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I love the new black holes.

Thank you!

What program do you use in the example above? Is it a special program?
You should Update this pack for 1.17.
Another idea, Isometric Creatures?

Cool! I'm exited to see what you do next!

It looks epic!

One question though, will you be making tilesets for all of your enemy packs?

Wow! This is epic!

You should make a sci-fi vehicle asset pack

Thanks! I originally wanted it to be actual 3d models but I couldn't figure out a good sprite editor for it.

ok thx

Ah I see, so Is this a problem?

What do you mean?


Thank you!

Could you put the palette you used? It would be very helpful!


Wow Awesome!

I love your art style!

I like how the War droid and the Assassin look similar! Was that on purpose? If so I think it is very coo

Awesome! I may use all your Si-Fi assets for my game, except for the brawler, witch is super cool BTW, because I can't spend money!

So Awesome assets, I'll put a link to the game when I'm done, and I'll put you in the Credits!

It's so cool!

I love these assets! I'm using them in my game, I'll make sure to put you in the credits! (I'll send you a link to the game when I'm done.)


Thank you merwok, but I actually made this tileset in Tic-80! I like to use it more because it has more sprite space.

I did use tags BTW

I don't really know how to add a license,(I'm kind of new too

And I'm pretty sure this asset pack is PNG (It's not multiple files)

Nice! Do your other assets use the same palette?

The Sprites are so cute!!

So cool!

Love it!

I love your pixel art!

I love it!

Is it a 16 color palette?

Great work!

So cool! I love all of your Sci-Fi work!

It's so cool! I love the crystal theme!

Amazing! Can't wait to play it! I loved the Pico-8 original!