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Neon City Rain

A member registered Jul 04, 2019

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Would like to try, but no Linux port support :/ In these times of Steam Deck and rise of Linux gaming , is it planned though...?

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Wow i heard this is now on Steam!

Edit: because of Proton (to play it there on Linux just like on Windows).

WHAT! Runo is now on Steam! I'm going right there now!

Such fun multiplayer game! Hang on, will donate to you guys later!

Oh! Would you need an actual machine, a laptop, or HELP to install Linux (such as Ubuntu)  on some spare laptop or so..?

Hello! Just found out about this game. Would love to buy, but i'm on Linux only nowadays. Is there a Linux port in plans...? 


Hi! Very important and nice project, thank you for this! But will there be a snap package for it?? I just can't seem to ever get these Appimage packages to run :/

Oh there's no snap package either? Would be so handy and convenient across all Linux distros. I hope one is in the plans though.

Lookin' forward to this! In the mean time: there is also a game called NeonCode if you're into cyberpunk.

Hey all, any word yet on the flatpak package of Itch?