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Havn't played alot of your games man, but seriously.  Probably my favourite game dev just from everything i've watched from 8-Bitryan and 8-Bitgaming. Keep it up, your style is super unique and it's alot of fun to watch (and) play. :D

I knew civ was in there somewhere ;))

Hey man, you made an awesome game. Did you take inspiration from games like civ5/6? It's fun :D Just a few ideas: (I know it takes a long time, but if you ever need ideas here's some o3o)

. Horses around the map that can be tamed with the right technology

. Horseman and cavalry

. Catapults and battering rams that excel at combat against buildings

. Maybe boats?

. Training grounds to increase the strength/speed of military units

. Walls and defensive buildings

. Maybe a 'patrol' option for units so that they can patrol areas for enemies?

Great game man. Really enjoying playing it :D