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thanks, and that i didn't use the original idea, I even had a story written for it, maybe when I feel like it (and the assets improve a little more) I'll use my original idea.

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thanks, although i feel a bit bad for not implementing a way to restart the game like other games in this jam, and also not sure if the ease of moving the camera to find the goal is comfortable

I think it's great how you use the theme in this game, I also liked the rock-paper-scissors minigame, I think it's funny

The combat system is fine, it would be great if more things were implemented but it is not the important thing, the important thing would be to implement a multiplayer system based on ip to play with distant friends, like Hisoutensoku

I have a small problem, when I download the .zip (windows) and extract the content I can't find the binary to run the game, that or the game doesn't run through an .exe