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Love it. Are there any plans for a downloadable version?

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I spat my drink out when I saw tomislav nikolic as the picture of "toma". Was not expecting that lmfao. You serbian?

i te kako

Played it through. I can see a good concept, however I feel like you should put a bit more work in it to make it feel right, like replacing the house, (cylinder with the atari logo), with a custom asset and making the building system a bit more in-depth by adding more places to build and different types of buildings to balance the population and profit in different ways. Also remember to add pictures to the store page at some point. Gl!

Ovo je najbolji protagonista u istoriji gejminga

the graphics and vibe are strangely soothing. I like it

Wonderful concept and I loved the watermark on the arms

Love it

You have something going with the atmosphere, not bad for a short joke horror game

I love that tension build up and then... the ending

Great one

Much better than I thought lol. Also your red chair models don't have bridged edges on the right side, so they're appearing hollow

Short and sweet. Liked the buildup and the pacing. Good job!

mm sony ericsson logo

edy's driving physics

So many people still begging for keys lmao

10/10 IGN

Don't forget Windows virtual machines ;)

Really liked this one

Very cool. Great first game. One piece of constructive criticism would probably be to make sure you make it a bit more obvious where to go. 

So, very short experience but I think it does a good job at building up some tension during that nightmare sequence. A thing I'd like to champion is the modelling game in this game, it is on par, so good on you for that. Hope to see more projects soon! :)

Yeah hah it helped changing it to anything from 1920x1080

Shows an error that has an MSDOS logo and exits

Great game, bad demo. Things shouldn't be disabled during the demo, as a matter of fact the "disabled in the demo" messages shouldn't exist.

Okay that was REAL short. Dig the aesthetics tho

Well, wow, what an experience. Good job setting up the page tho, it did it's job!

From the artwork to the game itself, It's one amazing piece of work.

I just had to restart the game, when I played it the first time, cause I was being way too rude and I didn't expect such sad responces from the AI!

Awesome lmao

This is the sort of thing I had in mind to play when I got the Cosmos. Its so cool. Had to get someone to hold me tho I was shit scared of the height

Adorable little project

A game that actually creeped me out really much! Amazing!

Wow, what an amazing game. Havent found anything so captivating to me in a while now.

Im not really sure what this was about

I can't really say I know what a person goes trough when they discover themselves in this way, cause I don't know, but, what I do know is that I love game, story and the mechanics themselves. The UI mechanics are exquisitely made and the whole thing is just very creative. 

I loved the retro feel of the Apple iMac and the whole setting just awesome, even the characters play along with it being '99!

This is ground control to major Tom youve really made the grade

Most welcome, good luck with it.

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I love the concept of the game but here are a technical few things to just fix and it will be perfect:

1. Reduce the raycasting distance - make it shorter, I can open doors from huge distances

2. Make simple checkpoints, I die and I start all over again.

3. The 3D text on the walls is clipping trough the solid objects, its easily fixable, you can use this shader:

Great potential, like it!