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Nick Petrou

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the living room is off, physically, as if everything has taken a small step to the left or perhaps God has nudged me off of my axis

in the living room is an open map work of interactive fiction which takes inspiration from the act (clue) and agenda mechanics of Fantasy Flight Games's Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

Without spoiling in the living room too much, you progress the story by gaining insight inspecting things in a room (such as the living room) and spending insight opening other rooms (such as the kitchen or the bathroom). You gain insight when the POV character learns something new about his predicament and/or how it came to be. Generally, if you're fumbling and/or backtracking — essentially if you're moving without gaining or spending insight — your insanity will increase, until the POV character breaks.

I hope you enjoy it, and all feedback is welcome :)

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Fein's Deluge is my first significant project and first work of interactive fiction, and I would really appreciate some honest feedback from this wonderful community. 

Here is the link:

And here is the synopsis, as per the Fein's Deluge page:

Fein's Deluge is a work of choice-based interactive fiction created in Twine 2 (SugarCube), inspired by the "open map" structure discussed in Sam Kabo Ashwell's post Standard Patterns in Choice-Based Games. Written in the second person, you divulge a vague, non-linear story by traversing a geographical space rendered in text — the village of Fein's Deluge. You "roleplay" a rookie field officer of the Witching Inquirium, a fledgling, who has been assigned to Fein's Deluge to discern the source of a surge of foul and prohibited magic.

I hope you enjoy exploring this miserable village as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Much love,

Nick Petrou