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Thank you for the feedback! 

Definitely could have gave the player more coherent feedback that they have been hit. The movement stuff was there from the very early stages and I decided to not fix it then as I wanted to get all the core parts of game play working first. Turns out it's easy to run out of time.

I'm looking to revisit this in the next week and polish it up a bit more, fixing the clunky jumps and giving more feedback to what is happening is going to be priority #1 :)

In regards to the FPS are you maybe not destroying objects when they go off screen? 

Like all the other people said, this one is REALLY good! i think it's the best one out of all the entries and it shows that you poured time into it.

I would suggest, if you plan on revisiting the game, adjusting the difficulty curve. Like Bobgames mentioned you have the first few cars that feel really simillar and don't teach the player much. In the end you have 4 distinct mechanics from the boss alongside the friendly helper.
I feel like you could have used the cars to introduce each mechanic on it's own and then throw them all in at the end. All together tho, amazing work I really like it :D

I gotta agree with /u/Shukelven, the atmosphere of the game is great!

This is simple and very direct and that's the best part about it! I really enjoy how well the goal is telegraphed with the dotted line towards the earth. Obviously there are a few bugs but for something made in 3 hours i think it's great!