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Ah ok, thank you!

Is there a key or a button you have to use to interact when using mouse?

What genre are these types of games? I need a lot more games where you beat everything up, get lots of collectibles and money, and also TONS of upgrades to get hugely overpowered.

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That sounds great

I dont know if this has been mentioned, but a sound system would be great. The ability to implement music and sfx is just a little thing that would be cool, but i dont know if it is really necessary for a level creator.

Whoa. Just whoa. That was amazing (and frightening). I dot know if there is anything past the ending part (is there? I dont want to mention what happens at the end, i dont want to spoil). I really think that there could be more past that ending (maybe there is and i just didnt find it). Again, this game is amazing. There could be more, but it is also fine the way it is. Keep up the great work!