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But ban me if you want, if that's even an option, maybe it's too high risk for me to publish with your guys.

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It's not my job, I told everyone concerned to contact your support team at their discretion. I'm just trying to figure out why I'm getting reports on this issue so I can take a future business decision.

I'm about to publish a new game, I wanted to do it on your platform but I need to know if it's stable.

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You can ban me for asking questions if you want, but I promise I will let all my networks, partners and studios aware of your actions, including journalists.

I would recommend instead having an open discussion with me and see how we resolve this in a way that will prevent issues like this in the future.

The only I gather from this situation is that you guys want to be like Steam but don't have the resources to manage all the support requests. If it's true then I would recommend that you guys be honest about this and warn developers that if they publish a game on your platform, they might not get the level of support that you expect on Steam, Apple or Android store.

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One of my business partners is telling me that you are not responding to support emails, archiving posts related to the payout issues? What is happening? 

Why are you not paying out certain developers or responding to their inquiries?

Did you get your payouts?

I'm getting news of this from different sources.
I'm starting to wonder if it's not a back taxes issue.

You are confirming that itch.io doesn't have the cash flow to payout developers?

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It's been over 35 days with not payouts. If you can't afford paying out the developers, please tell us asap.

And hearing from other developers that your site is not paying out sales anymore and keeping the funds.

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One of my clients I do consultation for is telling me you are not paying out anymore and not replying to support emails?

Are you guys closing up shop or there's big changes to your systems?