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will do don't worry, I won't need them yet but I will do when the time comes!

Yeah ofc!! You deserve it!

Would I be able to use if the game was free?

If i do use this I will be sure to credit you!

Would I be able to use this if my game is free and not paid for?

Ayyy thx!!

I absolutely love this pack but I was wondering how I would go about making a flashlight with the static vertex lights since they do not work within the character blueprint. Thx :)

Ahhhhh damn oki. Even though I won't be able to use it it's an awesome font dude :)

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Any way I can use this in Unreal Engine 4? Like a ttf file?

I would love to use this but I use UE4 unfortunately. Either way this is incredible and you should be proud =]

Ayyyy thankyou, will order it soon!! Means a lot and awesome pack!

Thankyou for looking into it even if it doesn't get sorted, means a lot :)

This looks genuinely awesome and I would love to buy the full edition but I can only pay through PayPal, would you mind making that an option? If not that's totally cool :)