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They've had to take it down for now, an announcement is incoming.

You can get the most recent updates at their blog - https://ladsindistress.tumblr.com/

As everyone involved works full time or is a student, progress is a bit slow.  Some have projects of their own (aside from TMK).

TMK has been cancelled as the leader of the studio suddenly shut everything down, the lead writer (who also writes for LiD) apparently didn't have any say in the decision.  It was all rather sudden.  LiD shares some of the same creators, but operates under a different studio, so it is still planned to be finished and free as promise, though there is no specific timeline at the moment as to when.  However, there is expected to be an update/announcement over the next few weeks.

Ahhh!!!! As a bi girl can I just say how grateful I am you added that in?  Charlotte ended up being tied for my fave route and I loved her cgs a lot. 

Both of your games that I've played have done AMAZING at representing gXg relationships.  Not shying away from some of the unique difficulties we face, but never making it feel like all there is to the route/relationship is the ~~forbiddeness~~ of it.  You made Sophia, Charlotte, and Bridgette (from DDBS) route's feel every bit as human and genuine as all of the boys, and for that you've earned a permanent fan from me.  I'm working on a review to post in lemmasoft forum as well, but I saw this comment and just absolutely needed to get out my appreciation for how you've handled all of this right now.

Thank you so much!!!!

I'll definitely be voting for a sequel too, dying to see how you family handles your decisions, particularly your elopement with Bastien XD

lol me too.  If you can't tell by my icon xD

Yay!!!! 2 more days!

Of course! 

They are hoping to release their commercial game (The Masquerade Killer) sometime in Q3/4 of 2018, after that they will continue work on LiD.  It's going to be a bit of a wait basically, but I'm sure it will be worth it!  And I recommend checking out the writer/artists other games in the mean time, Red String of Fate, Airis, and The Masquerade Killer.

Can't wait, good luck!!!!!

Looking forward to it!!!

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Thank you!!!!

I'm... not great with clues so watch me have tried to use all the wrong races for the wrong characters without this LOL

Ooh so it's race locked?  Can we ask which races can romance which characters or is that too spoilery?

Ahhh!  Love the Bastien CG.  Looking forward to this game :)

Looks like it's all working now, thanks so much!!

I will!  Thanks again :)

Will do, thanks so much for your help!

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Just got to the part with the discussion with Connor (no idea whose route I'm on...) and the night before when we're going to try and speak with the captain about the mysterious happenings, when I got this error:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 488, in script call
    call day6 from _call_day6
  File "game/day6.rpy", line 256, in script call
    call daynormal from _call_daynormal_1
  File "game/day7.rpy", line 9, in script
    if Karltalk == True:
  File "game/day7.rpy", line 104, in <module>
    elif Conrom == True:
NameError: name 'Conrom' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 488, in script call
    call day6 from _call_day6
  File "game/day6.rpy", line 256, in script call
    call daynormal from _call_daynormal_1
  File "game/day7.rpy", line 9, in script
    if Karltalk == True:
  File "C:\Users\nicol\Downloads\DDBS-1.0-win\DDBS-1.0-win\renpy\ast.py", line 1647, in execute
    if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):
  File "C:\Users\nicol\Downloads\DDBS-1.0-win\DDBS-1.0-win\renpy\python.py", line 1670, in py_eval
    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)
  File "C:\Users\nicol\Downloads\DDBS-1.0-win\DDBS-1.0-win\renpy\python.py", line 1665, in py_eval_bytecode
    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)
  File "game/day7.rpy", line 104, in <module>
    elif Conrom == True:
NameError: name 'Conrom' is not defined

DDBS 1.0

Trying to ignore the error brings me back to the start menu and quitting and restarting doesn't seem to do anything either, any ideas?

I deleted the demo from my computer so this should be the full version as far as I can tell.

Got about 5 minutes through the demo before I made up my mind to buy it.  The writing is excellent, and the character art (particularly Bridgette and MC) is adorable.  

Am looking forward to playing it after work tomorrow or this weekend, and for any future games of yours.

Of course! :)

They are focusing on their commercial game for the moment but have stated that lid is still being worked on sporadically.  They are planning on resuming full focus on this after TMKs release.


Aw, that's too sweet!  I was happy to help, sorry I missed some stuff though OTL


Yes, he will be!

Yep, he's going to be a route in the final version! :D

Looks interesting, downloading now!