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Who elese knew that you can fly whit wood?

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It's annoying when you accidently put a stupid road instead of a house. I reseted like 3 times because of this and this is why I removed the game.

Thanks.After some research I finnaly know how to do it.You just open volume mixer.And then you se there the game.And you put it to 0.

The volume is gliched.I can't turn it off.I can't listen to my fav song :(

You can download :T

The NPCs are quite broken because when I was just making a sword for my customers , an NPC appear right in the making zone and tryed to come in , but the NPC closed the door and it looks at the door.When I try to open it , the door doesn't open.

Can you accualy make the game IN ENGLISH.I don't understand any of what is it saying.And ugh that bar of statistics .... make it smaller please! It ruins the entire game!

That annoying bar whit the statistics makes the game so bad and the languege is this in "I don't know your languege".Please add a setting where you can select witch languege you want to have and make that black thing on the top smaller,it covers half of the screen.

From the video it looks realy cool!

I can't play this game if is not in english

Hello guys!I want to tell you something,if you want to get a lot of money,everytime you level up,upgrade your charisma! It will make the customers pay more for you weapons so you can get more money!

It worked!Thanks a lot !

I just found a huge bug that made me reinstall the game.This bug happend in the version 0.0.62.When I wanted to put a name at the shop,I couldn't press the done button.And then I pressed ESC to save the game and then rejoin.When I rejoined the game,everything was black and pixelated, I could se only the cooper ingots.So I rejoined and rejoined , but the same thing happens.So I reinstalled the game.

Please fix this bug!

Hello!I have some ideas to share!

1. Add a mine

2.Add the please the coins in the chest back.

3.Add furniture to buy and upgrades for your shop