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Hi there, I just wanted to say this message made my day. Thank you so much, and awesome video! :)



I know a lot of people want hints when it comes to completing the Lorebook. As the creator, it'd feel wrong for me to just tell you exactly where they are, so here are some clues for each book. While some books are available at various times throughout the game, they are ALL available at the end. Keep in mind, that one will only be available when all the others are completed.

1. Check the trees outside Nora's cottage
2. Do Siena a favour
3. Help reconcile Nora and Kay
4. Find a way onto the roof of the Vault
5. There is a room to the left of the Vault's entrance. What is that thing in the middle?
6. Deliver a letter, maybe!
7. Beat Marge at a game of Two-up
8. Solve the puzzle outside the Vault, make sure you keep track of how many flowers are around those statues!
9. Empty the returns box one last time
10. Find the writer of the Lorebook in her office (unlocks when all other parts are found)

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Agreed! Please do this!

Edit: I just tried to add this to a game of mine, and it appears that the "+" character is not supported in tags.  I've added LGBTQIA for now.

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Newfound Courage will run on screen sizes smaller than the minimum supported resolution of 1920x1080 so long as the screen resolution is at least 1280x720 and the aspect ratio is either 16:9 or 16:10. 

The reason we do not officially support smaller resolutions is because at those resolutions, the game may not run as smoothly or be "Pixel Perfect". Also, the graphics could "jitter" but you'd be very unlikely to have any game breaking issues.