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Cyad Games

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Great stuff! Spoooooky!

Would anyone like to help with level playtesting? Let me know.

Thanks! I'm glad you like it. The full game is at and I'm working on more levels.


I have just released the new version of Cyadonia; a browser puzzle game that will test your problem-solving skills. I hope you like it. 

You can play it here: Cyadonia 2022 by Cyad Games (

The full version is available at


Cool game. Good atmosphere and some effective scares.

Excellent work! Very creepy. Like PT, but I could actually work out what to do!

Why don't you make the game available to everyone?

Fantastic atmosphere. You should add "press u for umbrella!"

Beautiful game! So atmospheric. Thank you so much!

Hello everyone

I've just uploaded a new art toy (that's what I'm calling it anyway), called The Circle Line:

A curve spirals round the screen changing as it goes. Soon the curve reveals the straight line segments it's made of, and these gradually morph into hypnotic images.

Use the keyboard to control the speed, direction and number of lines. If you start feeling dizzy or sick, please take a break!

I hope you like it.


Worked perfectly, many thanks! Love destroying them towers!

Hello. I changed the resolution to 300x200 and now I can't  change it back as I can't get to the options button as it's off the screen. Is there a way to reset the game? I tried uninstalling but it still remembers the resolution! Thanks.

Cool stuff! Very atmospheric!

Superb stuff!

Interesting. Creepy, nightmareish atmosphere.

That was an amazing experience!

Your town reminded me of Silent Hill. Great atmostphere.

Incredible game! The transitions are smoother than Portal!


I'm trying to upload my game. It consists of an exe file, and folders of other files. I was told I could zip up all my files to upload them.  But how do I upload my game so that it installs automatically when someone downloads it?  Can I just zip everything up into one file. How will itch know which file is the exe? Will it do this automatically?


Thanks. I'll give it a go. My game is only about 20Mb!


If I upload my game and then want to update it, do I just replace my upload files with the new ones, and do the people who have downloaded it automatcically get the update?