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Very good sound. Cool minimalist graphics. But text typing is too slow, it's annoy

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I only see a black screen with UI (maybe because running via Wine)

Very cool graphics


Can you build it for Linux please?

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public scoring scoreScript; // in enemy script, then drag object with score script to varible field in editor


scoreScript.scoreValue += 100; // before Destroy() in enemy script

Simplest way is to make reference to score script in enemy script and change scoreValue before Destroy() dunction, also you not need "static" int

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Completed movement and shooting

And draw some characters

Is it a marshmallow?

Making some weird character sketches

Free idea: play for USSR government and tells lie about Chernobyl crash

But asset must "don't contribute to the game itself" (check rules). so i think Cinemachine can't be used

same question. i think yes, because its already integrated to Unity.