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thank you for the feedback!! we're planning to finish the game fully some time in the future!

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a gba inspired puzzle-dungeon game !

-chanting- mom fight mom fight mom fi-

aaaa i havent had internet in 2 days time for an update

finally made the houses!!

bonus fire

yeah hopefully tomorrow is better!

today was basically:

remaking game in stencyl, computer crashing + me losing all progress, trying to make some background music but failing, feeling kinda shit basically

i did get movements down but

idk i just kinda feel demotivated, its nearly halfway through the jam and ive only made a dude walk around a bit (and im nowhere near what i want the game to be)

ill probably work on more sprites tomorrow but ehh

bonus screencap

aa i love the kitties i wanna hug em all

aa that first sprite looks so cool! and magic rainwater is my favourite item so far (so cool)

oh my god this is so relatable (and cute and i cant wait to play it)

yea i was using gm4mac, im more happy with stencyl though so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i found out i cant export games with gamemaker (': so i switched over to stencyl and

yea its going well

AAAA this looks so cool

aw man everytime i see this thread update i get super happy, i REALLY LIKE THIS GAME SO FAR!!!!!!!

im pretty sure you can export games in gm4mac if you buy it, but id rather buy something better p: SO STENCYL IT IS (sigh)

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so im kinda stuck, im using GM4mac and i just realised you cant export games with it (ughhhhhhhhhh) and i cant get any other game maker version because im on a mac. so i was wondering, should i use stencyl?? i have very little experience with coding so im thinking this is the way to go but idk, im just kinda bummed out rn ://

EDIT: ive used stencyl on my old pc so i know how to use it but im just asking if theres a better alternative

smoothy mc groovy

i use PikoPixel !!! its ok, but id rather use aseprite or something that can animate :////

this sounds cool!

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i use this for my gifs ! https://gyazo.com/

all animations for player basically done !! (except jumping but w/e)

also made these weird backgrounds that overlap each other bc transparency in gm4mac is shit

anyWAY !!! here he is!! ! ! !! my SON!!! (he so precious)

still fixing some bugs aha

i wanna date the fish


this looks really chill so far 10/10

aa thats really nice to hear, i was having a lot of trouble making the player sprite match with everything else

space attorney

ok but this looks really cool i cant wait to play it

sneak peak of the player sprite (i love him)

here my art blog!! ill probably be posting game progress once do a bit more spriting

heres my main blog as well, i probably wont be posting much dev progress so all you'll find there is shitposts!!

oh no !!!!

!! i really wanna make more moving things in the foreground and stuff but we shall see how it goes uwu

thank you !! i think they turned out really nice too! hopefully i have a player sprite tomorro aha

today was mostly fiddling around with textures BUT i got the level scrolling to work

also edited the background + experimented with foreground things

still havent made the player model because i hate pixeling people but!!! ill try tomorrow

i like the eye guy!!


very quirky, i like it!!

they touch plants. .. how scandalous

but omg im really excited to see more of this game

this is so cute holy heck

oh my god!!! i want to play this so badly !!!!!!!

ooo interesting!! cant wait to see more

i really like the music!!!