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Haha this is so cool. It's so rare to see someone's first game from this far back uploaded on to sites like this. Since the engine and the assets with it are way obscure now, the game stands as its own unique thing!

such a masterpiece from a serbian dev

simple quick fun. like the aesthetic 

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Thanks for the feedback. It's a 2600 looking game, that I made sure to match to the authentic 2600 releases at the time, art style wise. I remember that the AI was definitely on the agenda at the time, however I had to release it without due to my dwindling motivation levels for the project. When I made it I was quite new to SDL, the C++ graphics library this was written in, so I didn't understand how I could loop back to the start after the a round was finished. I do think of this project from time to time, so it might be a thing I work on in the future.

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Glad to help. I like the improvements, the game modes are enjoyable and work well with a good balance of paddle speed and ball bounciness, however I've encountered bugs on the Hockey game mode. The ball still seems too erratic (idk if that's by design) and it can also glitch out if you manage to get it to hit the edge of the opposing goal, while the ball is travelling in a straight line towards it, resulting in the ball going back and forth in a straight horizontal line without anything being able to turn it. I've also noticed that the yellow player doesn't get credited for a goal score and the ball sometimes bounces off it without doing anything. I'm not sure if it's supposed to, but the left (pink) player in this game mode doesn't seem to have the AI activated.

I'm not sure if it's just me clicking wrong, but switching to mouse controls don't seem to work neither on the desktop nor webgl version, it reverts to the keyboard scheme.  

Also like the new soundtrack far better, it's more soothing and retro sporty-like. The overall presentation's great and fits the art style imo.

keep up the good work :)

What's this engine?


nice thumbnail catches the attention lmao

fun little horror experience


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Lol love the gangnam style 8 bit. Love the concept, it has potential to be a fun game, unfortunately the game can't play properly with such a bouncy ball. It never gets stable enough to aim it at the opponent. The paddles should perhaps be increased in speed if you don't want to touch the ball velocity. With this ball speed the paddles aren't fast enough to play with and the ball just ends up bouncing everywhere with little interaction from the player. Perhaps the paddles could even be mapped to the mouse, to emulate the original analog joypad the arcade machine used. Fixing this issue should make it great

what grade did you get for it

fik du solgt mange kopier 

Det er simpelthen den kvalitetsniveau, har brug for

this is awesome love it

seemed like a pretty fun little tkinter project!

So simple yet so pleasing. Like it

Awesome. Really love the art style as well

Wow, what a gem!

Made me remember some similar experiences on the old internet that ended with a happy end. I love it

Windows defender always warns about game maker games. Should be fine to run, since its also been promoted by itchio themselves.

A very fun game. Like the gameplay loop.

The comments on the game page are just... amazing.

Prejako hahah

Love it. Are there any plans for a downloadable version?

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I spat my drink out when I saw tomislav nikolic as the picture of "toma". Was not expecting that lmfao. You serbian?

i te kako

Played it through. I can see a good concept, however I feel like you should put a bit more work in it to make it feel right, like replacing the house, (cylinder with the atari logo), with a custom asset and making the building system a bit more in-depth by adding more places to build and different types of buildings to balance the population and profit in different ways. Also remember to add pictures to the store page at some point. Gl!

Ovo je najbolji protagonista u istoriji gejminga

Wonderful concept and I loved the watermark on the arms

Love it

You have something going with the atmosphere, not bad for a short joke horror game

I love that tension build up and then... the ending

Great one

Much better than I thought lol. Also your red chair models don't have bridged edges on the right side, so they're appearing hollow

Short and sweet. Liked the buildup and the pacing. Good job!

mm sony ericsson logo