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Thanks for making this. Now I don't have to shell out $1000+ for an original copy.

Yeah I can see an RPG being implemented where every time you play the map it spawns somewhere else. I have thought of adding bombs/nukes in this game since I loosely experimented with it in RC Racer 2. Guns would probably only fit in on the Wong's Airfield side quests where the destruction stops and it's a bit more linear. Drivable vehicles are a touchy subject for the engine though. The RC Racer 2 car seems to have more stable physics when the ground collisions are undefined while anything and everything in Destructive Dave relies on that defined collision boundary. At the end of the day it has to feel satisfying to destroy the maps in the game. If I ever do get vehicles working, I would make a Killdozer cheat code.

It is being worked on. What helps is spamming Q if you feel any resistance in controls/movement (which is the object exerting it's force onto the player object after amping). My idea for a solution is putting in a phantom zone where no object can stick. Even in testing it was ruining my fun with it as well. Thanks for your feedback, sometimes it is hard to figure out problems and their proper solutions when certain glitches aren't addressed (thank you for doing so) because this game is on its way to being finished and I'd hate to spend all this time in the making only to hiccup on a simple fix. I haven't done much work on it since the pandemic hit though. This game was originally optimized for systems much slower and older than the one that was used in development, and making changes without testers on the older hardware was just a question if it would run properly. But this fix would be real easy. Basically all the ampable objects are programmed to attach to the player object and nothing else because there is an integer value registered upon collision of the two. Essentially a handshake of sorts, but it keeps on going since it cannot come down from the integer entered originally, enabling the object to still be given force after it is collided with. That was originally a glitch but it evolved into what the amp mechanic is in the game. The only other glitch I will leave in the game is the flight glitch where you can levitate/fly after getting on an ampable object and start jumping. But it is a work in progress, I will keep you posted when I do patch it. Until then, I suggest doing what is stated previously and spam Q when things start sticking. Another aspect to this is the fact that some objects are by design supposed to have near broken physics to the point they go through the map and sometimes end up stuck on Dave. What I have noticed in testing is that Q sometimes has the ability to cease all stickiness of the objects despite new collisions. Might have to check if the value given for that key is true or false, because true means always true which is continuous while the button is pushed, while the basic programming is just on that one occasion of that key press and it becomes inactive until pressed again. Probably the best possible fix would be the inactive zone.  

This game is interesting. I really enjoyed it.

This game brings me back to the days of using Windows XP. Thank you for creating this.