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That's actually expected behaviour, I tried to replicate the original game's collision shapes, but mine are a bit too preventative for a falling Mario, the actual game uses that wide collision for walls but smaller collision for floors essentially (that's a simple explanation of something more complex)

It says it on the instructions here. Change them in input tab on the launcher.


Regarding the question it's a bit subjective, realistically I could remove Mario entirely and the paintings, change the name and swap out the music and sound effects and sell it as everything else is all my own work.

But it would be pretty bad to do that since it is literally the same layout and game structure as SM64, so Nintendo would possibly have grounds to have such a project stopped in it's tracks. Not to mention it would be a pretty terrible thing to as a developer and would give me a reputation as a ripoff artist.

My own game Tubby Super Cat is supposed to feel pretty similar in gameplay, and will have a sort of mix of the objective mechanics between SM64 and Banjo-Kazooie, so yeah I will be making something similar, that will feel like the ol' classic N64 games too.

Run the SM64R exe, check the inputs tab to make sure you've got the controls right for your gamepad then click Play.

And it got shutdown.

Also, please don't use other people's work as an example as to why I should give you something that took me 250 odd hours and about 5 years of studying to produce. It's actually quite rude to point out that somebody else is giving you something therefore I should.

I'm a game developer and I'm making my own platformer as well, so this was a learning process and a lot of the code logic I built for this is actually going to be used in other projects that I make.

It doesn't make the character spin unless you hold jump, to jump without flipping you have to tap jump, if you hold it then you try to lift your body. There's more to do to it so this doesn't happen.

Not really considering it yet

I've replaced the whole gameplay system to full ragdoll characters.

A Sandbox demo for the basic Tiny character control is on it's way soon.

That will no longer work on the newest build, since I've stabilised and slightly weakened the joints to be much more realistic,

You will need two hands and momentum just to even jump from ledge to ledge.

Did you definitely get the newest version?

The old one was Oculus only.

There's no method to climbing up ledges, it's normal physics, if throw yourself forward you move forward, you can use the analogue to move in air slightly. Half your body is a spring joint that acts as your legs, you can just slide over the ledge but you have to put the ledge low enough.

Just do what you would in real life to climb up something, you put your arms below you and crouch down to lift your legs up.

I don't think a lot of people understand what I'm domnstrating here, there are no game mechanics, I didn't program climbing, or pole vaulting, or rope swinging, these are just side effects of physically attached hands, all I did was make your hands attach things correctly to your character body, the rest just happens as a result.

About the running, there is no top speed, that's why jogging more vigorously results in faster movement. Walking is a problem, see my newest video for a glimpse of the hybrid system.

Jumping is something that confuses everybody, you don't have to jump off the ground at all, I'm literally just tiptoeing quickly, so when you say you're landing before the in game jump, well that's because you're lifting off the ground.

Using the Trigger to grab things was necessary, as it's preparing you for my actual game SLAYR, the grips control picking up and reloading weapons, while triggers just grab things naturally, can't use the fire trigger to pickup and drop a weapon.

Guys, I think the problem is actually Unity's own Input system. I've swapped it out for OVR (Oculus' plugin) so I'm assuming this should fix ReVive problems. The game should run regardless, it's only input that won't. Even without a VR headset the game will load up, so if you're not getting the launcher then there's some other problem.
Tell me where the problem is I'll explain how to fix it.
I will be updating it with some tweaks and Vive support. I don't activate Vive support at first because the controllers really aren't well designed for my control scheme, so I actually have to put in extra thought and work for those controllers. If they had buttons like Oculus it would be easy, but that's not the case.
This is just a demo for fun, I will make a platformer based on my new physics systems later and put a level editor in.
First be sure you've got the newest version of the game. I did leave the old one on for DK2 users. The new version has a Reset button in the menu, otherwise it should be one of the buttons on the Touch controllers. You'll be able to tell because it'll instantly reset the screen. That's all you need to do.

Thanks, hope you can test my other projects once they're out.

Why are you talking about getting an application to try to literally steal my code on the page of the game?

I don't release projects, only games.

That's another person where the A button doesn't work on Oculus.

Is it running in SteamVR? SteamVR BREAKS Oculus Input.

Make sure SteamVR isn't open to load it in Oculus.

If this carries on I'll have to make a SteamVR and Oculus version separately.

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The spinning problem is something I need to sort out, it's detecting Input from ALL your gamepads, disconnect them as a temporary fix while I sort that out.

There is also a Height problem for SteamVR, since it automatically runs in Roomscale, which breaks my current setup, I'm going to update it today in a few minutes.

Yeah I've been trying to solve an issue with Walk-O-Motion where framerate affects speed, that includes the head tracking, therefore the jump speed.

This is now fixed but a lot of Walk-O-Motion was redone.

Right now I'm working on this Mario project, and I'd love to do more Sonic, with much more reliable mechanics but I need to start spending more time on my own projects, and time is something I don't have much of.

The tilting problem is sort of native to Sonic mechanics, mine are not too good, I could definitely do much better now anyways.

I'm unlikely to update this right now, I don't have a Vive, and Oculus is set up a bit awkward in SteamVR so my tests are completely pointless.

Once I get a Vive and a bit of time, I'm going through these older projects and getting them fixed up.

Switch Vive mode on in the menu then you touch 'Down' on the Right hand Touchpad.

You have to set your height right, press reset while standing first, and when pressing Down you have to do a bit of a hop to jump.

You can move around in the menu, run around, jump, so you can test it there and then.

Who even mentioned Star Wars????

ReVive should run it fine.

but this game doesn't use Hand tracking at all anyways (since I made it waaaay before I had access to hand tracking)

There is a lot more involved than you think.

Body tracking is done between the Hands and Head, Direction is controlled relative to the hand.

The reason you didn't hear much about me 2 years ago when I started this locomotion system is because not having Hand Tracking made the whole thing incredibly weak.

Hand tracking is Necessary... I do not use head direction for movement, I Never did, not even before I had hand tracking.

To understand more, see my latest videos on VR Physics:

There is no point me going backwards to build a system that literally only one person will play.

That's how I made the Mario Bros. demo, I had to because I didn't have hand controllers, but I was severely limited and I even had complaints about not being able to use hand controllers.

I can't work on a massivley inferior product now that I can finally do what everyone else has been able to for 2 years!

Yeah, I left it truly aggressive.

The problem is that the AI doesn't fear for it's own life, it just randomly attacks and blocks.

When I rebuild this as I do with all my projects, the game will focus on accurate attacks (which it does in this version) and AI that actually thinks! :)

The current mode was intended as a gladiator arena, where you are the one attacked, everybody else is attacking.
There will be more modes in future including multiplayer (deathmatch and co-op)

Might need ReVive for it, but it doesn't use hand controllers, just a normal gamepad (I never had hand controllers then)

So you won't have any controls problems, you can just set them in the setup window (before the game opens, in Inputs)

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Buddy... I'm pretty sure I've told you this on another page, stop posting a bunch of different comments related to the same thing.
Use the EDIT or REPLY button!!!!
I'm going to leave this comment and delete the previous one to keep it neat.
REPLY to this comment if you need to ask a question that Relates to this subject...
Do not post a completely separate comment if you're replying to this comment chain, it's really annoying!

Sorry if it sounds harsh, but seriously, it's really really annoying.

On to the issue, movement with this system relies on a very different motion to what anyone is used to.
You have to bounce like you would naturally when walking, doing it in place is a bit weird, but once you get used to it, it becomes really easy.

To jump on a Vive controller, first you have to make sure the Vive Mode in the In Game Settings Menu is switched ON.
If it isn't I don't know what the button will be, I can't test it because I don't have a Vive.

With Vive Mode on, you Touch the Down Direction on the Right Hand Touchpad,
Then you hop  nice and speedy, no need to go really high, no need to even lift off the ground if you can tip toe quickly.

I don't have a Vive so I can't test or guarantee anything.

The Vive-Mode changes jump to the *Direction* Down on the Right touchpad.

Make Sure you have the Height setting correct and reset when standing naturally straight, otherwise jumping will fail!

I lowered the limit but that naturally scales down the crouch distance,

If you still have trouble, set a height that's higher and then just press reset with the headset at his standing height.

The game doesn't calculate crouching from the height of the headset, the pivot point is always where you reset, that's why you have to stand straight, otherwise it just moves the floor relative to your reset.

You didn't really need the update for it, although it would still mean that he's sort of hovering above the ground that's all.

I updated it, you can switch the jump button to Touchpad down now instead.

Also added actual Snap Turning, same right hand touchpad/analogue, but it snaps 45degrees

I updated it, you can switch the jump button to Touchpad down now instead.

Also added Snap Turning.


See Devlog post just below Downloads

I'm updating now,

The limit was actually 0.5 meters, I've turned it all the way down to 10cm.

Personally I wouldn't let a 3 year old anywhere near a VR headset, especially not one of the literal most intense motion systems currently available... but Each to his own (notice the order in which we Brits say that phrase!)

Update also adds Vive fixes and snap turning.

I'll work on it and figure it out.

Try modifying SteamVR config to map A button for Oculus to something useful on Vive

Hmm... try the menu buttons?

You can check the config files in SteamVR and modify what the Oculus A button maps to on Vive.

I haven't got a Vive so I can't figure it out.

Also, this is what I've been saying about a complete LACK OF BUTTONS being a massive frickin problem :P

Check out Mario VR, also uploaded here (unfortunately that was before my Touch controllers so you'll have to use a normal gamepad)

Next up.. HALO VR