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great! Looking forwards to the update!

Mostly bug-fixing. I will soon start working on a new project.

Hi! I will try to fix that in the future. 

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I like the game! I love the music too! I would like to see how much CPS is added for the different things you buy.

Thank you! I am not updating it anymore but play my latest game:

Okay, thank

Yes! Found this jam and now I'm joined

Are you allowed to submit games that have pre-made assets like art and code?

I have some things from another game I made that I would like to use in this game. Can I use them?

Really good game! Addicting and interesting!!

The theme is well implemented. MAybe you could work more on things like sound effects and how the game looks, forexample add a colored background.

I like the pixelart in the game and It's nice how you implemented the theme. There are some bugs like the player fly under the rocks and the stamina-meter can go outside the orange box. The Idea is interesting and you could work more on this.

Nice game! I liked the Idea that you have to move away from the obstacles and that you have to remember how the level changes. I would have wanted more sound effects like when you die and win.

Good job!

Thank you, great score!


Thank you for the feedback! The reason why you can't shoot while healing is because I want to challenge the player to find the right moment to heal and not being shot. 

The enemy is a bit faster and do have better stats, altough it is not very intelligent and only have one life. I think that it makes for a fun challenge.

Thank you!

It says that the jam ends in 1 day and 12 hours, which means Thursday night. Is that correct or will it end on Friday night?


The proportions are wrong, i think. I think you should set it o "Click to open in fullscreen" in the editor.

I like that the levels changes color!

It's a bug. This is just a test projec


My first ever clicker game was uploaded to a while ago, and I thought I might get som feedback from the community!

The game is a clicker game made played in the browser, and based around bitcoins. You can buy upgrades and get automations.

Try the game out here

Hi! I have made a shooter-game, but the theme is not very strong and i would like to improove that. Right now it doesn't matter if you are standing still or if you are moving, as long as you shoot the enemy. How could I add the theme of "can't stop moving"


Hi! It's the last level, forgot to add endscreen. :(

Hi! Is there a discord-server where you can post and get feedback from each other? That would be great!

Add me on discord if you'd like!

" sakeus_berg #3002 "

Thank you!

Thank you! I made a little game now. What do you think? When you stop moving the time stops and so all the enemies.

Hi! I have a little struggle comming up with ideas. Can anyone help me? :)

I am ready, thank you!

Hi! Thank you for the feedback! (it's supposed to look like hands) I will fix this today :)

Hello! I found a hack! When you press "r" the timer is set to 3 seconds. But if ypou keep spamming the button "r" you will have 3 seconds to go ALL the time... Nice game tho! :)

Happy that you liked it!

Thank you!


I have now added a lot of stuff that you suggested! Hope you like it. Read the devlog 


I will try to add the goldenfade effect, I don't think it's too hard in construct. I will also try to add some kind of motionblur effect. Thank you for the suggestion!

Hi again! I have now added so that the color of the spinning button changes at higher velocities. Maybe not the best fix, but hope you like it! :)