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nils gawlik

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What's stopping you is your own sense of good sportsmanship. You could pre-make your game in any other jam and just re-skin it during the 48 hours.

Still I'm also in favor of a theme, since it can get the creative juices flowing and it's always interesting to see what different people do with it.

So I took the liberty to create a quick poll, I hope the organizers are ok with this! You can vote on themes and suggest your own, so everybody who wants a theme, get voting:


This is obviously unofficial, but maybe if a bunch of people vote, it'll be kinda half-official.

Oh yeah I already added five random themes from https://cjanssen.bitbucket.io/themegen/ but like I said, you can suggest your own, too.

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Btw I'll be streaming the development over on twitch!


The origin of the character was that I can't draw humans in pixel art, but somehow do ok on paper. So I took a character from my sketchbook and tried to copy it 1 to 1, keeping all dimensions the same.

Since it turned out to be 32x32 I couldn't use it as a character sprite and decided to make it a portrait, which is why I'm making an adventure game :D.

Btw here is the current state of the game (I just noticed the portrait has the wrong background color, will fix that now)


Hey there, guys and gals! First time participating, someone linked to this on the GameMaker subreddit.

I'll be doing a small adventure game, trying to capture a certain slightly depressive mood (hence the title), not quite sure what I am going for exactly, but I'll try to come up with a "compact" narrative similar to a short story.

To start this off, let me share some fake screenshots: