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Thank you for playing and for the feedback! Yes, that is fair enough. Unfortunately, the speed potion hasn't been working sometimes, and the rats are too overpowered. I'll upload a fix and a balancing patch on or before this weekend.

Yes, some people have been reporting this as well, I apologize about that. If you'd like, please try the game using the Win version through PlayOnLinux or Wine. Sorry again!

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Nice game and nice art, but there seems to be a big bug. Sometimes, if you kill the defending guardian, the battle doesn't end and the timer keeps counting down, so the human does not get possessed, you control no guardians, and earn no fragments. The power up message does popup though.

Next time I'll make sure it works on all systems! I haven't used it, but I think you could play it with the Win version through PlayOnMac as a last resort.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! That is fair enough, I'll make sure the next one is better!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! I realize now that the feeling of unfairness really hurts the game, I'll work on that for the next one.

Oh no! I'm sorry about that. Does the same happen with the GLES3 version? Here is the link:

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Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked most of it. Thank you for making a video as well.

There were indeed more possessions planned but I ran out of time.

[Spoilers ahead] Also take into account that the following is regarding the jam version.

I apologize for your experience with the rats.  I confirm that them killing you as they die too close is a bug and the yellow potion (that gives you movement and animation speed) is supposed to apply immediately, yet didn't until switching/reloading the level. This didn't happen while testing somehow. Regarding the rats, in my defense, there is a provoking mechanic where rats aren't aggressive if you don't touch them, until you attack near them. When they blink white they have been provoked. This allows to kite them on the vertical passage. Them killing you as they die is not intentional though. I also realize now that them being so overpowered ruins the fun. I will fix both these problems asap.  For a fun fact, there were initially three times as many rats and bats but I reduced it because it was driving me insane as well when testing. Lol.

The moss potion applies a small change to the statue's sprites, which can be hard to notice. Thank you again for playing and for the feedback!