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Wonderful aesthetic to the game.

Could use a little strategy period before decreasing the health of the player. A great game overall!

Love the game feels of the game!

I can just look at the art style all day <3. 

Loved the art style, gave me that mega man feels while playing

Hey thankyou for the feedback, and happy you enjoyed it!!!

Hey glad you liked it!!! Yeah I haven't really patched that bug out hahaha

Hey there everyone,

Grab and Bonk is a simple top-down game inspired by Pacman with some addition of upgrades making it a rogue-lite. Developed it for a whole month after challenging myself to make small games every week and publishing them when my deadline hits.

This is the current state of the game which have all the core mechanics and features in place. Feel free to drop by some suggestions to help improve the game. Cheers!!!

Spent too much time than what I planned, really got hooked on this game!!!

This is very well polished. Great job!

I really didn't expect to be hooked on this game. Always keeping the challenge fresh.

Hey man, Used your music in my game and it totally fit with the feel I'm looking for.

Hope you can drop by and check out how it looked like, Cheers!

Game Link:

Thank you so much!!!

Link of the game:

  • A fast paced fencing game where all the attacks can be parried except for the back.
  • 2-4 players using 1 keyboard (*Note: 100% keyboard layout and QWERTY type)
  • 3 power ups and 3 different stages

Hey there, 

I've used your battle theme and it was really awesome, Here is the link of the project if you want to check it out


I really liked the atmosphere of the game, very cartoonish. And you took the theme cleverly.

I thought that when you press the left you rotate clockwise then the right counter clock. but the single rotation helps with the difficulty of the game

Glad you had fun playing my game!!!

I was really frustrated at first while driving because it was so freaking hard to drive because it was the first try, but after I heard the sound effect, HECK!!! I played it longer than I expected and was having a blast!!! Also great atmosphere of the game all the assets blend together perfectly, kudos to that.

Great game submission you got here, One of my favorite so far!!!

Hey there, Glad you liked my game. And thankyou for noticing the background color changing.

Will surely play your game!!!

Really simple game just the way I like it. 

I was wondering how to use the next character, after I fell I just restarted back to the original position.

Congratulations on submitting the game!!!

Hey there glad you liked the game. Sorry for the music being loud.

Will surely play your game!!!

The gameplay for me was a bit slow. But all in all the atmosphere of the game is nice.

Congratulations on you submission.

Thank you so much for your generous feedback, I really appreciate it!!! 

Yes I initially planned to add a coyote timer to the game but I was too lazy to put it hehe. Will try to look onto those suggestions you made after the voting period, It would definitely make the game more enjoyable.

Will surely play your game also, Cheers!!

This is one really fun game, the combo you can make while battling the enemies were superb!!! 

Congratulations on the submission!!!

Really nice take on the theme here, loved the atmosphere of the game.

Although I initially though that I just need to move the infinity icon to the controls then I could just press space to use it, But its my only my opinion.

Congratulations on the submission

A little bit slow paced for me, but the story and cut scenes are really clever.

Congratulations on the submission

Really nice polish and really smooth gameplay. 

The timer for me was tad bit punishing when you missed your shot and the yellow thingy disappear.

Congratulations on your submission!!!

Hey there.

Really nice game, the arrow effects on the gravity was doing the trick. I though the birds were the only ones going towards you, never expected the vines haha.

Congratulations on your submission

Really fun and very panicking game haha, need to be precise on where you will land. 

My only concern is that I really wanted to retry the level instantly and not go back to the title screen. But all in all a great submission.


This game is pretty clever!!! The physics mechanics of the game also made it a little bit challenging.

Congratulations on your submission!!!

Love how you incorporated the one button mechanic and the narration really made it better. 

A little bit hard, a bit rage game for me haha.

Congratulations on your submission, Cheers!!!

Really liked the polish of the game.

Congratulations on your submission!!!

Very elegant game if you ask me. Cheers!!

Thanks for trying it out!!!

Loved the simplicity of the game.

This is one pretty clever take on the theme, Kudos good sir.

Really liked the challenge of timing your press on the controls for the player, And the art is pretty neat.

Thank you for trying out the game!!!

Glad you liked the game, Thank you so much for trying it out!!!

How did that goose get drunk?!?

Really loved the all in all of the game; Lovely arts and sounds, simple control and a great humor.

From one Godot developer to another Cheers!!!

Really loved the way this used the one button as a control for a racing game. Cool looking graphics with matching sounds.

Congratulations on submitting the game!!!