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It's alright, after consideration and watching some people play it in real time, there were quite a lot of un-enjoyable things about it. I've switched gears to working on it instead of the project i was working on. So updates will be forthcoming.

It's so perfect, I'm not a friend of the creator or anything, I just think it was the most original and well designed game of the Jam, and I can't fathom how it got the scores it did.

One Color Dungeons

wow, it's surprisingly nerve racking watching someone play your game in real time for an audience, really highlights all my mistakes. Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for the review! i'm glad it got you so intrigued. I've gotten a lot of feedback from people about the controls.

I'm thinking of adding 

  • a down dash meant to cancel your horizontal momentum on a dime if you wiff something.
  • the ability to keep whatever H speed you have when using jump 2. 
  • And (possibly) making the wall slide into a wall stick, but this one i'm not sure of, I kinda like the flow of taking a break on a roof and then having a bit of a frantic fest climbing the next wall.
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Turns out the mechanics i made were way to complicated for the very brief intro i made before expecting them to climb a wall. I wish i had made a proper difficulty curve instead of a right angle, teach players slowly and by design ya know.

I managed to squash every technical bug, but i left in text that indicates the game saves, when it does not save at all(something i had to cut). So infuriating!

This is game that takes the concept to the extreme.

one sound for winning

one sound for losing

one sound for progress

one color for safe

one color for danger

one color for progress

one color for winning

one button to press

one color on the screen at a time.

I think it's flawless in it's execution

Yep, I didn't realize it either, I put in probably 16 hours so far just hitting the community hard, and it's got me...40 ratings. certainly enough to get a relatively accurate average, but still, a little underwhelming.

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Here is my favorites list so far, the first few are ones i have been willing to give triple 5 stars to

About half way through building the wall I realized i needed something to spice up the game-play a little, so i whipped out a tile-map that pushes you away from it to take away some of the freedom of movement they have, give them some things to avoid, etc...

problem was that it was janky as all get out! if you entered it from above or below it would flip you out. so I just ended up making sure the player could never enter them from above or below instead of fixing it. XD

I agree, I feel like my game has gotten plenty of ratings to get a semi accurate average, so it's time to stop sniping every single rate swap post and let others take the spotlight. that sucks that not everyone rated though.

Lets get every single game to ten ratings so everyone can have a sort of fair shot at this!

you can filter the submissions page by games with the least number of ratings, 


this page automatically lists the games with the least number of ratings:

Started using Game maker last year, quite enjoying the experience. 

I loved your game as well!

here is mine,

Thanks for playing! pretty much everything you read was off the cuff, first draft, make it up as I go kind of stuff. i'm glad you liked it!

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So i played it without reading the description, and assumed the take was that you had to pick one thing to sacrifice: aiming, movement, gun color changing or shooting. I must say with that perspective it was incredibly enjoyable.

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wow, that's flawless.

Nice going getting to the end! how long did it take?

Dark green on Super dark blue! come on Sam! what were you thinking!

Thanks, gotta hit that tasty frustration sweet-spot!

i agree, more tutorial is a must for controls like this.

Thanks for the feedback, would you mind explaining what you mean by tight controls? (I actually tried to make them VERY tight, i thought i succeeded...hmm)

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Not being able to control your fall beyond the dashes  and jumps you have was a design decision, but I can see why it's frustrating some people, another poster suggested i give the player the ability to cancel horizontal momentum, then at least you are only falling down. Thanks for even playing at all!

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Thanks for playing! the window size has been a common complaint, not one of my better decisions. a properly paced intro would have been much better too, something to really help the player get how the controls work. I think if you spent a little more time on it you might find the controls are less awkward and more just really really obscure, but fun when you figure them out. (i say this confidently only because that has been the consensus of many of the posts) Thanks again for playing in the first place!

Yeah, my mantra in order to get it as high as i wanted was to not go back and redo areas, so i ended up having only a very small tutorial i wish i had made it longer so people could get a real feel for the controls before shoving the hard stuff in there face.

You already rated mine, but because i am proud of what i did as a solo, here you go thread!

it's a difficult platformer about climbing one complex wall using precise mechanics

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I don't have time to play it at the moment, but i have it saved in my to play collection,

First time jammers baby!!!

There are no upgrades, but it's got exploration + platforming mechanics, maybe it's a close enough fit for you

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The only reasons to get lots of ratings are 1) to pull your games average rating closer to it's 'true' rating, which is how good it actually objectively is. 2) to get plenty of feedback from fans about how to improve.

if you only get 10 ratings, then some derp who is just trolling and gives you all 1's will instantly pull you out of the top 100 that Mark Brown is going to pick from. so to compensate for stuff like that you get as many rating as you can to help your average stay close to what the general public actually thinks.

so do a cost / benefit analysis:

do you really want lots of feedback?

do you think your games 'true' rating is in the top 100?

if you make into the top 100?  do you think Mark brown might feature it?

do you even care if this happens?

and finally, how much time are you willing to put in promoting to make that happen?

I've been playing others games and leaving comments with my games link at the end for a while, and i hit every single rate trade thread, and also respond to threads that are just fun, this has gotten me up to 30 ratings, which is probably close to my 'true' rating, and I really think that it could be in the top 100, so to me it's worth it to spend the time on the off chance that mark brown features it and gets my name out there.

Done and done friend, glad i could help you get ratings!

Here is mine, it's a difficult platformer about climbing One complex wall using precise mechanics

Here is mine, it's great for streams (maybe?), it's a difficult platformer about climbing one complex wall using precise mechanics.

I loved your game, it's one of the very few that have given 5 stars, i felt like you did so much with so few mechanics

Here is mine, it's a difficult platformer about climbing one large complex wall using a precise movement system

the pixel art/animation to show off is for the main character, I had never had to do something like this so fast so went for the simplest design i could think of for the body and an expressive face.

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These are the games I have found so far that I am willing to give triple 5 stars

A game about hacking (sort of) -

A ridiculously polished puzzle board game -

and possibly the best one bullet game here -
...I've been playing alot...

And here is mine! A platformer with precise mechanics where you are climbing one massive and complicated wall.

oh ok, I completely agree, i did not give the player enough to go on, so by the time they get up to a more difficult spot, they still don't get the controls. it's a little silly to expect the player to just stop everything and take time to practice and figure out how your mechanics work.

Thank you very much! do you mind clarifying what you mean when you say "responsive"?

Ah geez, sorry, i get kinda trigger happy. and don't check to see if others have played mine already.

This is the first game i was willing to give 5 stars on for all categories, it's just so well put together!

here is mine, a platformer with one thing to climb and one set of precise mechanics

Done and done my friend, glad i could help you get ratings!

here is mine, a platformer with one thing to climb and one set of precise mechanics

You can sort by the amount of rating here.

I don't think the ones with 'the most' ratings will be in the top 100, i think it will be the ones with the highest average star counts, that would make more sense to me than what is popular. so we should try to get everyone at least 10 i think.

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Well there is my second triple 5 star rating. Just Amazing man. so well polished and pleasant to play!

First Five Star Game

My Game