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Thanks for the really thoughtful comment and feedback!

I agree there's a ton of room for improvement. Showing the guessed letters during card selection is a great, simple piece of feedback that makes total sense.

Disincentive to use second action & the "reveal first letters" card would both be alleviated by a feature I had planned but didn't have time to implement, which is a button that would let you "burn" a card to get back energy. That way, if you had cards to spare, you could use a powerful card, and then discard a common one to get a chance to make a guess. That in itself might require some balancing too, but I think it would help.

As-is, the only time you'd really want to use the "reveal first letters" card is if you rolled the "Extra Energy" bonus at the start of your turn.

Anyway, I don't have any plans to work on this any more at least for the time being, got other projects to get back to, but if I ever revisit it in the future I'll definitely take this feedback into account!

that's great to hear! glad you had some fun with it

Sorry about that! What platform are you running it on?

Thank you very much ☺️

Hi all! My first commercial game, Chico and the Magic Orchards has finally launched on!

In this classic game boy style game you play as a chipmunk who finds himself in a magical world of tricks, traps, and giant walnuts. Roll the walnuts through each level, using them to solve puzzles and find your way home!

I hope you all enjoy it!

It is on the marketplace, yes, here's the link:

Yes, the full list of functions along with documentation is on the GitHub page:

This was really cute and fun! Incredibly impressive for the short timeframe in which it was made. The art is nice, the sound design gets the mood across, and controls feel pretty good which is important for a game about precise platforming. Good job

This is cool! I like the art, the idea of sharing levels is fun and can't wait til you make more progress on it. Good job

This is a really cool submission. Visually very impressive using lots of cool rendering effects, the gameplay is chill, I enjoyed building my little island. I can tell that there was more planned and I hope you eventually get to it, cause this seems like it could be the foundation of a great game!

I know there is nothing to this game but clicking, and yet I was compelled to see it through to the end and get all the powerups. It's incredibly satisfying watching your setup go from painstakingly growing one pineapple at a time to becoming a pineapple factory. The art/sfx/music are all perfect for this, very cool and cute, good job!

I know there's not much to it but it's cool that you were able to use a new engine and make the bones of a platforming game in a short timeframe. Keep it up, I'd love to see what you can do

This is really cute, the art is great. I know you didn't get to finish all the mechanics you maybe wanted to but I think it's a great start. I'd love to see more and try playing it again when there's some more to it. Keep it up!

It is flappy bird in luxe haha, mission accomplished! I haven't played the original in years but I feel like this feels slower in comparison. But you have all the mechanics of the game and the art is really pretty so great job

Cool game! I love the "vector" arcade aesthetic, do you actually draw all the art real-time using Draw calls or are they just sprites made to look that way?

Gameplay wise it was incredible challenging to move the flower and spin the petals at the same time, but I found great success by just sitting in one spot and alternating which petal I spin back and forth. I'm sure there is lots you could do with this, good job and keep it up

Like you said in the description its not actually playable yet, but I love the aesthetic! Looking forward to future updates if you choose to keep working on it, plus "Fungalpunk Metaverse Crime Investigation" is quite a hook!

This game is great, I love the art and the music. The gameplay is deceptively simple but I like how the danger scales up the more capsules you collect, you have to be strategic about which ones you grab. Great bones of a potentially really addictive arcade game

This is super fun and cool, I did not end up making anything very exciting but it was really cool to link the pieces together and watch it actually go! Great work

I participate in a lot of game jams, etc, and my creator dashboard on itch is starting to have a lot of things to scroll through. It would be great if there was some way to group and collapse sections (for instance lump all my game jam games together, all my demos, etc). Bonus if I could filter the data on the summary charts by these sections too. It's not the end of the world but it's just getting a little unwieldy when you've published a lot of projects!

Hi all, I've just released a new game you can play in your browser. It's called Sky Sky Panic Re:Growth!

First, the link:

Your goal is to catch stars that match your color to terraform the planet. The more you catch the more plants you will grow! Try to go for a high score. 

This is my first game created in the Luxe engine, which is in private beta now, for Luxe Jam 1

Thanks Mark, I appreciate the feedback. I'll be going through it all eventually. Cheers for playing the demo!

Hey Mark! So sorry you fell through the world. Slopes are the bane of my existence. If you pause (start/enter) and save and quit to the main menu you would be able to resume without losing any progress. There's probably a good hour of content past that point so if you want to try again there's a lot more to see!

As far as the Mac zip thing, that's not the issue here. I actually created the Mac build on an actual Mac. The issue is Gatekeeper which quarantines the app because it is unsigned. Gatekeeper used to be optional on macos but is now mandatory. As far as I'm aware there is no clean workaround. Thanks for the suggestion anyhow!

Lemme know what you think if you decide to keep going or if you need any more help

Thanks for your feedback, I'll certainly be taking it into consideration!

Sorry about not knowing how to navigate the menu, no there was no tutorial you missed for that. Maybe I need to add one.

As far as controls, the code is actually set up to allow full re-mapping, I just haven't had time to add a user interface for it yet. Sorry you didn't find the defaults comfortable!

And yes I have a lot of ideas for improvements to the temple after watching a few peoples' play-throughs. I would not be surprised if it's significantly different in the final release.

Again thanks so much for the feedback and I'm really glad you enjoyed it overall!

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Yep this has been reported by a few other testers! Sorry about that one, hopefully you didn't lose much progress.

Thanks for playing though, I'm glad you enjoy it!

Hi all! I recently released the first major demo for my epic adventure platformer game Song of Asirra. I'd love it if you'd all give it a try!

It was originally inspired by Zelda games, and in particular the idea that a side-scrolling game like Zelda 2 could be really good with some modern game design. It's evolved into so much more than that, but it kind of gives you the idea of the format.

Here's the link:

And a trailer:


Definitely wished there was strafing, I know that not all retro FPSes had that so maybe it's more authentic but its very hard to play one without it now. The graphics are a little plain and I wasn't sure where to go, but good effort making a 3D game for this jam

This is pretty fun and the elements of strategy are there! The music is certified bangers, very good stuff. I also love the NES-era style abbreviations in the text, and general vibe of the UI. It's all very on-brand. Good work

Surprising to see a 3D game in this jam, but it does give that early-3D games vibe for sure. I like the atmosphere of it, I just wish the mouse sensitivity was about 10 times higher. I found it very difficult to play because of that

Very interesting game, I like the wide range of attacks and the animations are good. In true classic-game fashion I had no idea what the difference between increasing a move's "intensity" vs "alacrity" meant, wish I had a paper instruction booklet to flip through haha. A cool proto-beat-em-up, good job

I'm really impressed with this one, the graphics are not super polished but there is a lot of unique art (and all those cutscene graphics!). The gameplay is really fun, the bosses have a good amount of variety. I'm really impressed and grateful that you put in remappable controls, and I'll be darned if I wasn't invested in the story.

My one complaint would probably be having a continue option, as Lion King was a pretty brutal fight and it was unfortunate to have to play through bad whale and electric mouse to get back to him.

The graphics may be some of the best (if not the best?) in this jam - although they're more SNES or Arcade to me than NES. Gameplay wise, I feel like it was impossible to punch the kappa guy without getting hit by him, the range on the punch seemed way too small. Once or twice I somehow tricked the game into giving me a skateboard and then the skating controls were really fun. I like the idea overall, I'd love to see it developed out further

Pretty fun, the controls are really fluid and it feels good to play! Like others said, I wish there were more levels :) Good work

I'm impressed by the procedural generation, first off. Was not expecting to see that in this jam. The visual presentation, while very stark and appealing, also makes it kind of hard to tell what things are. Especially the HUD which is nearly invisible at nearly all times, which makes it hard to tell how much health you have left. Like others I couldn't figure out what a lot of the mechanics were, and I also had a hard time with combat, takes a lot of care to fight enemies without taking a hit.

I liked the music, and I like the idea and would love to see you develop it further!

I really like the concept, but hoo boy this one is Nintendo Hard. The best I managed to do was 3 full baskets, but things get chaotic so fast. I definitely think with a lot of practice one could get good at this game, and I'd love to see like, a competition between radish masters haha. Overall I think it captures a lot of "era feel" for better and worse, but great job overall

This is a fun little game, I like the colorful art direction and the music is awesome. The boss fight was fun, and he had good animations too. Good work

It's an interesting idea to have a projectile weapon like that in an otherwise mario-eqsue platformer. I appreciate the amount of levels you were able to make, and the music (when it is playing, seems kind of random) is cute. The collision gets you stuck on the edges of blocks which makes platforming tricky too. But for some reason it's more fun than the sum of it's parts. Good job :)

Your game gets my first perfect score of this jam, 5s across the board! You clearly get what made Metroid so fun while not being slavishly devoted to it. Getting the slide powerup (which is awesome) immediately gave me that "wait I know where to use this I gotta get back there" moment.

The music is killer, the art has great NES vibes, all the little touches of polish like your gun smoking when it overheats, it's so good. You've earned a follower on itch that's for sure, gotta see what you get up to next.

Minor bugs but somehow the "Escape" sequence/countdown triggered early for me, I think, and it ran out right as I beat the boss in the pit, and then just stayed on-screen with the timer glitching out haha. But it's a jam, I get it. Overall I loved it so please keep it up!

I like it! Controls are a bit floaty but props for getting pretty advanced stuff like wall-jumps and one-way platforms working for a jam. The graphics are really lovely and the level design is good too. Good job!

This game is fantastic, really cool concept and you do a lot of interesting things with it. With slightly more comfortable controls (space/enter/arrow keys made my hands cramped lol) I would have played many more levels of this.

Love the CRT filter presentation, the vertical format screen made me feel like it was an old arcade cabinet or something. The music stopped randomly for me around level 3 and never came back, and I managed to get trapped inside a wall once (that's what the reset key is for haha).

Overall this is a really cool and creative entry, great job

This is an interesting game, and some really tricky puzzles. I wish there was some sound or music, and also it would be nice if the game could somehow force you into putting barrels into valid positions (like not let you walk so far it would go into the wall), or automatically reset when you get trapped, but at least you have the reset button there.

Like I said the stacking mechanics really lead to some interesting puzzles so I think you could have something here, with a little more refinement