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Cool game, what engine did you use?

I’ve been working on the feel a lot. Your jump doesn’t feel like dead weight and you move a bit faster

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I have seen that video and I think know what you mean. What parts do you think need the most improvement? Would it be better if I had a turning animation along with a short pause when changing directions and if I made the jump based on your current momentum? Thanks.

P.S I did almost all of the drawing by hand and then scanned it using my computer were I would tweak it.

I forgot to save the page for the windows version. That’ll be up by tonight 

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I forgot to add that:

1. Press Z on the title screen to start

2. Spikes will sometimes break (I’ll fix this when I get a chance to)

3. There’s a broken run feature triggered by holding down X while moving (I’m not planning on fixing it because it’s fun to play around with).

4. The Jam entry part really starts at the second stage (the first level is a tutorial and kind of needs to stay in.

Cool! I’ll be sure to check yours out later. Great minds think alike :D

T h a n c c

No. Sorry.


Thanks. This was originally I bitsy game I wanted to make called Captain Cave, but bitsy obviously wasn't going to suit my needs so I turned to my primary engine. 


when will the streams start

Overall I thought the game was ok, pretty fun but nothing groundbreaking. I will say I like the intentionally ugly, shareware, aesthetic, but I don't like that it plays like it. The enemies move too fast so it's hard to hit them. The bullets move pretty slow and I'd recommend speeding them up or making it so you can hold down the space bar. The health is kind of confusing as you instantly die (probably just a programming error). Lastly I really don't understand what the purple blocks are for other than tripping someone one up. I hope you don't take my feedback negatively, I'm only trying to help.

forgot to add press z on the title oops

This game's gonna look a bit different when I come back. I'm planning going to redo all of the animations (banging my head against the wall as I write this) well at least a select few characters (just maybe).

Cool game how did you accomplish the lantern effect?

This was a nice little one screen game

Here’s a short little game I made. I plan to come back to it in a bit and fix it up.

Yeah that would be pretty helpful. I kinda managed to pull this off by coping and pasting the text from a sprite dialog to an ending but it only works with the first part.

Neat Idea, I found it to be very disorienting and confusing though.

Cool game but I was hoping for a little more at the end.

I’ll keep you in mind if I need music.

the slimy things are indeed jello/gelatinous I thought the rule was you needed a gelatinous substance (like slime) not just jello

Heres the link sorry I couldn't get it working:

If it doesn't work just check out the game on Newgrounds: