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Thank you for trying it out. When we developed this little game we had really limited time and didn't have time to balance stuff or think thoroughly. I hope you enjoyed it anyway. By the way no, at this state of the game there is no sense in collecting more than one sword :)

Hey, thanks for your interest.
I can actually build for Linux, let me do this in next few days.
However you should be aware that it's just a prototype at the moment.

Hey, thanks for posting it here! I've seen the video last year when you published it.
Glad you enjoyed the demo. Hope one day I get back and finish it :)

Thank you!

Thanks for trying out! You didn't even mention that it's a prototype, so nice of you :)
Hopefully I will build Plant-a-mole up to be a full-game in future.

First solution came to my mind was to make 4 virtual buttons but shuffle them once in a while. Not sure if it would be too easy but yeah, wanted to share anyway :)

My best is 82!
You should turn this into a mobile game somehow, people would like it :)

Thanks for the interest!
I've been working seriously for a week on it and already have some features in place.
Will definitely share some screens/gifs soon!

Wow that's amazing! I think I haven't reached that high level myself :) Thanks for playing!

Could be better if you'd scale up the game without changing its resolution. Main character felt a little heavy. My favourite was dash and pickup mechanics but I couldn't find much of a motive in the game. Only in the end escaping was a motive but it wasn't challenging. Graphics look overall very nice. Good job :)

You did a very good job with this game. Almost everything worked. I'd suggest a full release, people would play a longer version of this with a bit more story like crazy. I didn't even know how I spent 44 minutes 43 seconds beating it :)

Oh man, this was tense but really fun. I loved when truck did that small jump on the bridge. Kept getting 3 but played a lot anyway :) You did a very good job with graphics and how controls feel. It also reminded me of this

I think if;
- Repetitive sound effects
- Floaty physics
- Grinding puzzles (moving back and forth too many times)
were fixed this could be an short but interesting game. I especially liked invisible wall idea, it brought another level of challenge to the game.

I was actually enjoying this a lot until game crashed with an error when I got my candles and exit from top. Anyway I really like the idea of having everything designed and with a purpose. Graphics are super cool either. I would really like to see it till the end but there are too many games to rate. You should plan on fixing the bugs and making this a full release.

I thought the left-right diagonal shooting was pretty cool but then I realized I can shoot straight too. It was a little easy to be honest. Nevertheless a solid base with bugless gameplay.

I like the visual side of this game. I thought the dialogue part was just the intro but it turned out to be the whole game :P
It gives too little control to player so lack a bit of gameplay. I think this could be a cool addition to a main game mechanic though (what you study or who you team up with affects your stats etc.)

I really like how you turned 'flappy bird' mechanics into something fun but the problem is I'm very bad at flappy bird :D
I think it is a really good entry, very short and fun play time. I just didn't like the dead ends game throws at you because you just die at that point. Make it a mobile game!

That's a nice management game! :D
It needs a little bit of clarification but other than that I enjoyed the details. It was cool to watch and get excited over your horse :)

A lot of petals, phew :)
After a while it started to put me into the same labyrinth over and over again.
Gathering leaves is satisfactory but I guess it needs more of a challenge and interaction.
Nice graphics but needs more work. Good luck :)

I guess the aim was to find the second rabbit but I couldn't manage to do that. I wish there was at least some other objects laying around so navigation would be easier. I like the graphics though, its animations are so sweet :)

Graphics are fine and the idea of being a potion seller is nice. I wish it wasn't a match-3 game, could be some kind of crafting instead of that. But that's just my taste.

Yes finally I completed with ~1800 coins! :D
I was saying it would be great if you could add on to Chocobo's World and you actually did with platformer parts.
I enjoyed jumping and dodging crabs better than sea battles, sea battles were repetitive as hell so no wonder.
I think you could make this game a large scale thing with a better combat system and a story. That would be wonderful.
Yeah so, everything is great except mashing arrow keys :)

Oh I forgot, camera was annoying a little bit, could be better if character is centered.

I could only get 165 points :/
It's a really simple and cute game, you've chosen a very nice color palette.
With those creatures walking around and time running out, gives a real challenge.
I'm not a fan of score based games but I don't really mind in jam situations.
Plus game page is in the mood of the game.
Good job :)

This is so rad. I remember trying it before, you've added a lot. A little short but fun.
Some elements are parts of background yet they fight with foreground elements visually like barrels and fire.
Good job overall :)

There are some tiny problems but overall the game is great :) It definitely has that Legend of Zelda feel to it.
- Spiders are visible under rocks, not sure if intended.
- Fire is delayed and it doesn't feel good.
- When you stay between towers, you can easily destroy them.

This could become a gardening sim + adventure game very easily if you increase the number of places you can visit in a city and put a small story (or not) + make plantable seeds, customizable stuff at home and increase plant growth time dramatically, why not?

Plants wither too soon btw, I didn't have time to water them :(

I guess 225 is not the best time :D
I think except graphics, it works very well. Only issue is that I cannot jump and move forward when I'm right next to the wall.

Nice gardening sim :)
Controls are a little all over the place but once you get a hold of it, it's alright.
It's also not visible if I'm picking wood and stone or they just go away.
It has a potential to be something like a retro Farmville :P

First time I played I didn't get it and failed horribly but second time I won!
I think it's really cool mini game, you may consider building a pvp version for mobile and it would sell I assure.
One nice thing would be to add a restart option but it's not that important.

I swam for a very long time bars dropped to half, exhaustion stopped increasing but couldn't manage to get to the boat :/
I think it's a good idea to be always on the edge. I also liked messages in bottles. I found three of them. Not sure other stuff did anything but I collected as much as I can. Cool game. Oh one thing, the sea texture doesn't seem to fit at least for me.

I enjoyed it a lot, especially those notes and explanations appear from time to time.
I think it would be better if we could see things around but I guess I'm asking for too much for a jam.

It looks interesting but I guess it lacks the interactions and goal.
Could be nice to be able to do at least 1-2 more things to the plant.

I'm sorry that I had to rage quit :/
It was easy for me till that 3-switch room. Then I turned off all 3 the lasers were still on. I didn't get it and died many times.
I like the mechanic a lot though. You can do this in higher resolution and it could be something really good. (Not sure this is an original mechanic but if it is, yeah)

I like how you first explain what it means on the screen.
Loop of the game is very short and simple but it doesn't get boring because of search for air.
I think digging is somehow satisfactory in general too. (like minecraft lol)
Also liked the music.

75%! :D
This game is so pro-antisocial that makes you wanna say "geez friends, get out of my way" :P
I think there could be more variety to the obstacles. Fine little game. (I chat with the llama <3)

I liked how the distance is not visible because of low resolution. It gives a feeling of exploration that otherwise wouldn't be possible. I got to that last area but wasn't sure if there was an end after a while of surviving enemies spawning continuously. Good job!

Fun idea, I will try this with a friend later :)

Not much to play but could be a nice concept connecting far future and today in an adventure game.