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Created a new topic What is this?

The Endless Journey is now an Open Source Project (OSP)

This was done, because we wanted to give people the ability to create the game for what they think it should be. NerdThings will support any updates written by the community and will publish said things onto the stores.

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Yep the downloads are working now, thanks! 

The download is giving a 404 error, just so you know...

Videos will be posted from 1/1/2016 until 17/1/2016 (UK date system) at 12:00GMT
First Video (Will be available from 21:00)

I think that this is a future possibility once the game has reached a more stable point and has the required advancements, like islands/more crafting recipes/ect. before introducing more complex features, because the devs would also need to build a larger map in order to place all the rafts. But would be awesome if it were available as a beta soon, like co-op mode where 2 people are on 1 raft.

Replied to Doc 145 in Raft comments

I agree, either would be useful as a temporary fix/work around

Use the axe, it destroys anything made of wood

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Will add a youtube link once I have edited

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While creating V2.0 beta builds we have noticed some issues, PLEASE report them to us before 2.0 so we know to fix them, thanks!

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We at NerdThings are aware of GameMaker: Studio 2. We are not upgrading anytime soon, because we do not have the funds, donations are however welcome, if you'd like to see the game built in the new engine. We will maybe do something about this in the upcoming months, but until then, we're still working with GameMaker: Studio, and developing V1.0. See Ya!

UPDATE 06/11/2016: We are now on the BETA testing trial
UPDATE 23/11/2016: We now own the Desktop BETA, We can now use the full software!
UPDATE 27/11/2016: We are not doing The Endless Journey in GMS2
UPDATE 22/12/2016: TEJ V2.0 for pc can be ported to GMS2 comment to tell us if this is a good idea
UPDATE 15/01/2017: TEJ V2.0 could be ported but it isn't a good idea because of compatibility :(
UPDATE 23/07/2017: TEJ (OSP) will have a GMS:2.0 ported branch for the community to work on, it will not be supported by NerdThings.

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Another bug (Weapon placement when facing left) has been fixed for B1.4 pre4

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We are aware that the background in level 8 is blank at the bottom and we have fixed it for B1.4 pre 4

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We have corrected the savegame issue (Finally!) It is now active in B1.3.4

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We are aware of tej_bug[13] (List to be made public soon)(Which resets your levels progress) We are currently finalizing the fix and it will go live shortly.

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We have fixed the B1.3 bug!

Created a new topic Suggestions

Now we have expanded the game quite far, we were wondering what you would like us to add to the game. If you have an idea, post it below!

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Notice: We are aware that you cannot take damage from green slimes. This bug has been patched in the development version we are working on. Sorry, for the inconvenience.

Created a new topic Bug Reports

We need to know what bugs are out there, so please help us, if it is major you may even get your name under the credits page