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Anil Demir

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It is currently in development. Thanks for the kind comment :)

I really like the game value of this. Wish there wasn't delay. Solidarity!

Not to be misunderstood, I'm okay with whatever thing people want to wear. Just some things actually have functions and not just related to fashion or identity. Like wearing a wedding ring to show that you are married.

Even though too direct for my taste, these events depicted here really happen in real world. I liked attention to detail in graphics like texture and animation (these things are mostly extra for jam games). Some things should be clear though, in Islamic culture hijab is worn not to affect men sexually with hair. Except next to their husband. However as strange as this rule is muslim women are mostly okay with it or their husband being the master because it's their religion. Surprisingly this is not even written in Quran. Some also wear it because it's a tradition or they got used to wearing it.

It might be a little too simplified for such a disastrous event but I appreciate the effort to reanimate this horrible part of the history. Keep it up!

Thanks. I will do.

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I have created a temporary server here for now. We can move on to the real one if they set up one.

Please share with other participants you know of.

Let me write some things. I don't gain anything from this except realtime communication with other participants like myself. I'm not an organizer and I don't have any bad intention. If there will be a discord server I can transfer this one to you (I don't know if it's possible), I can delete it or whatever you want. People are jumpy on internet so I wanted to clarify. It's just an unofficial temporary thing. No harm intended.

Hey JASound, we are going to develop an adventure game with a quite sad story. I really liked how first couple of your tracks already fit our idea :) If you're interested, leave me a message on twitter (@nettleflap).

Hey Nicolas, we could definitely use help with music and sound effects (maybe even voice who knows).
We're one programmer & one artist doing an adventure game. Send a dm on twitter (@nettleflap) if you're interested.

Oh thanks. I just joined so didn't get this email. Anyway, link seems to be outdated.

It says We'll have a Discord server ready soon! on the main page. Is / was there a Discord already?

Your graphics remind me of this :)

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It's that beautiful feeling when you have the difficult part behind. We have a few more things before adding content (item and enemy types) to make this more challenging to play.

Real smooth pixels. I will definitely try your entry :)

Replied to Hairein in LURK - Progress

Thank you very much :) We would definitely love to hear what you think after playing.

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Now we have our own pixel font in :) It will need just a bit more work.

Posted in LURK - Progress

We have dungeon generation, character movement, collisions, health-damage all working. Inventory is almost done.

Posted in LURK - Progress

Today was another slow progress day but we have managed to almost finish the inventory system and room generation. I have also animated first character portrait. We are behind but that guy in the corner gives me hope :)

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We have been hit by some rocks on the way but managed to reach the plains finally.
Map is being rendered with tilemap, key inputs are all in place, loading screen works and health system is 100% complete.
Tomorrow we are hoping to finish floor generation, movement and inventory systems. Wish us luck :)

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The person I was working with changed today so it was more re-briefing than actual work. Tomorrow should be better. We just set up our trello board and slack, created phaser project and did some testing.


Ours is nothing comparing to some other games I see around here :)

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Thanks, good luck to you too :)

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Haha thank you! I hope we can finish the jam version first then we'll think about mobile :)

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Now I'm alone on this project and afraid that I won't manage to complete it. I will still try my best, there is time, wish me luck!

It will appear when you die :) Thanks!

I have no idea how to do it but I'd love to

You can use imgur.com and <img src="URL"> for images.

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Logo and long image to use after intro.

Created a new topic LURK - Progress
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LURK is a rogue-like starts in a town that is cursed with an illness that killed most of the townsfolk. Survivors are too weak to fight the source of this curse that is hidden deep underground by an evil power. You are an adventurer passing by the town and the only person to be able to stop this curse.

We have started working on LURK yesterday evening and all we have right now are mockup screens. They show almost everything we would like to put into the game. However we will start with the most core gameplay mechanics and build on top of it so no promises :P

Smooth :)

I see. If you're okay with this maybe we can try. I mean I won't be able to participate at all if I can't find anyone so I would be okay with anything tbh. We can communicate via twitter, I'd be able to respond to text I guess. So what do you say?

Created a new topic Looking for programmer

I would like to participate in this gbjam but I'm not very good with programming, it takes a lot of time and I don't even know core stuff.
So I would be happy to cooperate with a programmer who could help me with this. I may also arrange sound&music (I have a friend).

I'll be available after 6 every day on weekdays to discuss the game and work together (maybe Skype or chatting idk).

Leave a message here or find me on Twitter @nettleflap

Haha thanks :) Hope you enjoyed. I guess instructions should be included in the game with a tutorial-like intro.

Development time was limited and I couldn't find time to get back to it after jam so it's not that complete anyway.

In the end, I'm not really proud of the gameplay but from the response I feel like there is potential. Definitely will work on it more later.

Replied to jox in Ideas

Wow that's impressive! :D You must be the only one who has seen the cutscene!

It is very hard to balance this kind of game now I realize. Later on, I may go with simplified version of an already working system like dungeons & dragons battle system to not to invent the wheel myself.

Even with full dexterity, there is a chance to miss that roll. Especially when opponent's dexterity is also very high.

Thanks a lot for feedback and your nice words :)

Replied to jox in Ideas

Thanks for playing :) I hope it's fun.
There is an ending battle with cut scenes but I guess no one will be able to see it.

This is because combat works without damage rolls but only with attack rolls. So when they can hit you, there is no chance they will give you only 1 damage. They have a high damage range. It's on my list of things to fix because as you said, when you get to ogre level 2, it becomes unbeatable. I mean, there is a chance to beat but very low.

Escape is also based on a dexterity roll btw, probably your roll fails.

So sorry for this, I don't update the game now because of voting process but after it's finished, I'll deal with that.

I still didn't have a chance to play it again after deadline, I'll let you know :)

It's a nice casual game. Game loop similar to DoodleJump.
Definitely needs score display!

Created a new topic Next Step
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- Make 'heal spell's heal amount more consistent based on character intelligence
- Make damage more consistent based on strength/intelligence in general (enemies hit too hard in high levels)
- Make text more legible
- More non-battle encounters

  • Tribal music heard in distance
  • Lonely dwarf offers a drink
  • Bandits want your money
  • Shrine with water in a clearing

- Add mana potions (not to go to inn for every mana fill)
- Health regeneration in battle (less than mana regeneration)
- Increase lowest level of enemies to encounter (because it's very hard to encounter final boss)
- Get rid of 'drink potion' button in battle setup (no need when there is bottom right corner)
- Add a "tutorial / how to" into the game

Replied to Rombus in Bug Reports

I have re-uploaded the Linux build. It should be fixed.
Sorry for this, I'm just not familiar to Linux.