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Thanks for playing! Will add more content in the future, but might be long since I had to do other project and real life stuffs C:.

About music, I am planning to add more in the future, after I added more levels ;).

Also, Kelin photo is already somewhere ;).

Thank you for playing ! C:

Adding more content for more playtime was tough for pdf game xD.

Thanks for playing the game! C:

Yeah, the game size is small because PDF compressed the size.

Maybe I will add more content in the future, but it will take a very while C:.

Kelin v0.3 demo is released this month finally!


Also the screenshots have been updated to fit with v0.3 release.

Some changes are:

  • Added 10 more new levels.
  • Changed rating system
  • Added star pickup in gameplay. This replaces one of the rating mechanism: adds 1-star rating when completing a level. This is to prevent getting 2-stars rating too easy in a level.
  • Added keyboard control for navigation especially title, config, level selection, and extra.
  • Added after-gameplay menu. This will help player to decide whether to return to level selection, retry, or next level.
  • Added after-gameplay report.
  • Added button to go to upper/deeper dungeon level. The graphic uses the sprite which was previously used for returning to the title screen.
  • Added requirement to go to deeper dungeon level.
  • Changed mouse cursor graphic.
  • Added highlight when hovering on a button.
  • Added exit menu on title screen.
  • This enables player to exit while in full screen.
  • Changed arrangement of menu in title screen.
  • Made Kelin visible before the start of gameplay.
  • Added Outfit menu in extra screen.
  • This will be enable player to change Kelin outfit. Still under contruction.
  • Separated the time limit of time bonus and gold-time bonus.
  • Added sound effect on keyboard control.
  • Added current floor display in gameplay.
  • Added clock direction and move direction display in gameplay.- Added letter shortcuts on left-top buttons in gameplay, especially for keyboard user.
  • Rearranged some levels, gem requirement, and time bonus, especially after the star-pickup addition.
  • Replaced (C) with "Copyright".
  • Updated and added new year (2017) for copyright year.
  • Fixed position glitch when Kelin hits wall when immeditely change direction.
  • Fixed decimal glitch on timer in gameplay.
  • Fixed some duplicate gems.

After this update, haven't decided what to implement next. But one thing for sure that is the saving feature must will be implemented especially there will be over 100 levels in the game.

Enjoy and feel free to give feedback.

Thanks for the reply.

About music & sound effect, there were really no sound heard (Just retried again to confirm it). In the mixer volume of the Sharky game, there is no sound output either. What kind of audio did you use? Since I recall about the legacy audio and the main audio system.

My sound mixer is also fine since when playing other GMS games, sounds were heard.

About how to make a game release without installing:

  • Go to "Create Application"
  • on "Save as type:", click "Windows NSIS Installer (*.exe), then choice one of these:
    1. Single runtime executable (*.exe)
    2. Compressed application zip (*.zip) (recommended)
  • Though the second choice (*.zip) is better than first choice in my experience (less hassle on zipping and less problem on icon)

You're welcome! C:

Posted in Sharky comments

Played the game until the sign with red color with End written on it.

Still have a lot of works to do.

For the starter level, it is better to have a tutorial level, to understand the control and the game mechanism, especially when climbing using the shark teeth (btw, nice use of shark teeth for climbing ;))

Also some sound and music would be nice especially to boost the mood.

Resizable screen will be also nice especially for player with lower screen resolution. It is easy to enable it in Game Maker Studio.

About the Sharky's design, it looks like a whale instead of shark. Maybe if you sharp the top head a bit and add more white color above its mouth to the near top of its head, it will do :).

About the distribution, I personally prefer Standalone instead of Installer. It's a bit hassle to move folders if I want to test between Standalone and Installed games, especially if I want to play/test many games.

Also, good luck for the update in the future C:.

You're welcome.

Cool game! Love how this game actually use drum controller even I don't have it C:.

Also, a mode with a lot of enemies in the start? Wanted to shoot a lot of enemies more in the beginning. Also hope the drum player will drum like crazy shooting a lot of enemies in the start C:.

Nice game C:, but quite hard.

Btw, music in the gameplay felt too relax. Maybe something that increases the mood tension.

Also found some glitches:

  • The menu is cropped on the right screen
  • The credit is cropped on the left
  • Clicking the title font exits the game

Nice simple gameplay game C:. Love the pixel art!

Those impatient and demanding customers really ticked me off, but finally paid off when the hotel got destroyed as game over xD.

There is no way the room got dirty by itself. I think the person needs not only broom and watering can, but also a ghostbuster.

Love the graphics and gameplay.

Btw, seems I have defeated all the monsters, but nothing happened after that.

Btw, would be nice if the spells are put on the on the middle bottom to make it faster to reach the spell buttons, especially the movement tiles are near the center of the screen.

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Kelin Kelilin - Collect gems while running around with one button gameplay

Hello Everyone! I just released v0.3 demo of Kelin Kelilin game.

In this game, you play as Kelin, the bunny girl, collecting of gems while running around using one-button gameplay. The star reward depends on the star pick up, the time, and the gem-collecting performance.Feedback, suggestion, or critism are very appreciated C:.

Demo Link

https://neithr.itch.io/kelin-kelilin (5 MB)


Space, Z, or Left Click to change Kelin direction

Facebook Page



[Image: Kelin_Kelilin-screenshot-20170204.gif]

The colored room puzzle was easy actually.

You just need to get the needed clue first.

I spent a lot of times on this puzzle too because I forgot to get and analyze the needed clue.

Love the voxel graphics and the puzzle challenges.

Got a hard time on color challenge until I realized I forgot to analyze an important clue which made solving the challenge much easier xD.

(Edited 1 time)

Finally completed both Knight and Mage :D.

I like how the knight swings his weapon.

Btw, when completing a level, a level square (in the map) has crack, the other has crack with holes, and the other one has no crack at all. Is there a hidden message there? :)

Also, there was a big coin in the first level. Is there a secret there too?

Played your game from Tutorial level into Tomb level. That was a bit hard and strategy helped a lot ;).

For single player, killing the other character first helped a lot for nagivating until the end of the level.

Btw, found some bugs and also some suggestions which I posted in your thread in TIG forum ;).

Don't worry, I experienced that too when participating in my early game jam ;).

Good luck for the update ;).

You're welcome C:.

Posted in Ivy comments

Nice simple game especially the Ivy's action development ;).

Also some sound effect and music would be nice too. You can get some for free in open game art.

Also about the red notification box. Make it transparent (except the text)so when Ivy goes left, you can still see what happened behind ;).

Btw, when sprinting and jump far right, Ivy passed through the wall. Have you set the object solid? I got passing through issue too when not setting object solid when colliding on object (I was GM user too long ago).

Nice graphic there.

Also after the cinematic logo, the screen is just green empty before pressing space. Maybe a notification to press space would be good or maybe auto forward to gameplay.

Couldn't kill the ghost when hurting them. It spawned new ghost instead.

Seems like this is about a demon trying to do a massive ghost multiplication ritual by hurting them.


Love your new updates ;).

Shooting the basic gun now feels like using gatling gun while killing mass of ghosts.

Also loves the new weapon especially the laser which add the mass killing more fun.


What, I haz to pay point to restart? :>

I got stuck when there was no enemy left and had no point left.

I like it when certain enemies grow bigger when touching normal enemies ;).

Some suggestions:

  • An upward stat upgrade instead random stats for number 2 upgrade
  • An upgrade for bullet, make it bigger when upgrading
  • Some music (you can try open game art for free musics ;))
  • Consider title screen even with just one key press to the gameplay

Well, good luck if you are planning to make the post jam version ;).

Btw, I think for official clarification, it is better to contact the game jam host, retrostark. He was active 19 hours ago in twitter.

You're welcome.

(Edited 1 time)

I don't participate in this game jam, so I haven't read the rules very detailed. If it is not mentioned about fixing bug update, then maybe it is fine.

Don't take my words though. My opinion is based on ludum dare game jam, which it is okay to update game after deadline which has bugs that can cause the game crash or something that disturbs the gameplay experience. Just don't add new features to the jam version though.

Played your update. Nice start for improving your game after game jam ;).

Some thought again when played the game:

  • The Shoot and Skill keys are a bit awkward for the distance, especially they are both important. Should try with Z and X instead.
  • About new ammo bar, should make it appear only after picked up a new weapon

Also a question, why not making the wave attack killing instead of pushing? It would make killing crazier, but with cooldown to balance it ;).

You're welcome ;).

Good luck adding more contents for your game in the future. I even did it to my old game which was from old game jam ;).

Probably the bugs kept flying away from me that I didn't notice any baby bug *puns* xD.

(Edited 1 time)

You're welcome. Good luck improving more of your game after game jam. I ever improved more of my old game too which was from an old game jam. I even currently making a new game which gameplay is based on that of my old game from game jam. It cut the time needed to make the base gameplay design drasticallly :).

Also don't worry about programming stuff, at first I struggled a lot when doing my early programming stuffs :).

Thanks for the reply.

I did use the Z for restarting the level often when I got stuck :).

Love the stomping enemy with fancy style :D.

Downloaded your zip. The inside was for the HTML5 release instead of Windows release. Are you sure you put it right?

Loved the title screen that it is part of the gameplay too.

Managed to reach level 12 so far.

Now I realized I need an undo button especially if the puzzle get bigger and trickier.

Nice survival game mechanism using camera ;).

Btw, found something which is abusable glitch to gain score safely. Sometimes the camera just stop moving, not moving anymore at all. Happened both when playing single player and multi player.

It feels like a ghost genocide instead ghost hunting xD.

Also, how about different weapon pickups (with limited ammo)? To make killing stuffs even crazier on those big number of ghosts :D.

My big conclusion after throwing all the babies: babies don't fly.

Nice game. The enemies were much smarter compared the original space invader, moving down without needing to touch the bound wall :D.

Btw, some sound effect when get shot and killing alien would be nice.

Also to make the high score have more variation, you should also calculate the remaining lives and how fast the game was finished (since it will be the same score after killing all aliens) .