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So i played this game on the Haunted ps1 games, and Good Job, you brought me back to the day i was playing Re1 and 2 on ps1, if you objective was to give that type of feeling, you 100% got it.

Feedbacks Are never enough i think as a Dev, so i'll try to give you mines from a Design prospective:

Everything works perfectly, for now the best one of the demo imho, but taking nothing away from the others that are really good demos.
I found hard seeing the Garage key, maybe colors i think, but it could be the fact that i couldn't see it (Screen colors maybe, dunno)
You builded tension very well, so well that you brought me down a bit at the end, not cause was bad, but i builded so much that i tought something more was going to happen, like a Run-Away section, we can say i was waiting for the scary moment, but the end wasn't that scary
Overall, Op work Buddy.
Keep it up, i want to see the end of the game now :)

So i started Playing some of this games, and Good Job guys, you brought me back at the days where after playing horror games on Ps1 i struggled for sleeping.