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Was kind of scrolling for new visual novels last year and ended up playing this. It was still in its earlier stages at that point, and I remember being left with an overwhelmingly positive impression.

Being the person I am, I ended up forgetting all about this game up until months later and figured I'd give it a go and see how much changed.... Going to be honest I've had trouble scraping this game out of my mind since. I'm also writing this review because I just have to thank you for what an experience this was lol. 

My favorite thing to praise in games is characters, something I feel that a lot of other media that has amazing potential falls flat on. Here it was genuinely the best quality. Not one character felt underdeveloped, or kind of just there. I loved the writing, I loved the amount of detail put into every scene, I loved how I never really got bored or wanted to put the game down. Cove especially contributed to this. I love that boy so much. GBpatch you are godly for creating him. 

At the time I was dealing with a lot in real life, I had mainly been coming back to visual novels because they allow me, and I'm sure most other people, an escape and a distraction. Somehow this game placed me in an ideal world, let me be a part of it and also gave me the opportunity to confront what I was escaping from. 

Keep up the amazing work and the best of luck to any future projects, this was unlike anything I've played and I'd love to see more of it :'') 

Hi! I havent played the game myself yet (really looking forward to the soonest I can though!!), but it looks amazing! I really do enjoy the cynicism of this. The unsatisfying endings, the pity you feel for the girl, the way every ending you make leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Theres also a fair share of mystery with the daddy character which keeps the game lingering in your mind.

Apologies that this is such a overly positive review with no real useful feedback, but I really enjoyed your way of story telling as well as the games overall aesthetic. So happy I stumbled across this! Good luck on any of your future endeavors !!

hi! this was such an experience. that twist was so unexpected !! (even though it was hiding in plain sight which made it all that much more brilliant,)

i love how both characters feel like real people. the dialogue was rather realistic as well, felt very rewarding to get the best ending as well!! honestly upset me a bit because of how much it reminded me of the friends from 09 :,,D 

keep up the good work!!

really excited for the childhood friend part, sounds like a lovely idea to incorporate!! very much looking forward to how the vn develops as well as the potential adult routes. 

I see! thank you for the insight.

no worries! thats totally fine, i also understand you choice not to use them. 

im excited for the game anyways, and best of luck with it!! i really love the characters and routes so far :o !!!

absolutely adore the game so far, but is there any way the official game could have a mode with the previous models? totally cool if not, just a question because i personally liked the old ones better ::