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A member registered Oct 03, 2016

Recent community posts

Dustbowl needs more transportation, maybe add jets or land vehicles like motocycles/quads. Also, a Riot Shield would be nice.

For those who say the Heli is too hard, it just takes some practice, you can achieve full control over it in due time. I was horrible at controlling it at first, now I fly it like a pro.

Also! A slider for Slo-Mo, so have people select how Slow they want it to be.

Another neat idea would be to have a feature where you can re-watch your match or a clip without the slo-mo effect. Similar to the replay of superhot.

I don't think Classes should be added to this game, you must allow the player total control of what he/she wants to be able to carry.

I know it may sound ridiculous, but the ability to freeze time or make everyone go slow but yourself.

Maybe have a bunch of different abilities you can equip, not just slo mo.
I agree with qweqrqfqef, I would love to be able to have different team sizes.

A squad feature would also be nice, to have 3-4 other AI follow you around and such.

Armor would be another nice addition. Heavier, but less mags or Lighter with more mags.