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Yes as long as you aren't making any money from it and you credit us. (No idea why I didn't respond to this years ago but feel free to use it for any projects you have now 😅)

It looks like it's a free game so yeah no problem! Thank you for crediting us!!!

Yay! Looking forward to anything you might do with them. I plan to upload static glitchy / abstract pics at some point as well.

I'm very interested to see how this looks in regards to animation! Are there currently any videos available where I can see the overlay in action? :]

Just checked with Ashton & Megan. We've agreed that it's fine as long as you aren't monetizing the videos and as long as you credit all three of us for the music (since I didn't create the EP by myself). Maybe something like this in the description & credits or something:

Music: Space Crew EP by Megan Carnes, Nicholas Day, & Ashton Morris.

Thanks for checking! :D

Hi peeps!

In the interest of helping out people with GBJam audio as much as possible, I thought I'd share some helpful links!

  • SFXR is a pretty sweet SFX generator capable of making basic, chippy sounds for your game. Any sounds you create with it are yours to keep!
  • BFXR is a beefed-up version of SFXR. As with SFXR, you hold the rights to whatever sounds you create!
  • Here's a list of stuff for making chiptune music created by Chiptunes = WIN. Aside from trackers and DAWs, it also has free & paid plugins you can use in any audio workstation you like.

Good luck! :D

Hey everyone!

I'm super pumped for this jam and I just remembered some recordings I made back in 2014 that might help others out. This is a collection of 14 electromagnetic recordings I've published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0) license. What that means is these sounds are free to use, modify, and even sell as part of a commercial product (minus sound libraries) as long as you credit me with the creation of the original sounds. How do you do that? Easy! Just put my Twitter handle (@alfredofreak) along with a link to the pack in whatever credits screen / page / file you have.

Anyway, here's the link. EM recordings are pretty nuts. Have fun! :D

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EDIT: I found a team! Best of luck to those hunting down an audio person! If you want to make your own sound effects, I highly recommend SFXR for 8-bit stuff. Hey there! My name's Nick. I'm working to build up my skills in sound design and music, so let me know if you need either one for your jam entry! I can also take care of implementing audio if you're using an engine with C#. The best way to contact me is email (alfredofreak at or Twitter (@alfredofreak). Hope to hear from you! :D