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Thanks! :)

Thanks everyone for the replies.

Now I can more safely edit my page. Can't stand with the current plain page.

Hello, Everyone!

Is it okay to update the game page after deadline?

The game itself already uploaded into the page.
However, the page is still plain and I am planning to update it after done submission deadline.

Thank you very much!

Me too, when I see this game again, I am inspired to make another game like this again.


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Nice concept that player plays as zombie killing the remaining humans. I can only managed to reach level 8 with 3 stars rating.

My only problem is that choosing zombie can only be done from previous levels and some level seems need certain zombie to get 3 stars rating. I had to go back to level 2 just to to be able to choose the 4th (to break the woods on the door) and 5th zombie (to take down human above building) which seems some levels require those zombies. Good luck if you planning to update it :-).

Also good job and hello there from fellow 1GAM participant. Good luck for reaching 1 game for each month if you are into the challenge ;-). 

Got 15. This is a creative clone. It is also interesting the player also need to watch the bird position as the picked up bird position will affect the difficulty.

Great story C:.

I know that struggle C:.

I wonder what the bus is thinking right now... lol

Beat all the levels. Gameplay was fun even for a game made in 7 hours. Also, I like the drowning sound.

Nice short game especially the fast shooting and love the boss shape ;).

Btw, the shooting 1 & 2 sound still can be heard after dying. The sound 2 also stacks if played after dying.

Also, in customization, the number index can be negative.

Might try to add the moving pipe obstacles to make it more different than usual flappy bird clone.

Good game. It will be more fun to be able to mix element. Sound also will be nice too.

After playing a while the game music will stop playing until game over.

This game is fun if you understand how to handle to obstacles.

Also, sound effect would be nice too.


Great game!

I love gameplay with the permanent upgrade.

Also, I made it to the end with the bottom choice with character who had the lowest HP and high damage.


Thank you for the feedback :).

I haven't thought what difficulty to add right now except speeding up, but I will not make it similar like its (and my) origin game, Runny Square.

For now, I will add medal exclusive for NG for difficulty in the future :).

@Longest Egg Games:

Thank you! :)

Cool game, only need the AI left since I often play single player.

Nice use of few colors.

The game also has potential. Good luck in the future update ;).

Love the art style and the color.

Also, would be nice to have different music for each world (I, II, III, etc).

The game has really good potential for post-jam update.

Also, I like to set my E below 30 since it recovers faster.

Those collection of minigames are simple, great, and fun :).

About the "Stop" minigames, sometimes the goal area was positioned after the player's square position, making a time to reach very harder.

Also, I found a bug when I get game over at level 4(or 3? I forgot):


Runtime Error

G[Active].Over = Over

Line 29: Attempt to index field '?' (A Nil Value)

In Gameover Line 29

In Update_game Line 703

In _Update Line 818



Good luck with future update ;).


Thank you for keeping on playing :).


Thank you, cheers too for you ;).

An alternate if you can't harm the real one :D.

Also, like other said, the Newgrounds badge notification break the 64x64 screen resolution. I think the Newgrounds API has function (or field?) to check whether the site is played in Newgrounds or not. That way, it is possible to distribute it in the jam and NG with single compile without breaking the 64x64 rule ;).

Also, gonna get all your medals in NG as soon I go back there :).

Nice platformer with puzzle element :).

Also, about the control at main menu. Since player doesn't have to use mouse anymore after main menu, it is better to replace it with keyboard to make less control required to interact with the game.

Good luck in future update :).


Thank you! :)

I used to make a simple and effective game in the past :)

@Jupiter Hadley:

Thank you for playing and including my game in your video! :)

After watching the video, didn't know my game was that hard. Probably because of being played by mouse. Also, I will add more keys instead of just space key in the future update :).

@Adam Pajor:

Thank you for your feedback! :)

The final speed is maxed a moment after the start and after that no more speed up (unlike its origin game (also mine), Runny Square, which is much more nasty on speeding up). So, player can gain as many points as he/she can without increased difficulty anymore :).


Thank you! :)

I remember when that time I didn't add the detail when the game is in progress.


Thank you! :)

With keyboard, the difficulty can be lowered ;).


Thank you! :)

Also, thanks to the who created the music that I can make the game better ;).

@Gawain (DarkGriffin):

Thank you for your feedback! :)

About the main menu, someone else addressed it too. I guess I will probably make the play button bigger to make the GUI more intuitive in the future update :).


Thank you! :)


Thank you! :)

At beginning, I didn't realize this was a memory game whether I have seen the image before in the gameplay :D.

Nice simple game :).

Also, spamming the space for a moment will make the duck less getting hit by rain. Perhaps a slower recovery to prevent button spamming in the future.

The sound itself, maybe make it a bit louder.

Good luck and hope you will finish it in the future update :).


Thank you for the feedback! I got inspired from "Easy to learn, hard to master" game. Also about the "started" phase, I will think about it to change it to avoid confusion in the future :).


Thank you for the rating and feedback! :)


Thank you! :)

Probably better if you add a stat like this to make the game more understandable:
<Str icon> ***

<Spd icon> *

Good luck :).

Sometimes the cooldown is very slow. How is the cooldown calculated?

Also, nice graphic :).

Good simple game :). The sound effect is very loud. Maybe use a softer sound or stop the other sound first before the new one is played. Also, spamming z x will make you invicible, making the game too easy.

Good luck with the next update in the future :).

Good combination of flappy bird mechanic and healthbar system.

Simple and fun with good music and graphic.

For future update, add more power up and trap to make gameplay more challenging :).

Thank you! I am planning to do more Kelin's Delivery installment in the future C:.

Thanks for playing! Will add more content in the future, but might be long since I had to do other project and real life stuffs C:.

About music, I am planning to add more in the future, after I added more levels ;).

Also, Kelin photo is already somewhere ;).

Thank you for playing ! C:

Adding more content for more playtime was tough for pdf game xD.

Thanks for playing the game! C:

Yeah, the game size is small because PDF compressed the size.

Maybe I will add more content in the future, but it will take a very while C:.

Kelin v0.3 demo is released this month finally!

Also the screenshots have been updated to fit with v0.3 release.

Some changes are:

  • Added 10 more new levels.
  • Changed rating system
  • Added star pickup in gameplay. This replaces one of the rating mechanism: adds 1-star rating when completing a level. This is to prevent getting 2-stars rating too easy in a level.
  • Added keyboard control for navigation especially title, config, level selection, and extra.
  • Added after-gameplay menu. This will help player to decide whether to return to level selection, retry, or next level.
  • Added after-gameplay report.
  • Added button to go to upper/deeper dungeon level. The graphic uses the sprite which was previously used for returning to the title screen.
  • Added requirement to go to deeper dungeon level.
  • Changed mouse cursor graphic.
  • Added highlight when hovering on a button.
  • Added exit menu on title screen.
  • This enables player to exit while in full screen.
  • Changed arrangement of menu in title screen.
  • Made Kelin visible before the start of gameplay.
  • Added Outfit menu in extra screen.
  • This will be enable player to change Kelin outfit. Still under contruction.
  • Separated the time limit of time bonus and gold-time bonus.
  • Added sound effect on keyboard control.
  • Added current floor display in gameplay.
  • Added clock direction and move direction display in gameplay.- Added letter shortcuts on left-top buttons in gameplay, especially for keyboard user.
  • Rearranged some levels, gem requirement, and time bonus, especially after the star-pickup addition.
  • Replaced (C) with "Copyright".
  • Updated and added new year (2017) for copyright year.
  • Fixed position glitch when Kelin hits wall when immeditely change direction.
  • Fixed decimal glitch on timer in gameplay.
  • Fixed some duplicate gems.

After this update, haven't decided what to implement next. But one thing for sure that is the saving feature must will be implemented especially there will be over 100 levels in the game.

Enjoy and feel free to give feedback.

Thanks for the reply.

About music & sound effect, there were really no sound heard (Just retried again to confirm it). In the mixer volume of the Sharky game, there is no sound output either. What kind of audio did you use? Since I recall about the legacy audio and the main audio system.

My sound mixer is also fine since when playing other GMS games, sounds were heard.

About how to make a game release without installing:

  • Go to "Create Application"
  • on "Save as type:", click "Windows NSIS Installer (*.exe), then choice one of these:
    1. Single runtime executable (*.exe)
    2. Compressed application zip (*.zip) (recommended)
  • Though the second choice (*.zip) is better than first choice in my experience (less hassle on zipping and less problem on icon)