and X or it's B and Y.

No, and no.

The links have been removed and that's all. Most likely for the sake of Mario Odyssey VR as my fan work definitely conflicted with it.

Can you try the SteamVR version to see if it works. It should allow you to use your Touch controllers. I've not seen this issue before. Are you using Rift or RiftS?

Smooth rotation is one of the slightly awkward sickness inducers, I can feel it slightly when I'm turning here and I've not that it seems to be mostly due to how much time you spend turning, hence I turned mine all the way up so you can turn really quickly in sort of bursts preventing you from turning for so long (it's noticeable in my videos), I did a simple threshold on the stick so there's 2 speeds half speed and full, gives player a bit more control.

Hopefully you didn't have as much trouble with the lack of Start Rotation Axes when making the cylinder grab as I did. Why do they still not allow changing the joint start rotation.

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Hey there, so it took me a long time to try out your demo since you told me about it.

The Physics are pretty nice, feels the presence, also very stable, but the rifle does feel slightly over damped, like moving through water a bit.

A few minor gripes, generally with the movement system (which you'd expect from me I guess :) ), it's probably just me but I've gotten heavily reliant on being able to move pretty fluidly, and having the forward speed much faster than other directions is somewhat confusing when playing.

Additionally the turning (smooth turning mode) is a bit too slow.
The enemy is fast enough walking around me that it takes a long time to smooth turn and follow them while they're walking around the player, of course not a problem for a 360 play space so it's still a minor point.

Body motion is pretty good, especially the foot movement when left to tracking.

I do suggest a physical forearm for this version of your system, it does help with things hitting the hand and pretty much gives you an elbow to push with too, though I understand that you don't want to update the tech demo beyond this. Also I know you're moving to a full ragdoll eventually so it's a non-issue for the future anyways.

Grabs mostly do what you want them to, although there was a point where I "force pulled" and ended up grabbing the front of the rifle. Cylinder grabs are a suggestion, but they really are a pain in the butt to get working right.

Sorry it took me so long to try it out, it's pretty good so far, definitely enough for a game to be built out of it.

I've seen a few people with issues. One thing I have to say is that the best way should be to use the SteamVR version, however it is set up as a seated experience, I know this sounds a bit silly. The system only let me reset tracking center when I had it set to seated, very weird but that might be the height issue, though it doesn't make much sense. You might somehow have a way of overriding that, I doubt that is it but it may well be, if it is the tracking origin is at the player's head, if you're in room scale then the origin will be at the floor in the center of your play space, so you'll be a full human higher than the player in game. If you have more trouble with the SteamVR version and try it through Revive again see if it is somehow overriding the play space, it can't be set to room scale, that will cause the issue above, don't worry about changing it if you can, you still get your full tracking space regardless if whether it's set to roomscale mode or not, it's literally just a different origin point, has no affect on tracking space. If this isn't the issue please let me know what happens wheb you click the Reset button in the game, do you visibly see the reset happen, it should reposition your entire camera to the center of the menu and rotate you to face the button blocks, if this doesn't happen it should be a playspace mode issue because something is blocking it from doing the reset. If it does reorient but not position let me know, if it does both position and reorient you, tell me if it's higher or lower than it should be. Thanks, hope it fixes it.

I saw Markiplier play this a long time ago and decided to try it out.

I noticed that this is built on Octodad's engine. Are you part of the dev team for OctoDad?

I tried out the test levels just to see, a little bit of messin with the physics settings in the Antopia level, hope you don't mind. :D

You can remap controls on SteamVR now. Load any game, go to SteamVR dashboard and select remapping. Now set your Joystick axes to Vive's TouchPad. You've just fixed ALL of your games.
There are no levels, this alone took a month and a half. Also I won't be adding levels as this is the whole project, it was just for sake of learning more on the platforming and graphics side.
2 hand holding uses a, sorry to say again, Hybrid system. It's a blend between your primary hand rotation and your secondary hand position. I found a few people highlighting this, it seems it's gone more towards primary hand than it should. I'll change the blend and it should be better.

You don't need any backup to prove to me that Vive controllers have a very bad button design.
I was saying that before they released.

Also, I learned a lot from that video, a lot more than just guns. :D Seen the video plenty of times.
Brandon be a man of genius.

I know, the Vive grabbing issue is a pain.

I didn't want to modify the grab system for that, because this is just a demo of the overall mechanics.

For grabbing weapons I am going to have sticky grips, even on Oculus, the reason being that I use the Grip button for reloading. So this will be fixed for you in the next build. Right now I didn't want to build a new unpolished system since converting to SteamVR caused a truck load of problems already.

Shells are limited to 20 per type, and they are spawned only when you start the game, they are always there. Once they stop moving they should have very minimal impact on processing including graphics since they vanish pretty quick at distance. I could possibly change the limit or give the option to change the bullet limit.

I didn't update the Oculus version, I only added a SteamVR version.

Also, I only have an Oculus Rift, so making this I tested it on an Oculus with Touch controllers through SteamVR. So even the SteamVR version should work on Oculus.

Jump is holding A, then you do a short head bob up. The hands don't impact it.

Alignment's a true pain for me since I don't have any Valve tracked equipment.

Do your real Vive controllers align to the in game Vive controllers?

I had to do some fakery to align things, but I matched up the controller models at the laser point in the menus. Basically the model aligns so that the Oculus model in SteamVR matches my Oculus Touch tracking.

I could try a second version with the orientation based on your comment and see if it feels right. Gotta rely entirely on feedback and that's a worrying scenario.

Hold the menu button as per the info panel before clicking play.

I'm uploading the SteamVR version now.

Hopefully it should have correct hand alignment, but I'm not 100% until Vive users have tested it.

Good, if anyone is a troll or spams anything then I'll ban them again.


They aim directly forward relative to the hand tracking.

There is no difference in direction between pistols and larger guns being held with one hand.

Unless you are not using Oculus, in that case the hands will be wrongly aligned, that will be fixed by the SteamVR version, which will be uploaded soon.