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Can i use this assets for other engine (unity).

Ty all fine :)

Hi i buy this on fanatical what i must tell u on email to show i buy this bundel.

Can u tell me what engine u use to make this game? sry for this question but looks awesome :D and i use construct 2 :)

OK ty :)

I can use this for comercial project?

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Can use this assets for commercial game ?

I really wanna buy ur all assets but atm i cant be couse dont see tilesets to this worldMap :/ but amazing style i can buy all plus if u made monsters i buy but like i say i need full pack to created rpg :)

Can u add in description we can use this assets for comercial projects ofc when we buy this asssets  or we can use this only in no comercial projects?

What size have this box 32x32?

Can i use his asstests for comercial project?

Can u tell me how do this please...or i must refund this and report......

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I buy this and i see only black version were is white version? and need 8 px :/// i dont see many version in png plz help



Hi i really like ur game i really interesting how u make 2d platformer in RPG MAKER MV do u have maybe demo how to use this 2d plugins i dowload ur game and take this chaucer plugin :) but really dont know how to use.

ty for help.

Do add maybe this awesome sounds what u have on game?

Can u tell me what window size u have on ur game on android i try make project on C2 320x256?

U buy ur assets can u tell me what window size u have on this demo? i use C2 and dont know what size make :/ ty

Thank you i like it can u make princess sprite :D u know knight save princess :D

We need Icons pack and Effect attack pack will be nice be couse on rpg maker or unity we need this :)


Do you have maybe Font to this assets? i use Construct 2 and can u tell me what Window size u use 

Really nice asset i like it i try make game for this assets :) really cute asset.

I really love ur style i see Mega city pack on site opengame art i can use comercial this mega city pack too i really love this style wanna make game about this :)

Hi i can help you only say u must write to rataliaka games about publishing they are really helpful people if u have demo send him they try help you they test ur game and say what u need to fix or u dont need fix 

that's the only way I can help


ok thanks if u have problem in unity u can come back to rpg maker mv or mz Rataliaka games can export on any consol :D ofc if u search publisher

What engine now u use?

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I mean sprite size 16x16? or 32? maybe 8x8 :) and thanks i use aseprite too really like.

Hi can u tell me what window size u use and sprite bit u use im new on Game maker and wanna make some fun game ^^ i like this style but im total newbite :) sry for bad eng

what is diffrent when i buy this pack or pack on steam for mv only this pack have more then steam version? or this is only license sry for bad eng

and i use Unity and really wanna use this asset to make horror game :) cherrs but izi for me is buy this asset on steam ;/

Hi sharm 

im fresh developer :) and i love ur Retro Halloween Tiles be couse is nice combination with old school modern be Jason Perry amd i ask do i can use ur work to other engine i mean Unity?