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Nimso Ny

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If you have a Rift you should already know that anything running under SteamVR allows you to use an Oculus as the headset.

I don't have a Touch controllers so I wouldn't know whether they work properly, but they should, there's no reason that they shouldn't.

I've used Leap Motion and PSMove controllers as SteamVR controllers with no problems (except their own crap tracking issues), and I'm not even using a CV1 Rift, I have a DK2, and Oculus Home tells me it's unsupported every chance it gets!
If I can use that stuff as SteamVR controllers then using actual Oculus Touch controllers should be very easy.

I don't understand why anyone would not choose to use SteamVR even if they have a Rift, SteamVR is so much better than crappy Oculus Home in every way, that is the first thing you should want to try out when you get a Rift.

Seriously, get SteamVR and you'll be a much happier person :D

Spamming the comments with the same thing over and over is the best way to get your comments ignored and deleted.

I deleted all your duplicates of this comment, and if you start spamming the same thing over and over again, I will simply delete all of your comments including the original one, meaning I won't even answer your question either.

Now to answer your question, it's not available yet because it's not ready for others to play it yet, so there is no download for it.

This is a very very early demo of what the game will be.

I'm going to be adding more weapons, shields, different armour.
You will be able to pick up anything that falls to the ground when an enemy dies.

There will also be different types of weapons, Range weapons, Blunt weapons like warhammers, and the crowd is going to be interactive and actually affect the gameplay!

Currently working on another small project, I will be coming back to this pretty soon.

This is a very very early version... Almost a prototype!

It's supposed to be like that right now,
This version is really really early, I will be making it easier in the next update :D

OK, I just spent a whole minute staring at your comment with my brain trying to figure out what on Earth you were on about.

I won't be adding the ability to pick up body parts, that is beyond the scope of this game.

No, not like that...

What you just did was replying to my reply, then you use the Reply button so that it's under my reply!

I will.

Right now what you're trying to watch doesn't exist, the enemies only target you and stop attacking once you die.
There is no battle after you die.

Already planned. :D

More gore, yes there will be more :D (Including dismemberment)

Better way to hit specific areas, yes, there will be a Stab, Shield Bash and Kick move added.

More weapons, Yes
More Armour, Yes

Special effects from armour, Maybe, it depends on what GameModes look like in the end.

Why double post?

There's an Edit button, or at least just Reply to the last comment, especially when you're referencing it here.

Guys seriously, if you need to add more to your comment either use the Edit button on the comment or at the very least Reply to your own comment.

I don't understand why people comment again and again just to add one more line of text. Lets have some neatness and tidiness here people.

I will be adding Free For All too, my main aim right now is to add a lot more stuff to the current game mode though :)

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There's a whole game store for you to showcase your work mate,

I'm deleting your comment.

Sorry if it seems harsh, I'd rather have a bunch of comments I can read and reply to than have a bunch of games that are not mine being advertised in every comment.

You're worried about the game's simplicity breaking because of extra moves...
Auto aiming will completely ruin the whole system, the whole point is that your camera angle determines your attack, the camera is completely player controlled and will never auto target anything, otherwise it completely breaks the game!

We've been spoiled by all these God Of War, Dark Souls type automatic games, where you simply press the right button at the right time, sure it is a skill in itself but it's the exact opposite of a real sword fight, in this game it's about guarding and protecting yourself, so the camera never specifically guides you to do anything.

The enemies have the exact same health and attack system as the player, literally, they are all running on the same code,
Think of the game as multiplayer but with the computer running the other players, they aren't just bots or enemy characters, they are fully fledged players with all of the same actions as you, if you can do something, they can.

This is why the game is so hard, the AI is actually extremely aggressive and doesn't care much for it's own safety, unlike the player who wants to last as long as possible.

Each new move will be very carefully crafted in to the game, if it's done properly I can keep the simplicity of the game while adding so much more choices to what the player can do.

That's why it's a very very early demo...

There's so much more to come, it's nowhere near what I want it to be! :D

I'm afraid it'll be a little while before I get the Halo demo out.

I have to use the terrible PSMove controllers for testing, connected to SteamVR of course.

This means I have to run the overly bloated Oculus drivers, run SteamVR on top of that, have the PSMoveService running (which runs 3 webcams/PSEye cams), and the PSMove controllers activate in SteamVR, and then I have to hope that Unity works properly with all of this each time I open it, and to top it all off, my graphics card doesn't really meet any of the minimum requirements for Vive or Oculus (and I'm using an Oculus DK2, so Oculus likes to hassle me about unsupported hardware)

This all just to even start working on the thing, why?

Because I can't afford a Vive, and Oculus is too frickin stingy to just let me pay £100 and just get the Touch controllers by themselves and use them with my DK2.
Unfortunately I can't afford to be a VR dev right now, even though I clearly have some really cool ideas and the skills to make them happen, I simply don't hand the funds.

I haven't added music yet because I'm still considering whether to use the one I've been using for the videos, most likely I will.

I'm probably going to make changes as to what happens when you fall in to the void, currently you can just think of it as another form of trap, if you fall off, press the respawn button :D

Thanks for the confidence in me.

Truth is this is some my simpler work... Pop over to my YouTube Channel to see all the big (and small) projects I'm working on, some of which have a much greater scope than the aim of this game. This is essentially just another one of my side projects that I'll update every once in a while.

Of course I also have another side project that I uploaded on to itch called 360 Chicken, it's on my profile page here, if you like obstacle course type driving games like Happy Wheels you'll probably find it interesting!

And I'm NimsoNy from YouTube :P

Also I recognise you mostly from Twitter!

Did you know that there are two health bars? One of which happens to recharge pretty quickly
I just looked at the code, the inner health bar recharges at 7% per second, so a full recharge within 14.2 seconds
The outer health bar recharges at 0.7% per second, I originally had it not recharging at all!

The game is supposed to be hard, granted it's a little too much right now but it's easily fixed through testing.
You're supposed to be blocking the hits with your shield or armour, an armoured hit lowers your inner health bar, the one that recharges really quick, it's only when you're hit on skin (and you see the blood effects) that your outer health bar decreases, this governs the inner bar so it limits how much armoured hits you take.

Also, taking a hit to the arm does about 10-20% damage, while getting hit on the head (no helmet) does 60% damage.
Where you get hit actually matters.

The game is a lot more complex than it looks. :D

How much easier is it for me to pay $100 to upload a free game?

And that feeling you just felt, is the sudden realisation that all of those people that keep saying "More fees will stop all those rubbish games from clouding our steam store" were actually hurting real devs!

But you can already swing the left or right by just pressing the movement key slightly.
It's been done like this ever since Jedi Knight, that's like over 10 years now!

Using the mouse movement to determine swing makes the screen super erratic, can you imagine how painful it will be to watch a YouTube video with the camera being swing about constantly!

That's why I did it the tried and tested way.
For the extra moves there's only one button being used for Kicks and Shield bashing.

(Edited 1 time)

Guys I just got a score of 18!

I watched the videos posted by you guys, really fun stuff, but I noticed the game doesn't really explain it's mechanics easily and is definitely very hard!

I just decided to test it out myself properly to see what difficulties you were all having, I think currently an average score of 10 is what I'm getting... I'd like that to be at least about 30.

So the game should be easy enough that you should get to about 20 to 30 on average, and beyond 30 or 40 it should be really hard to push past.

I'm gonna be fiddling with a few things, including the amount you have to tilt to lift your Shield,

the AI will fight more conservatively too, trying to keep themselves alive rather than being so aggressive, at least at lower levels.
Right now they don't even change at all depending on level!

It's a possibility.

If it's an actual Networking system then I'll have a look in to it,
If it's just a combat system that works through multiplayer then it's not likely I'd use it, I generally don't use pre-built code for game mechanics!

I'll be adding Shield Bashing / Kicking too very soon.
I mainly want to get the weapon/shield pickups working properly first so that I can start adding more weapon types!

I'm confused as to why you even asked this question.

This is literally a PC only game!

There may be a possibility that my calculation isn't correctly using deltaTime, I may have multiplied instead of dividing.
So while I run VR at 75 as I have an Oculus DK2 the game may be running incorrectly at 90.

Please do let me know if it doesn't seem to match what I'm doing in the video, I'll have a look over that stuff again!

Thanks much

That was the original plan.

But Steam decided to axe Greenlight and they're replacing it with a pile of filth Paywall called Steam Direct.

It's a terrible change for Indie devs, and it will allow even more rubbish to appear on the store... Oh well, it's their business I guess.

Thanks very much for trying it out.

When I saw your statement about Jumping I instantly thought one thing that you most likely didn't do.
Did you stand straight and press the ResetVR button? It's very important because using an Oculus is very different to using a Vive with Room Scale. You see the Oculus does not know how tall you are, I made it so that your standing height is the zero center at calibration.

The reason I'm saying this is because I set the jumping threshold to 10cm Lower than standing height, meaning you can jump without even going higher than your natural standing height, so it's confusing that you had trouble with that, please check out my YouTube video as that will show how it worked for me, if you did Reset it right then it might be your jumping velocity, I did make it slightly vigorous on purpose to increase the need for the player to be a little more active.

Also, there is a jump button to hold to activate jumping :P again I forgot to mention the controls in a proper readme, I'll update the instructions on this page so it's easier to play!

The rotational problem is explained in the numerous demo videos I've made on my YouTube channel, you see the reason I don't have a Vive is simply Money :P
I was going to use hand controllers and still have rotation completely independent of Head rotation, I have many crazy methods for these things lol!
There's a turn button on the controller, you press it to do a 180degree turn, this is specific to this game only, the Halo demo that I made used my original method, which is basically a standard FPS gameplay but only the furthest end of the analogue stick activates turning, please do check out my earlier videos on the subject, you'll truly understand what I mean as I also explain it while I move about looking funny.

This is actually a severely limited version of what I've made on purpose, I didn't want people playing the bad side of what I've made due to the lack of Hand Controller limitation.

Either way the main purpose of my system is not to reduce motion sickness, that's a side effect, I wanted to make something where you feel like you're playing the game not just teleporting around, which is why I can understand a lot of it feels a bit different to what you expect, I can see your system is mainly intended to reduce motion sickness, especially looking at your alternate modes. I personally don't really like the teleportation in VR games, it really does ruin potentially awesome games, hence why I'm building this.

Also I do worry that you feel the walking is slow... I actually have a rolling max speed that changes depending on whether you're walking or running, I found that I like the idea of walking naturally and slowly around more cramped spaces, this is not really right for this game in particular but I don't want the system to fling you forward when you want to creep or sneak around slowly.

Unfortunately this is pretty much the only feedback I've had on how well this works yet, even though this demo was intended for that reason, to gain feedback on what needs to change!

The real issue for all of this is quite simply the lack of Foot Tracking (again I mentioned in a previous video) if the VR tech developers had as much passion for actual VR as me and you we'd already have all the tech we need, but unfortunately that simply is not the case.

Oh one more question, what's the framerate you're running at?
I never really tested this at low framerates because I wouldn't expect anyone with a good headset to have a GPU worse than mine.

A big Thanks for taking the time to try out my system, hopefully we can get both of them to become popular enough that we can get games that feel more fun beyond the standard VR play area!

These videos really explain the system more:

Those truly explain the system and the reasons why there are bits that are lacking.
And of course this last one just for fun you might enjoy :P

Do any other oculus games work with ReVive?

It depends on how many requests I get...

On a plus note this got me working on Tubby Super Cat again and I decided to carry the style over from this to that game!

I believe there's an application called ReVive that allows the Vive to run Oculus software.

Sorry I didn't use SteamVR, it would just be more hassle getting it to work properly.

I intended for it to have multiplayer and loads of types of obstacles exactly like all the other gory games available these days.
The multiplayer will hopefully be both ghost based so you can both race the same track without affecting each other and destroying obstacles for others, as well as a normal mode where you literally have to fight for the right to win, obstacles that fall will mean the next racer will be affected, and racers will be able to collide with each other.

Hi guys, sorry not much updates on this game recently,

It is intended as my go between game, whenever I have time I just update this for fun.

I'm currently working as part of BrokenLab Games on a platforming game called Warped:Metaverse and will be focusing more on that to ensure I meet deadlines :)

Watched it... You guys deserve more subs!

You're watchable...

So I just unintentionally Liked, Disliked then Liked your comment because Itch.io has the worst and most ambiguous icons for those things I've ever seen.

I thought those buttons might scroll through my notified comments, but nope, they are the Upvote/Downvote buttons...

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Thanks for the first comment on this page.

Be sure to share it wherever you can do, as this project is moving fast... I've already made a level editor, it's going to need a community before I eventually launch the community levels system!