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Hey, correct! The armours are supposed to be slightly better than their non magical counterparts, so it's -(d6+1) in your example. 

Nope - just public domain resources and my natural stupidity. 

Thanks! I hope it indeed was a good read :)

Thanks for the comment <3 I hope you have a fun time with it!

Thank you!
Many amazing artists behind this - a zine hundreds of years in the making :)

Thank you! Unfortunately I don't have access to the original files to convert this (not to mention I made it in Krita, which I forgot how to use...). I googled "PDF invert color" and there are some free online tools which you can try playing with.

Thanks! It's fun to look at it now after CB's release 😉

Let me know when it's ready - I'm anxiously awaiting feedback and judgement for my tabletop deeds.

Hey, I just quickly added a PDF version. When I find time in the future, I'll upload one with a separate text layer for better quality. There's always the game board in PNG format which should be better suited for printing. Enjoy! :)

Thanks :) I hope it plays well too!

Hey! I never intended to flesh the Collective out myself, leaving it open to interpretation whether they even existed in the first place. If I ever did though, it would be a group whose ideals seem right on the surface, tailored to people in your playgroup, but they have a hidden agenda of their own beneath all that - doing the right thing for wrong reasons kind of thing. Use the things your players can get behind as bait for tricking them into working for the collective, then it's up to you to decide if they get rewarded or heartbroken in the end.

Hey, thanks! It's similar to the regular armour, so the DRX is a negative Agility modifier.

Comments like this warm my heart <3 Thank you!

One of the first things I've done for MB! Thank you :)

Thank you - I'm looking forward to hearing how the sessions went! I appreciate the sewer encounter is a little bit out there, but I simply couldn't resist. I'm sure CY_BORG lore will be able to somehow handle it though ;)

Hey, not planning anything at the moment. Unfortunately CMYK would butcher the colours.

I would also like to know that! If yes, I'll have to run through some hoops to get it :)

I'm glad you liked it and noticed the things that were important to me as well. It was a good decision to limit myself to a single A4 brochure in the end, because even though I had to cut some content, it forced me to get creative :)

Hi! Not sure I understand your request. More normal how?

Someone didn't buy a cool hat for their ligmapal.

Thank you! Always looking to improve so all comments are welcome :)

Thank you and please report back!

It's intentionally reserved to one class at the beginning and can't just be outright bought, but feel free to offer one to the players as a reward for rescuing a scientist from the BOFA SYNDICATE's hands. You can also add more items to the stores, that are not listed in the brochure (where I had limited space to work with). Gimmick spheres, different types of medicine, even escape rope if you manage to explain how that works! 

Open for interpretation! A legendary, a glitch, who knows? How the name sounds is also up to you. Maybe it's just static, random bzzzzt sounds, a melody.

For legal reasons it's called NoNo.

Thank you! It's a mix of public domain pictures, me doodling with my mouse, and some Photoshop filters (Mosaic, Posterize).

Hey! That might be an itch setting which I don't have any control over.
You can still get it through DriveThruRPG - let me know if this works for you

That's the entire joke, but thank you 😂

Thank you for taking care of him! Now excuse me while I go and get some boar cheese myself.

It only works on the desktop version of Acrobat (PC & Mac). It won't work in a browser, mobile, tablet, etc - those version of the application do not support either scripts or layers which BEstitchARY uses. Let me know if you are still facing any issues and I'll see how can I help.

Hey, it's also available on DriveThruRPG where the price is set to USD Let me know if this works!

Thanks a lot! Any favourites so far?

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This is the error I got when I first tried to post this. THEY KNOW.

Start small. I've heard that for years but never followed that advice until few months ago when I found MB and saw how the indie ttrpg community works. I was always working on "my next major groundbreaking project" and they all ended up the same way - in my drawer. I thought that small has to mean simplified and lame, which is not always true. Browse through your ideas and find the one that you still consider cool but will fit on one a5 page. Then work on it and publish it.

Thank you! Taking a bath or swimming must be awkward for them as well. And imagine having more than one in your party...

Hey, I'm glad you liked it and thanks for your support!

I'm also sorry to disappoint you but the Defence Fumble section is mostly there as a joke :D unless you really want to show your players which section of their skull got fractured when they critically failer to avoid the incoming blow.