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Shouldn't be a problem. That rule mostly exists to avoid getting entries that are gorefests or porn games. Even stuff like the death scenes from Resident Evil 4 (which can be a bit gruesome) would be fine.

If the name of your game includes a racial slur. I'm going to delete the entry.

Seriously people.

Remember that the game must be a windows executable. You can use a wrapper to achieve this if necessary.

HI, please check the rules for this contest: All entries must be playable as a windows executable, and no user can participate in more than 2 entries.

Old projects not allowed. The game must be made within the one month period. Auto-update would not be allowed to update from the end of the contest period to the end of judging, as changing your game after the contest deadline would disqualify your game as not all work was done on it during the contest.

Any genre.

There are  no restrictions at all if you do not win a cash prize, so top ten you can do whatever you want.

For the winners, the IP stays with you, but it really depends on why you are making a sequel. If you are making a sequel in an attempt to avoid having to publish with us if you instead just refined the original game, that really is kind of trying to sidestep obligations. If you are doing it because you already published the completed original game with us, then nothing is stopping you, but we would hope that we would have proven ourselves capable enough that you would want to publish with us again :).

if it was a piece of modular code, and the game you used it in was released, and the game for this contest is a new game and not just the old game remade, then yes, you can reuse it.

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That is all in the contracts, which will be negotiated after the contest. The support we will provide is determined by what is needed, and the percentage of the cut is dependent on how successful we predict the game is going to be combined with what support financially we are having to provide.

Remember that at the very least, you get the advantage of our marketing, media contacts, knowledge of Steam and other online stores, etc. And the prize money (which at the moment is going to be around $8,000 for each prize). And if you decide that is all the support you want from us, then the percent we take is not going to be as high as if you needed support with art and music, etc.

Just some truths of indie game development here: most indie games don't even make $8,000. Especially not self published.

Hey everyone be sure to follow our official twitter @igmc_degica!

We'll be talking about game dev, giving you encouragement, and asking you questions about your  project throughout the contest! We'd love to hear your answers on there too!

I see no problem as long as it is entirely made within the contest timeline unless the conditions of the other contest would conflict with the conditions we have on the publishing rights of the winning games.

The game has to be made DURING the time period. You cannot just finish a game that already existed.

If you can make it run as a windows executable, go for it.

Yes, all of that is allowed. Have fun game making!

As it was an asset made for a previously released game, it is OK based on the rules.

Yes, that is allowed, you can read the exact details in our FAQ.

Those are fine.

Will need to be a windows executable. You can just use a wrapper though to accomplish it.

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I rejoined it today. I had left it midyear between contests, but will rejoin to talk to people on there.

Just a heads up though, I'm not always super fast at replying to things on discord, as I use my personal discord account for it, which means sometimes that I'm logged in, I'm not "at work" and am just trying to chill (or logged in cause I'm playing D&D online and using voice chat or something). I promise I'll always try to get back to people,  just not always lightning fast.

I'm also in the r/rpgmaker discord and the Lunatic one.

100% Ok.

This would be fine.

Will do.

What kind of tool?

This would be allowed, yes.

This question is now answered over on the faq! Thank you

FAQ 2 is only about pre-existing MATERIALS (sprites/models/music/plugins/frameworks/etc), not about pre-existing games. FAQ 3 deals with pre-existing projects.

The main point of that clause is to allow things like the RPG Maker RTPs and items from the Unity Asset Store, etc. So yes you can use the assets that come with RPG Maker.

You can not use a preexisting game.

What part are you confused about?

I'll have to check with accounting.

Rewards are cash. There are three placements:

Degica's Choice: Chosen by our panel of judges

People's Choice: Chosen by voting by the public.

Youtuber's Choice: Chosen from the top 10 by our guest Youtuber Judge NicoB.

Each one would be $5,000 + 1/3rd of the money raised for the prize pool by the Humble Bundle in cash.

Yes, this year it is the normal judges top (Degica's Choice), People's Choice which is voted by the public, and Youtuber's choice, which will be picked from the top 10 by our Youtube Guest Judge NicoB.

We have teamed up with Youtuber NicoB to be a guest judge for the contest. He'll play the top 10 and make his own choice on which one is his favorite.

We'll be relying on a lot of different things.

But the truth is there is no way to 100% confirm it. No matter what measures we put in place there is always a way around it (and if people know all the ways we check they will just know better how to avoid it). The best thing to do is just join in and do your best. The best entries will be more of a reflection of the skills of the designers than the time they spent on it in my opinion.

Yeah, that just sounds like generic engine stuff. That is 100% fine.

I would need more detail on what exactly the programming does to give an exact answer.

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I guarantee we would do our best to negotiate a contract in good faith. We are discussing the full details about release situations today though so I should have a full answer tomorrow in regards to that.

Discussing how we want to handle it today/tonight(when JP office gets in), will definitely clear this up and add it to the rules as well as soon as we have a definite answer.

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1. Is there a theme this year?

No. You are not required to stick to any theme. Your game can be about anything you want.

2. What counts for the "Pre-existing assets that were not created specifically for the contest" clause of rule 1 of the official rules?

This clause is mainly focused on allowing people to use pre-existing assets such as RPG Maker resource packs, Unity Store assets, Unity Frameworks, RPG Maker Plugins, and similar items that are publicly available, for purchase or for free.

It does also include materials that you had made for a previous project, as long as you can prove that it was not made for the IGMC project. An example of  proof would be:

  • A previously released game containing the material.
  • Old posts (Pre-IGMC 2018 announce) on forums/blogs that clearly show that it was made for another project.

Other forms of proof are also possible. If you feel that your piece is borderline, please ask @Nick_Degica.

3. Are pre-existing ideas allowed to be used?

Of course. We can't really tell when  you had an idea, so there would be no way we could judge this. If you already made a demo using the idea though, it becomes more borderline. In that case:

  1. You can use no assets from the project that do not fall under the pre-existing assets exemption outlined in FAQ question 2.
  2. You can use no programming, or in engine work from your previous version.

In other words, all actual work on the project must be redone from scratch. Even with these caveats, in general, we suggest that you work on a game for which you have never done any engine work, as that will guarantee that your project will not get disqualified for violating this rule.

4. How does the Publishing Rights clause for the winners work?

1. A developer wins. We award the prize money.

2. We look at the game and determine whether we want to expand and publish it as a full game in conjunction with the developer
    2a. If we don't, we immediately release it to the developer, and the develepor can do whatever they want with it, including making a commercial version on their own.
    2b. If we do, proceed to step 3.

3. We negotiate with the developer to determine contract. If they don't want to work on a commercial game, we can negotiate buying out the project to continue on our own here as well.
    3a. We come to an agreement, we begin working together under that agreement (or working on it alone)
    3b. We don't come to an agreement, and the publishing rights remain with us for 3 years, at which point they revert to the developer.

In all cases, the actual IP will remain with the developer. 

And done, the project threads subforum is now available.

We'll get a subform set up for this. Thank you for your suggestion!