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first of all I MISS YOU second of all yeah there's no win/lose condition coded but if you fall on the space it's like the "game over" kinda thing. I REALLY wanna go into making the card ideas I had (the pachinko card / bowling card) because I think that would be really fun to do. Here's hoping I have the energy to continue this or if my other projects / work gets in the way 😤

Thank you so much! I kinda got addicted while I was trying it out. Definitely barely works but I feel like I can 100% expand on the interaction of the rolls and the cards. It's already kinda fun to play all I gotta do now is expand on it LOL. I thought about it a lot but I'll probably be streaming development of this too!

Cool game destroyed all my friends

so good

A Masterpiece

World record time for Lost & Found... A Collection is 0.91 seconds

You know that Osu! is a copy of Elite Beat Agents right? Other rhythm games can exist other than Osu! just because there's circles and you have to click to the song doesn't mean it's a copy of another game. That's basically most rhythm games.

Don't listen to that guy this game is nothing like Osu! Rhythm Rewind slaps. And good luck on working on your own project! It takes a bit but don't get discouraged. A lot of it does take it out of you and since we're in a pandemic it's okay to just rest tbh.


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