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Fun! Took me a minute to realize I had to restart the engine when it sputtered out, but I quite enjoyed it. Why anyone would put those giant rocks in their backyard is beyond me, though, I only managed to get 2 stars.

This isn't a problem specific to your game, it's pretty much every Unity game, but I use an ultrawide display on my computer and unity just zooms in to fit the width, so forcing full screen means I don't see the top and bottom sections of the screen and I couldn't see some of the UI.

This was ridiculous and fun. I struggled real hard with the last hill, spent like 30 seconds just trying to get up that very last section and then it ended, so it felt a little anti-climactic, but still, very fun.

Where did you find that music? It's hilarious.

It felt like Pokémon snap but you're a mars rover and oh there's actually life on Mars.

This was really great. Good atmosphere, easily grasped goals and controls, and great lo-fi art style.

Had to bust out the controller to play this, the keyboard controls were confusing and hard. I enjoyed the idea though, picking up random potions with various properties and hucking them at enemies, and more games need playable Kobolds. Good job!

I really enjoyed this! The concept is unique (and fun!) and it was executed very well. I found myself mostly minimizing or maximizing one of the stats at a time to get past any particular jump because dialing in specific values for each of the three stats was really tough while in motion, but whatever, this was a great game. 

I couldn't tell if there was any rhyme or reason to the games reaction to my pressing buttons, like if the button had any specific type of reaction based on the size or color of it, so I felt like I was just pressing whichever buttons were there and hoping that a lightup button came.

It's a great looking game, though, minimal and aesthetically pleasing, and the sounds were very satisfying.

Haha, kind of.

It sort of matters where you place the storm clouds, you can buy yourself a few seconds depending on the direction it's going in and where you place it, but I had intended to create some way of choosing which object to spawn (from a random selection like a hand of cards) and didn't have enough time to implement it.

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Thanks! I was thinking of making it card based, so you get a hand and have to select one of three or so randomly selected options to drag into the play space. That way you could avoid the storm clouds as long as possible, but eventually you're going to need to play them.

Didn't have time to implement *shrug*

I feel like this is distinctly in control, because I can start and stop urinating and choose the precise angle and power of the stream, but regardless, it's fun and I can't say I've played a game quite like it before.

My only complaint is that it smells like pee.

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This game is real dumb and I like it. Throwing keyboard keys at people is great, the art style is  strange and delightful, and the humor brings a little bit of levity to the dialog. Great job!

Aussi, avez-vous une version avec dialogue français? Je suis intéressé de voir votre ecriture dans la langue maternelle. (excusez mon francais, je suis canadien, et pas du québec)

Looks great and I like the idea, but I am very bad at this game and I don't think I could become good at it. Muscle memory is too hard to overcome, so when the controls change on me my fingers stop finging.

Tough to get the timing down at first but after a bit it came easy. I liked the ability to mash jump and get her to do it more consistently, but then she huffs out those angry clouds blocking your view, gives the mechanic a good trade-off.

The bees seemed to kill me from pretty far away - got caught by one while jumping over a pit and it was like, half the screen away.  Regardless, I enjoyed this, great job!

This is gorgeous. Kudos on the art direction. Conceptually it felt like Raft meets The Flame in the Flood and it's a great combo.

Controls on a keyboard were clunky and I was so, so bad at it until I pulled out a controller, and once I did I wanted it to be multiplayer - playing this with a partner/rival on the couch would be perfection.

Cool concept. Seeing how quickly those fires grow and how futile it was to try to directly put it out really re-framed forest fires for me lol. It was definitely out of control.

The controls felt off after inserting the CheatMaster. I think moving the character and the target at the same time was just sort of confusing. Having some way of toggling the cheat master controls on and off would have been preferable. It's an interesting concept though, and the visuals look cohesive and polished.

The primary mechanic is original and the presentation is calming.

The scene where it told me I could move the floor was a great reveal. Found it absolutely delightful. Having more complex interactions with the environment could lead interesting places (and more reveals!)

I like the minimalist aesthetic. You could double-down on it and reduce everything to geometric shapes and outlines and it would look great, really.

Tons of fun and great visuals. Love the sepia tone GameBoy aesthetic.

I managed to land somewhere I couldn't recover from on a conveyor belt section. There was no gun that could hit me from a small platform before a belt, after a jump.

Fun concept, tight controls, great art, delightful sound effects and background music. It felt like a cross between Celeste and Crypt of the Necrodancer with the cute dial turned up. I would play so much more of this game.

My only criticism is in one of the room transitions - The room with the bouncy dudes you push around and the flashing platforms leads into a blind hazard. I ran straight through expecting safety at the entrance and it killed me before I even saw the next room. Felt like it stole a victory from me - and one that came after several failures.

I enjoyed this! The art is quite nice and the 2.5D perspective shifts were a nice touch. It was a bit frustrating though, timing the last couple of jumps without really knowing how much time I needed to fall far enough and then having to retrace my steps over a few screens.

This is a good concept executed well. Frustrating in all the ways it should be but still manages to be fun and definitely feels out of control. Great job!

This was pretty fun! Having the seemingly random changes in direction made it pretty difficult to avoid the mines sometimes, and the increased knock-back from charging the cannon increased complexity in an enjoyable way. The low res visuals and checkerboard track reminded me of playing the Micro Machines racing game on NES when I was a young.

Enjoyed the Dadaist art a lot. The gameplay felt like a take on DDR without the music to set a rhythm.

I like smashing through stuff, but wish I could take out the enemies without getting hit. It seems like there isn't any way to time it so that I get my hit in before they do. Some of the UI stuff at the beginning was cut off in my browser window, as well, but overall it was alright!

This is great! It's a novel concept with polished visuals and sound for the amount of time you had and it was honestly fun.

Plus I feel like I understand my dog better now - I am not a very good boy.

The hitboxes for the shapes feel small, I kept missing them when trying to drag them into a truck and accomplishing nothing which was frustrating.

Spawning the code blocks felt a bit clunky, if I was on the ground while I did it they blocked my path and I couldn't seem to get on top of them, while in the air it was more like they just sort of appeared under me and I couldn't like, do anything else. Wound up just holding forward and spamming q and space to gain height.

Cool game though, solid entry.

Love that it's a random projectile. The super slow/floaty movement was a bit a turnoff but it has the bones of a fun arena shooter.

Kinda feels like I'm just hitting left or right randomly, or whichever button isn't a thumbs down. Looks great though, love the painterly style.

GBJAM 5 community · Posted in font

Some freebies here that might be suitable.

It's an art, not a science, so there's a lot of wiggle room with how you accomplish it. The basics for formatting are to use a low-res canvas, zoom in, and use the pencil tool to get crisp, single pixels.

This guide is pretty in-depth.

GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic Inputs

The rules don't strictly mention anything about the number of button inputs you can use in these games, but are we limited to the number of original GB inputs? eg: Directions, A, B, Start, Select. And what about mouse input?

Or does none of that really matter, just the visual style?