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This entry does not meet the requirement of being developed with the Inferno Engine. This entry will not be showcased in the final stream.

Bug Corrected https://github.com/NerdThings/Inferno/releases/tag/0.1.1

We have just released the first binaries for the first Inferno build, get it here https://github.com/NerdThings/Inferno/releases/tag/0.1.

This is very nice, well done

This is very nicely done!

Thanks, try the one at http://nerdthings.co.uk/Breaker.zip for the fix for the other levels.

Okay, I patched it but can't launch it, so you guys are hidden from 100% of the content. I've uploaded a copy here if anyone wants to try the entire thing: http://nerdthings.co.uk/Breaker.zip

Uuuuhhh. We've just found out that gamemaker has super bugged the room changing, sometimes the menu doesn't work, other times you can't progress. whoops

We are working on a patch.

Thank you, we are considering continuing this in a less rushed version with a higher graphics quality and more of our original idea for a storyline implemented. This version is also kind of buggy, because there are some strange things going on with the ai for the robots which needs to be vastly improved

This is very well done, I'd not have even dreamed of coding a flashlight when I was that age.

Very well made, good job!

Yep the downloads are working now, thanks! 

The download is giving a 404 error, just so you know...

Videos will be posted from 1/1/2016 until 17/1/2016 (UK date system) at 12:00GMT
First Video (Will be available from 21:00)

I think that this is a future possibility once the game has reached a more stable point and has the required advancements, like islands/more crafting recipes/ect. before introducing more complex features, because the devs would also need to build a larger map in order to place all the rafts. But would be awesome if it were available as a beta soon, like co-op mode where 2 people are on 1 raft.

I agree, either would be useful as a temporary fix/work around

Use the axe, it destroys anything made of wood


Will add a youtube link once I have edited