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Well hey, you’ve gotten your game played by people you don’t know personally, that’s always nice. The whole rushed argument isn’t too valid because it’s a free experience.

I have to ask, how did you do the logo design (specifically the blue grid)?

Not sure if you guys have seen this but:

Looking back now I'd say that the text is fine (being a turned based puzzle/strategy game it's gonna be text heavy) but I would say that it be better if you start at the beginning of the level you lost on instead of the first level.

This was an interesting mix between a turn based strategy game. So far, I've only made it to the second level and its pretty fun (albeit a bit brutal). The one thing I would suggest changing is maybe simplifying the text a little.

That’s good to hear! I’m going to slow down the ball a bit so the ball clipping thing won’t be much of an issue.

Thanks. My original intent was to have the ball speed up and make the game more tense. But looking back, it just makes the game to chaotic. As for the characters, I wanted them to have wacky kind of slippery movement. But again, it just doesn’t work too well. Thanks for the feedback :)

I haven’t played QWOP but I know it’s known for its difficulty. So if that’s what your implying then no. The idea for this game was to make something simple and fun that could be expanded upon greatly.

yeah that was a goof up on my part. Sorry!

I think this could make for a great meat boy styled platform with an emphasis on aerial movement. However dying is kind of annoying since it takes forever for you to respawn. Speaking of dying the deaths feel a bit anticlimactic if that makes sense.

Very interesting game, once you get the hang of it its kind of interesting. However I found the explanation for the second level to be vague and breathing in the 3rd level is extremely frustrating  which kind of makes sense (if that was the intention then good job).

Lovely little game. The pixel art is gorgeous if I do say so my self and the gameplay mechanic is great idea :)

Cool little game. The story was, fine I guess it felt a bit strange. I feel that there needs to be a lot more feedback on if you hit a zombie and vice versa. I thought the advertisements were pretty cool.

This was a fun little time waster. The pixel art all looks pretty nice (except for the big skeletons shadow which looked tacky). The one thing I would recommend adding is power such as a shield or a speed booster.

I thought this was a very relatable game. One of the things I noticed near the beginning is that you had a crossed out answer, I think it be cool if you added more of those to give the player a feeling a frustration that they can't chose said answers.

Very interesting game overall. Sometimes things don't have to make sense and that's fine. I did notice a handful of typos, I'd recommend putting your text through something like grammarly just to make sure its grammatically correct.

Originally it was my intent to make the movement wacky and slippery but in hindsight I agree that it’s annoying

I adore the aesthetic of the game (I'd definitely make the player and it's projectiles more pixelated though) however the game is really rough around the edges. For one I'd probably make it more clear that getting rid of your bullets makes you take less damage. Speaking of damage, the health bar is way too big. Lastly it be nice if you could actually attack, that would leave the player with a lot of moments where they have to. quickly dispose of their bullets on the enemies so they can rest a little.

This was a pretty interesting take on frogger to be honest. I'd be interested seeing this expanded upon.

I found this to be an interesting take on the whole "make clones to solve puzzles" platformer and some of the art was nice. However,  I did find the controls to be a bit awkward, with jump in particular leading to some rather infuriating moments. I also found the box mechanics to be a bit strange where sometimes my clones would pick up the box and other times they wouldn't and I'm still not sure how I beat the second level. 

I thought that this game has some redeeming values, but there's a lot that could be done much better. For one I found the controls to be really stiff, you do not want the player in a platform game to immediately get up to to speed (especially in a sonic styled one). Speaking of control, the controls are kind of awkward. Maybe change the dash button to double clicking instead of the shift button. Thirdly, the level design is all over the place and is almost always frustrating and punishing. The level doesn't feel like it was made with character in mind with there being way to many precision jumps, the difficulty is all over the place and there is a lack of telegraphing (my rule for difficulty is if you can't beat the level five times with out taking a hit, then its probably not going to possible for the player to do so), the materializing and dematerializing objects while cool looking are annoying to platform on, there are random floating rectangles that look like the can be jumped on but can't. I'd recommend drawing out a rough layout of your game on paper first and explain the inclusion of each of the sections. Lastly, the assets really don't mesh together well. I hope you'll make feedback into consideration, thank you.

I thought this was a really cool concept, but I do have some issues. The game can become frustrating and/or tedious real fast. Especially in the first and last area where you have to make large piles of "Marios." Also the collision on the semi solid platforms can be kind of wonky.

Cool concept. It’s good that you experimented a lot for your first game rather than putting out a generic template game. I might suggest putting in instructions in the game itself (such as when you want your hood up or down). Also I’d recommend making the game over more clear that it’s a game over. Overall: good little game, but definitely needs a some improvements.

I take it that the engine you use doesn't support tile sets?

Cool game, what engine did you use?

I’ve been working on the feel a lot. Your jump doesn’t feel like dead weight and you move a bit faster

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I have seen that video and I think know what you mean. What parts do you think need the most improvement? Would it be better if I had a turning animation along with a short pause when changing directions and if I made the jump based on your current momentum? Thanks.

P.S I did almost all of the drawing by hand and then scanned it using my computer were I would tweak it.

I forgot to save the page for the windows version. That’ll be up by tonight 

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I forgot to add that:

1. Press Z on the title screen to start

2. Spikes will sometimes break (I’ll fix this when I get a chance to)

3. There’s a broken run feature triggered by holding down X while moving (I’m not planning on fixing it because it’s fun to play around with).

4. The Jam entry part really starts at the second stage (the first level is a tutorial and kind of needs to stay in.

Cool! I’ll be sure to check yours out later. Great minds think alike :D

T h a n c c

No. Sorry.


Thanks. This was originally I bitsy game I wanted to make called Captain Cave, but bitsy obviously wasn't going to suit my needs so I turned to my primary engine. 


when will the streams start

Overall I thought the game was ok, pretty fun but nothing groundbreaking. I will say I like the intentionally ugly, shareware, aesthetic, but I don't like that it plays like it. The enemies move too fast so it's hard to hit them. The bullets move pretty slow and I'd recommend speeding them up or making it so you can hold down the space bar. The health is kind of confusing as you instantly die (probably just a programming error). Lastly I really don't understand what the purple blocks are for other than tripping someone one up. I hope you don't take my feedback negatively, I'm only trying to help.

forgot to add press z on the title oops