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Thanks for your feedback.
I'm aware about the bugs, so after the Jam I'm going to fix them.

Thanks for your feedback, and I really apologize for the inconvenience of the camera, I couldn't fix that error in time.
Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks! Hope you enjoy it a lot! :) Hope you like it! :)

Thanks dude!
It is in my plans to continue this game once the Jam is over, because I feel like I could add a lot more things.

Thanks for playing it!
While I had a lot of fun developing the game, I was too time-constrained (joined the Jam too late) and couldn't fix a lot of things.
I apologize if the gameplay was a bit awkward, but I plan to expand this game and improve it even more.

Here's mine :)
I hope you like it!

But this isn't my first game, it is in a Jam, but i actually made 2 games :)
Once more, thanks for playing it!

Hi there!
I'm BlueBird Games, a single indie developer who released my first game yesterday for a Jam :O
I would be very happy if you support and rate this project, I hope you enjoy Fluffy Autumn a lot!

This is my first game on a Jam :3

Muchas gracias!

Thanks for playing it! :)

Muchas gracias por tu Feedback!
Actualmente estoy en el desarrollo de la version final, y estoy justamente desarrollando eso. Tambien estoy trabajando en un sistema de guardar y cargar partida.
Las cinematicas se podran saltear, y los dialogos se van a reducir en su gran mayoria (dialogos de Alex hablando consigo mismo)

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That was a really good game!
I made a video resuming the story :)

I'll be working in EN-ES subtitles.

I will make more games, be sure about that :)
And thanks for playing the game.

I saw your video, thanks for playing it! :)

Nice video :)

That's fine, I'm not looking that my game be loved by everyone or something else.
If someone doesn't like my game, that's fine, because that's why we have different preferences

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Thanks, i'm glad you liked it! :)

Thank you so much!

Thanks for playing it!

Thanks for playing it!

Hi Santiago, thanks for playing it!
The full game will be free and i'm not going to cancel it.

Simplemente descarga el archivo, descomprimelo con Winrar o 7-File (cualquiera de esos programas), abre la carpeta del juego y haz doble click en el archivo TMHFA Demo, elige las configuraciones a tu gusto (calidad grafica y resolucion) luego le das a Play y listo

Thanks for playing it!

I saw your video, thank you very much for playing it dude!

Mmm, i don't know what to answer you.
The game is incomplete and i don't think i'm going to announce a release date very soon.
But... just in case, i think the Full Game maybe it will come out in August of this year

I saw your video a few minutes ago, thanks for playing it!

I saw your video, thanks for playing it! :)

I saw your video, thanks for playing it!

I saw your video a couple days ago, thanks for playing it!

Thanks for playing it!

데모를 플레이해주셔서 대단히 감사합니다!

I hope you play the final game when it comes out :)

I'm watching your video right now, thanks for playing it!

Muchas gracias! :D

I'm glad you liked it :)
And i hope you play the final version.

Thanks for playing it!