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This was AMAZING !!! :D 

Love it ! <3

Totally WTF and I love it ! :D

Excellent game (special thanks to the passage in dark room, little hard but so pleasant to succeed) !! :D

Same ! :D

email sent ! :D

Yep,  i'm waiting to ^^' 

Next time, use your eyes and your brain..

Un beau boulot les gars ! L'ambiance est vraiment sympas et les jeux de lumières + brouillard, surtout la fin, dur de s'y attendre.. rien à dire, hâte de voir la suite qui a l'air plus que prometteuse !

I've one question to,  a translation in others languages, not necessarily made by you, but by anybody who wants to do that ?  it's something possible ? 

One of the best tactical game I've play,  and it becomes more better with every build !! :D  

The evolution is crazy between the first version and the last ones ..

Ho fuck yeah ! I love this game :3

Go download ! 

It's amazing work ! I love MF ! Maybe a sequel ? 

Keep up the good work ! 

Houaw!  It's been a while since I have not played and the updates seem rather awesome! Apparently I have a lot of new things to see so...  I'll go play ! 

From what I can say until now, it's really a very good game! It gets better and better! Continue like that ! :D

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This becomes interesting ! Good idea  the Status Effects and I like the news items !  The game will become  more realistic and more difficult, more tactics, better and better with all that !

I don't regret my purchase! I love this game !  ^^

It's Neilerua, not Neilerura :p 

But thanks ! 

Hooo yeaaaaah !! That's seems  great :D

I try it as soon as I can!

I have a question, do you think make a demo? To see if it runs on my computer x) it's just 0.99€ (I'm French) I know but.. you know x)

In any case, the game advance, as the updates arrive, it's cool to see! I hope you will go to the end of the project! :D

It's a good start, I'll wait a few updates before maybe buy it, but I'll follow this game! Continue like that !  :)

Ho, a "Deleted post" after mine, it's cool.. x) 

I'm in the third area right now but, I'll give you my feedback about the Cultists when I'll meet them !

I have a question, can you add the possibility to always move the camera, even during the enemy turn ?  I have choose "manual pan camera" option and it's frustrating not be able to move it and not to see whats the enemy do :/ 

PS . I don't understand what it is "reverse drag"

Ho yeaaah! It's fantastic ! I already love this build !!

Defer Turn + New tutorial + Recruit Screen are the ones I was hoping for, especially the "defer turn" and the customization ! It's a good news for the new tuto ! 

I will follow (and play it, of course) DOE and its updates until it's finished !  

I like this game, continue the updates like that ! : D

I will give you my feedback when I could !

- A French fan who tries to speak English correctly (sorry if I'm wrong) :') -  

"for some reason after i started it up it just crashes"

It's the same thing for me, or, when it don't crash, I can see water and maybe a little piece of.. beach ? I don't know.. and I can move the camera a little, under and over water. That's weird. 

Maybe (in the future) add more differents types / skins of zombies, new buildings and differents to explore, and a thing that annoying me, the sound when we shoot on a zombie, it's horrible.. ^^'  

He's move his head, it's a start.. :')

Okay thanks !

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Hey, first, good luck for the devellopement, second, I have a question, I juste played the latest version and it's normal that the zombie spawner spawn 40 zombies in one second every 3 seconds to infinity when we approach hit ? x') 

Your game is pretty cool, I go follow it, continu like that !